Not Matt Damon, Scene U-1: Matthew, Session #2

Ben: Hey, Matt. How are you today?

Matthew [staring at nothing]: Am I really Matt? Or is that just your name for me now?

Ben: Would you prefer Matthew?

Matthew: What I’d prefer is not to look like some sadistic famous guy who has stolen my life!

Ben: I’m hearing a lot of anger there, Matt—

Matthew: Matthew!

Ben: Matthew. So I’m talking to Matthew now.

Matthew: You were always talking to Matthew! I’m not Matt Damon! My name is Matthew Damensen, and the real Matt Damon has stolen my life! He’s out there, and you have to find him!

Ben: I’m going to suggest something to you, at this point, and I hope it will help. I’m going to suggest to you—just a suggestion—that maybe Matt Damon isn’t out there. Maybe he can’t be found out there, in that world. Maybe he can be found in here. Is that possible? That Matt Damon might be in this room? Can we find him?

[Matthew looks away in annoyance.]

Ben [staring at Matthew for a moment]: You said it yourself, Matthew. You said you wanted my help to be Matt Damon again. Or was that just “Matt Damon” talking? I mean—why is he your enemy all of a sudden? What is it about this guy? Have you even met him before?

Matthew [still looking away]: Yes. I’ve met Matt Damon before. [Looks at Ben] And I can guarantee I’ll meet him again.

Ben: That’s—you see that? That’s progress. At the very least, you want to meet him again. Maybe when you’ve met him, gotten to know him, you’ll see—maybe it’s not so bad to be Matt Damon. Maybe Matt Damon is something we can all aspire to be.

Matthew: I wouldn’t go that far. I think we can do better than that.

Ben: Well, let’s not worry about improving him or trying to one-up him just yet. Let’s just focus on him for a moment—

Matthew: Way ahead of you.

Ben: Really? How so?

Matthew: I already told you.

Ben: Okay. Maybe we’re moving too fast here. I can see you’re still in a place of anger and denial, and—really, I’m not even sure why. Do you have any idea how many people want to be you?

Matthew: Yes! One! One person wants to be me, and that’s the problem!

Ben: Then let him be you! You can’t control him! Stop trying to! … We’re here to take care of you, Matthew. If that’s too frightening for you, then maybe this is it. This will be your life, this padded prison. [Ben gets up to leave.] Is that what you want? Or is it what Matt Damon wants?

[Matthew looks stunned and sullen.]

[Ben leaves and meets Jason in the hallway.]

Ben: Dr. Botmin? He needs more time. He’s regressing. He still thinks he’s Matthew.

Jason: Strange. That’d be like you claiming you’re Batman.

Ben: I know, right? Hilarious. And serious. [Ben moves closer to Jason and speaks quietly.] Don’t ever do that joke again. It’s disrespectful and I don’t appreciate it.

Jason: Whoa, sorry—

Ben: I’m not kidding. [Ben glares at him.] I hear one more Batman joke, I walk, and you’re stuck explaining to uh, Universal or Paramount or whoever why they can’t make The Bourne Infinity. Are we clear?

Jason [swallows]: Very clear.

Ben [smiling, speaks much louder]: Great. See you tomorrow! [He slaps Jason on the arm and leaves.]

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