Game Boy Quarter – a rap tribute to Game Boy’s 25th anniversary

Well, I had this thought of a rap for Game Boy’s 25th anniversary, and the tune for the first level of Robocop for Game Boy came to mind, although I kind of imagine it with more of a beat and a little more energy…

So, anyway, here goes Game Boy Quarter:

And his 6 Golden Coins
No quarters needed
Just a cartridge to join
Get in where you fit in
Scorin’ Tetris points
It’s Ragnarok’s World of
Exaggerated joints
Don’t be afraid of
A Bart Simpson medley
A boy with a shot
Of Escape From Camp Deadly
And stay steady
With the aim like SolarStriker
Amazing and ready
Like a neighborhood Spider-
Man, trash-talking on a
With the villain of the week
Like friends over coffee
It’s not color
But the screen is green
Flick the gray button
Let the game begin

Game Boy
Is a quarter of a century
Game Boy
You will always be a friend to me
Game Boy
Hold you up to the sun to see
It’s Game Boy
And no other is as fun to me
Game Boy
It’s a blast from the past
Game Boy
You can keep Dreamcast
Game Boy
Unrivaled in the cast
Game Boy
You were built to last

Gray and blocky
Can’t fit into my pocket
But your name and fame
Shootin’ off like a rocket
Oh, Game Boy Pocket
We simply can’t stop it
Inferior to Game Gear
Yet we still topped it
On a sunny day
I can’t see what you say
But that wouldn’t stop me
Playing games anyway
Battletoads being chased
By a giant brain
But wait–Mother Brain
Wasn’t in the second game
Super Game Boy
Makes for less hassle
From Wario Land to
Bugs’ Crazy Castle
Don’t know how
But I think I might’ve broken mine
And got a spare
So I could play ’em all a second time
A game of Chessmaster
Serves as stress blaster
Older than a PS4
But plays faster
Wonder how many
Played Ren & Stimpy
In between classes
And biting on a Blimpie
You may have lowered
My college GPA
But I still wouldn’t trade
A second of gameplay
Fall of the Foot Clan
And Back from the Sewers
Super Mario Land
And Batman, too, ’cause it’s


No downloadables
No need for updates
You got what you paid for
And it played so great
Your save game
Was called the Start button
And four Double-As in the back
Were worth something
Remember the attachments?
Magnifying glass
Lights on the side
And stereo blasts?
It was classic
So it really didn’t matter
Like Space Invaders
And extra Kong chapters
Everybody loved Game Boy Color
The birth of Pokemon
We all watched and wondered
Now the game’s changed
And Starmie uses Thunder
It’s like Damian Wayne
Is now the Boy Wonder
It’s an icon
Portable game legend
Twenty-five years
And still in my collection
So I decided to write
A rhyming verse or three
To say Game Boy,
Happy anniversary


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