Not Matt Damon, Scene B-3: Days Later…

Jason: It’s sad. And strange. He’s been in here for days and he won’t communicate with any of our staff in any way. I have called every expert I can think of in the field, and no one has been able to get through to him. I’m hoping you can…Dr. Affledge.

Dr. Ben Affledge: Of course. You’ll have a report this afternoon. Don’t worry. Mr. Damon is in good hands.

[Dr. Affledge goes in to see Matthew. Matthew seems catatonic, staring blankly at nothing in particular.]

Ben: Matt Damon? Hi. I’m Dr. Ben Affledge. I’ll be seeing you from now on. I’ve looked at your file and…you’re a very quiet man, Mr. Damon. Any reason for that?

[Matthew continues to stare at nothing.]

Ben: I understand you don’t believe you’re Matt Damon. You believe you’re someone else?  Can I talk to him?  This someone else?  Strange stories around here, from what I’ve heard. Some people are saying there are two Matt Damons, others say they knew a guy named [checks file] Matthew Damensen.

[Matthew looks up, as if waking up from a dream.]

Ben: Huh. That got your attention. Do you remember Matthew?

[Matthew looks at him. ]

Ben: Can Matthew come out and talk? I’d like to speak to Matthew Damensen. If that’s okay.

[Matthew swallows, tries to speak.]

Ben: What’s that?

Matthew: Wa…er..

Ben: Water? You want water.

Matthew: Ysss.

Ben: Okay, here. Drink mine–I didn’t drink any of it.

[Matthew drinks.]

Ben: Take your time, Matthew. Let me know when you’re ready to talk.

Matthew: I’ll…I’ll tell you…tell you everything…for a promise…

Ben: I’ll…see what I can do, Matthew. What would you like?

Matthew: Promise me… [Matthew’s voice becomes stronger, ragged and angry.] Promise me you’ll do whatever it takes…Make me become Matt Damon.

Ben: Well! So you are Matt Damon.

Matthew: Not yet…not yet…


[Meanwhile…in the home of Matthew Damensen…]

Matt: I’m so glad you’re back, Emily. I’m glad there’s someone in my life I can be…myself with. I don’t have to pretend with you. I can be who I am.

Emily: And who is that?

Matt: Matthew. Matthew Damensen.

Emily: I’m glad you know who you are now, Matthew. And I’m thinking…we can try again.

Matt:  That would be perfect, Emily…I can’t imagine any place I’d rather be.  [He smiles…with just a hint of mischief in his eyes…]

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