Bow To Spark Man (A Song)

Lyrics inspired by the Mega Man III boss, Spark Man. Music from the game:

You may have noticed
That I control the voltage
And you have insulted me
I’m more than just a machine
I have a notion
To create an explosion
From electricity–
That would surely fix things

Because of electricity
Or call it eccentricity
I will make a new world
Minus all humanity
Is there a possibility
To cease all this hostility?
If you plan to bow to Spark Man
Then yes, certainly

I have the power
An electrical tower
So I can turn it off
And bring you all to your knees
So stand down, you cowards
Before things become sour
I can shut off all your fleets
Tear you apart with my teeth


So now comes a blue man
With a cannon on his hand
And he hopes to challenge me
I’ll end him quite violently
What is it that you can’t
Understand, Mega Man?
I can overload your dreams
You have no chance to beat me


Dr. Wily has his war
And I am his powerful core
I am endless energy
It comes from inside of me
So here’s what is in store
Since man was here before
I will shock them totally
Until they are all extinct

I’ll repeat the words once again
I currently have other plans
I’ll charge into battle
I still have the upper hand
I’m made of plus and minuses
Obey is my requirement
All you have to do is
Bow to Spark Man

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