Luigi Death Stare (Ridin’ Dirty Remix) – A Gaming Rap

I just had to write a song inspired by this new fixation on the Luigi Death Stare. This is a great time for me, as I always played as Luigi as a kid, being the younger brother. So, here we go…[music]

They always said I played second fiddle
So maybe you can figure out this riddle:
I’m rollin’ past you to first place
While you get sent back to the middle
Of the rest of this pack of wolves
I know you did the very best that you could
I got a blue shell, my hat reads ‘L’
So trust me when I say that I’m that good
Roll past you in the neighborhood
And time slows down as I go around you
I’ve been a headline since ‘Mario Is Missing!’
So what the shell took you this long to listen?
The Gold Cup’s mine so I shine
Doing a drive-by is my sole mission
And I mean that literally
The death stare is my glare
How else could it be?
Just accept it–you’re not as good as me
Year of Luigi till 2033
And beyond–you look up and I’m gone
So I look back as I pass your kart
You’re on Lap 5 and I’m 11
I’m on fire like the old Chris Evans
Flame on–we stay strong and stay gone
I could beat Sonic, I’m that fast–so game on

They see Luigi
And they hatin’
He does the stare-and-drive
With grace like figure-skatin’
Yes, he gives the Death Stare
While they still waiting
Tryin’ to catch him ridin’ dirty [repeat]

I got a mansion that I vacuumed twice
It stays fresh and clean–they say it’s so nice
Are you regrettin’ what you did with your life
So much that you gotta hate on mine?
‘Cause my flows shine, ’cause I’m so fine
‘Cause I sold a million and you sold dimes?
It’s just jealousy when you all yell at me
‘Cause you got no hope of outsellin’ me
From here to Tel Aviv
I’m a like a celery
Stay green and fresh just like a melon be
With new words attached to old melody
I stand the test of time like I’m Celebi
Went from cleanin’ pipes
To being king of life
Became a Superstar Saga overnight
Paper Mario? Now you sorry though
I’m straight legendary like Lucario
And no matter how fast your kart goes
I’m in first class and you still ridin’ coach
I can handle the hairpins, you’re too slow
One look at my stare and then you know
I was a DLC on New Mario
I think now you see that I can run the show


Mirror image on an NES Remix
Extra challenging, you can’t beat this
You’d have to quit your job, become beatniks
I was never a character that was B-list
You got a flow, but you remain beatless
Winter is coming, but you remain heatless
My green fireball suddenly inspires all
They hashtag me suddenly–they liars all
Newcomers to Luigi’s bandwagon
I hit ’em with a Super Smash before they tag in
…And I can soar like dragons
While you look like something that the cat dragged in
So they thought I was a has-been
I danced with the stars as Nintendo cashed in
And while you wait for it to happen
I’m already past you, looking at your reaction
And afterwards I’m laughin’
Beneath the moustache and hat is deep passion
So I can be team captain
No question box about it–it’s a fact, man


2 thoughts on “Luigi Death Stare (Ridin’ Dirty Remix) – A Gaming Rap

  1. Hi, I was wondering if you’ve done this parody of Riding Dirty with Luigi’s Death Stare. I see you have the lyrics but not a link to a song

    1. I only wrote the lyrics. I’ve never made any YouTube videos before. If anyone wants to do a video using these lyrics, I don’t mind, though I’d appreciate their including a link to this page to acknowledge that I wrote the lyrics here.

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