Not Matt Damon, Scene A-2–After Work/Commute

[Jason Botmin gets into Matthew ‘s car.  Matthew starts the car and pulls off.]

Jason: Hey, Matthew, how’s it going? Good day?

Matthew: Yeah, not bad. You?

Jason: Fine.

[Jason stares at him. Matthew glances at him.]

Matthew: What?

Jason: What do you mean what?

Matthew: I mean what?  Why are you looking like that?

Jason: So…are you studying for a role or something?

Matthew: What? [laughs] Not this again.  Look, I’m not who you think I am.

Jason: You kidding? I mean, you look just like him. What are the odds a guy named Matthew Damensen happens to look like Matt Damon?

Matthew: Well, I’m not him. Sorry.

Jason: So how was Elysium, by the way?  Did you ever make it up there?

Matthew: Don’t start.

Jason: Okay. You say you’re not Matt Damon, I guess I have to believe you.

[Car pulls up to traffic light. Two women look over at them.]

Women:   OH MY GOD, IT’S MATT DAMON!  [They pull out their cell phones to snap photos]  We love your movies, Mr. Damon! Hi!

Matthew [smiles politely]: Sorry ladies, I’m not him! You got the wrong guy!

Woman 1: Are you sure? You look just like him!

Matthew: Yeah, I’m pretty sure who I am!  I’m not Matt Damon! Trust me!

Women: Oookay!  [They drive off laughing]

Jason: Wow, what a curse it must be to look like Matt Damon.  Don’t tell me you’ve never been tempted to pretend—

Matthew: No. Absolutely not.  [He grows solemn and quiet.] Absolutely not…

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