Beneath the Surface (A Rap)

Something sinister lurks
Beneath the surface
When people in this world
Think their lives are worthless
Rally cries of
“Black Lives Matter”
And cops in riot gear appear
And make them scatter
It feels like
Familiar territory
Like the 54th charging a hill
Looking for Glory
I wonder who was holding a lid
Atop the stories
And opened it
Because the game had gotten boring
If you’re suddenly
Looking for something to do
And behaving like
Abuse of authority is something new
I recommend
You stop and think a few
And consider that someone
Might be controlling you

Something happened
Right before they attacked him
And police jumped in front of the camera
After it happened
Next thing you know
A man is dead
Was his life worth more
Than a tax on cigarettes?
Or did four policemen
Figure that
It was more important
To get their arms around his neck?
And people take to the streets
And disappear again
At the first signs of daylight
Thing is, I know
Of a similar deal
A white man died
Because he wouldn’t leave a theater
And his life was
At least as significant
The only relevance of our color
Is that we’re different
We still bleed the same blood
A lame duck
Is put forth to us
And personally, I blame thugs
And thugs come
In the colors of the rainbow
Suffering is commonplace
We feel the pain, though

Yo dawg
I heard you like Big Brother watching you
So here’s
What I’m about to do:
Put a camera on him
As he is watching you
So we can watch him watching
Whatever you’re about to do
And in the end, really,
Who watches the watchmen?
And who watches the watchmen
Who are watching the watchmen?
It looks like
We might have a problem, then
The foxes watching over
The house the hens are living in
Ask yourself:
What good are laws against the lawless?
And how can we have good laws
If we don’t trust Congress?
We can blame Bush
Or blame Obama
Or blame Bush again
And continue the drama
If you don’t like it, he says,
Then pass a bill
Well, laws don’t protect most people
From being killed
They’re just words
On pieces of paper–
Words that can be read
At my funeral later

So what’s the solution?
Violence? Retribution?
Take it to the courts
And change some institutions?
Maybe start a
Third revolution?
Lose a million lives or two
To bombs and shootings?
Or maybe rob some stores
Resume the lootings?
This whole scenario’s
What will my children do
Having this future?
I don’t know, I don’t know, man
I don’t know!
I know whatever happens to them
I am responsible
So that leads me to seek
What else is possible
The only option left is peace
And quite impossible
But I see the impossible every day–
For God’s sake!
We’re livin’ inside the Milky Way!
And man, it’s really not even
For that long
And we gotta waste the years we’ve got
On doing wrong?
Every life is sacred
And every life matters
We need to keep our families safe
Before they shatter
Our moral fabric frays before us
Ripped and tattered
We need to save it before it’s too late
And not after

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