A Game of Clones (A Rap)

Rappers with a fashion sense
Like they were back in Ghis
Enslaved the game
Make me want to say “Dracarys”
The albums stay cloned
Alone in plastic packages
They all got explicit warnings
Front and back of this
Charge in like ranks of Unsullied
They flop with weak lyrics
And sicken me like a Tully
People at the stores are
Wonderin’ what’s happened here
Their reign cut short
When they hear The Rains of Castamere
And if I slay the Mad King
They all mad at me
The Hand of the King sees
Storm clouds are gathering
With no elections
And five kings in dead heat
While them crows all steady feasting
On some dead meat
I’m like Dondarrion
I bring the lightning
Red flames ignite my mike
Before the fight scene
The night is dark, man
It’s full of terrors
They write raps in chalk
‘Cause they’re riddled with errors
I’ll swear an oath
Not to hold a title
The sword that guards the realms of rap
Against its rivals

But these are days that
The Wall is weeping
And a chill from the north
Awakens them from sleeping
Mother have mercy and
Crone grant me wisdom
So I don’t meet the Stranger
And become a victim
Of a system,
That’s rife with corruption
Drank some moon tea
To prevent reproduction
And at Chataya’s
They must sell it by the canister
If you’re a liar
It’s another name for Lannister
And all the gold in Casterly Rock
Couldn’t make your raps sound hot
Because they’re not
You claim victims like a White Walker
I see ’em with the buds in their ears
As they are street talkin’
But all their words are wind
Once you’ve caught them
In a Whispering Wood
Going quiet when I stop ’em
I got links on my chain
Like a maester
Betrothed to the game most fair
Because I like her
I’ll stick it to you
With my dragonglass
‘Cause I’m not here
To grab up the cash

It’s like you’re baseborn
When you turn your bass on
It kills like a Faceless Man
So put your face on
As you whisper
That you’re so very sorry
Like a direwolf
Tracking its quarry
You don’t mean it
And we’ve seen it
We know what you flow for
And when it comes forth, man
It sounds like Hodor
You Rattleshirt
Afterwards when the battle hurts
You’re like Brienne
Fightin’ bears in a battle skirt
And ain’t no one-armed man
About to save you
Valar morghulis
Is the last thing they say to you
And fear does cut
Deeper than swords
Like your rhymes
Hurt the people you bored
I hear ’em snorin’
And don’t think you’re safe
Because of hard bread
Hospitality is wasted
On you hard heads
You look up all of a sudden
And your guard’s dead
And you’re locked up in a cage
Until you starvin’
I’m like Arya in practice
Making progress
I’ll throw your blade in a lake
Because I’m dauntless
But I think that’s from
A different series
Horn of Joramun
I blow till you hear me
And then you fear me

Life is all about
Hounds and Mountains
Are there good rappers still out there?
Sincerely doubt it
But I don’t want to sit the Iron Throne
Have people buying my ringtones
Inside their phones
Ultimately it’s a game of clones
If you win, then you lie
And you sell your soul
Participating in a clash of kings
Could be a nice way
To get some cash and rings
But it’s shortlived, in a storm of swords
At a certain point
You wonder what you rappin’ for
And when it’s all over
It’s a feast for crows
Everybody picking at your remains
With their flows
But if you really want a dance with dragons
Then step up to the mike
And let them slackers have it
But for now,
It’s the winds of winter
I can unhorse khalasars
Like they’re beginners
‘Cause they can’t traverse
A poison sea
With a single verse
They throw at me
My rhyme’s complete

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