Not Matt Damon, Scene V-2: The Interrogation—Mental Hospital, Cafeteria

[Seven security guards flank Dr. Ben Affledge, who is seated in a slumped position. Jason Botmin throws a bucket of water on him. Ben jumps to awareness and a security guard grabs his shoulder and slams him back into the chair.]

Jason [smiling]: Wakey, wakey. Did you have a nice fire drill? You really should check the schedule before you plot to break out one of your celebrity clients. You hack.

Ben: What the shell are you doing to me?

Jason: I’m conducting an investigation.

Ben: Into what? Somebody escaped?

[Jason slaps him. Ben tries to get up, and three guards hold him in the chair.]

Ben: You son of a dish!

Jason: What would that make me—a bowl? Benyamin, you’re in serious trouble. You see, Matt Damon, your patient? He seems to have escaped. Want to know how he did it? No, probably not, right? I don’t need to tell you. Because you already know, don’t you? The problem is, I can’t even verify it, because all the security cameras seem to be out. Huh. Now how did that happen at the same time one of our patients escaped?

Ben: I don’t know. I don’t know what happened.

[Jason slaps him again.]

Jason: That’s the first lie. Want to see what happens when you try lying some more?

Ben: What, are you going to torture me?

Jason: Torture? No. Nope. Just a bit of workplace harassment, that’s all. Consider this part of your exit interview. I’ll be sure to give a good reference to your celebrity friends.

Ben: What is this all about? I blacked out during the fire drill.

Jason: YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS ABOUT! THE SODA GUY! I found you in a pool of your own soda! You let the soda guy in, Matt Damon disappears, and the soda truck is the only way he could have escaped!

Ben [scoffs]: Are you sure? There are lot of other holes in your security here. Who’s to say he didn’t dig a tunnel with a rubber spork?

Jason [turns away, his hands on his hips]: So this is all a game, huh?

Ben: Yup. [He smiles] And the best man won.

Jason [turns around, stalks up to Ben and grabs his shirt]: You..are…fired, Dr. Affledge. But this doesn’t have to get any uglier.

Intercom Guard: Sir! This just came up on Twitter. [He looks from his phone to Jason with concern.] Matt Damon just had a press conference.

Jason [rubs his face with both hands]: Did he mention his escape? Anything that might give us away?

Intercom Guard: There is some risk, sir, but he was non-specific. We should be clean here.

Jason: I’m putting you in charge of a special team I’m preparing. Their mission will be to find Matt Damon and bring him into custody. Quietly.

Intercom Guard: Sir, it’s going to look like a kidnapping. We can’t just…

Jason [sighs]: I know. But we’ll have to find a way.

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