Bricklayer, a gaming rap of sorts, I dare say

Anyone remember that game on Mac (well, I played it on Mac, at least), called Bricklayer? It was a clone of Tetris, but the music in my mind was quite memorable.

I’ve been thinking about chip hop ever since discovering Mega Ran’s excellent music (see for that one). I used to do a few Star Wars raps in my day, years ago, myself. Nothing official, of course, but I had a blog where I’d post them. Mostly I’d take music from popular rap songs and just put my own Star Wars related lyrics in it, not unlike a Weird Al Yankovic of sorts…

With that in mind, here’s what I came up with, for a song I call ‘Bricklayer’, with the music from that game in mind:

Is a Mac clone of Tetris
You flip through the pages for answers
And getting desperate
You’re like a subject
Without a predicate
Or a guest at the table
Without etiquette
You checked quick
And got two moves until you’re mated
Wow, that was fast
We barely even dated
You are in a very bad position
By your insistence on rap revision
So I look back
For answers as we head forward
Like in Myst
I think the answer is around the corner

I got the paper to take you
I don’t fake on the haters
I’ll take the time to explain it
And you can think on it later
I got the paper to take you
I don’t fake on the haters
My rhymes so perfect in placement
They fit just like in Bricklayer

I’m bringing Doomsday
Ultimate Liftoff
I’m like the hands of fate
In a Double Dribble tipoff
Like Batman Forever
Your Kombat is a ripoff
I’m like Chun Li
I’ll step on your head and flip off
But it’s not a race
‘Cause I’m already gone like Sonic
I’m first place
And you wiped out like Mawhonic
If you don’t know who that is
Then watch the podrace
It’s like a Star Wars
Need for Speed car chase
But that’s more than enough of
It’s time to explain the reason
Behind my chosen flow
The polar vortex and Mr. Freeze
Can’t freeze my dough
I get it fresh out the oven
Just like a donut hole


Second verse
It’s hilarious like ARROW’D II!
I’m taking down challengers
Like I’m in Wrecking Crew
I used to play that game
Back when I had chicken pox
But no one knows my name
I’m hidden like a treasure box
But when you open me up
I give out bonuses
I’m like a Toad House
Sort of like a Chozo is
But like the latter
I’ll stand up on a bad day
And we can battle
Like in Super Smash Melee
A strong knee or two or three
You’ll spit your lunch out
It’s too predictable
To jab you like in Punch-Out!!!
A Nuclear Knuckle
And you Kiss My Fist
Then I Take Out the Trash
Boot you out of my business
You tried to stomp me like Big Blag
I’ll chomp ya
Then put your Gil in a big bag
With your armor
You lack experience points
You and your hunting party
I’ll send you back to the past
Like you were Biff and Marty


So when you rap against me
You’d best bring much ammunition
Bring the Roget’s Thesaurus
The latest Webster’s edition
It’s like on Oregon Trail
You’d best bring all your provisions
You tried to ford this rap river
And then you wagon was tippin’
My lyrics can be insane
Or perhaps they’re merely different
It’s like NBA 2K
Without both Jordan and Pippen
It’s like we’re at the arcade
We all join without permission
It takes two quarters to play
And there is no intermission
And if the goal of this game
Is to make the best decisions
Then I will choose to remain
In other words I’ll Continue

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