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Quitting Time (A Song)

Today it feels like quitting time
And so I wait
Until I can find a fitting rhyme
Life is like
A class where we try to please the popular guys
And then we fly
Like smoke after the logs have died
And what’s the point?
We’re only here so short a time
And then destroyed
Betrayed by things that once kept us alive

So I wonder, wonder, wonder
And it all happens for nothing
And after each day’s blunder
I stumble upon something
It seems that the great mysteries
Are certain to still outlive me
And what’s the point in history
Knowing it would stay the same
Without me?

As I said
I think I’ll say again
It’s quitting time
What I mean to say
Is that these shoes of mine aren’t fitting right
The insoles
They slide up quite uncomfortably
And my soul
Seems to find nothing that’s comforting
Now I know
There’s no such thing as individual
Like the rain
One person is nothing but residual

And we all step in puddles
Because we don’t notice raindrops
We gather up in huddles
Hoping somehow that the pain will stop
And maybe that’s our trouble
The simple thing that we forgot
We live our lives in bubbles
Hoping desperately they will not pop
And kill our dreams

So I’m done
Yes, you might dare say I’m quitting time
Some days were fun
And other days just barely getting by

If it weren’t for the ones I love
I think I’d be alone
And to them I’m not good enough
I don’t call on the phone
I keep thinking one day soon
I’ll find out that they died
And as my tears fall every moon
I’ll still be asking why
As much as I might try to hide
It seems no place is safe
Eventually I’ll also die
It’s something no one can

As I said
This story is of quitting time
That’s for the dead
You can’t quit time when you’re alive

Ode to a Princess (A Song)

You and I,
Floating through the stars
Hand-in-hand and
By my side
Forever in my mind
To the edge of space
And the end of time
In this continuum
We’ll continue on
Now I can navigate
With you as my North Star

When I’m falling and
Near event horizon
I find I rise again
When you pull me in
If I lose all hope
Of seeing my way home
You’re my telescope
When you hold me close
If I feel cold space
Pull you away from me
I’ll be your solid place
I’ll be your gravity

It’s for you I yearn
Like a young sun burns
And as our whole world turns
I hope that I’ll still earn
A chance at orbiting
‘Round you in everything
I’ll leave a life of love
Written for us above
And when it’s all over
And I supernova
When you see these things
I hope you’ll dream of me


This is a song inspired by a story idea I had, kind of a Star Wars/Flash Gordon/The Last Starfighter-inspired story. It had a romantic element and I really liked the music I had in my head for it. I really should learn to play piano or something. I wouldn’t mind making a YouTube video with the music I have in mind for this and my other songs. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.

I’ve been posting a lot of my old songs–actually this one isn’t that old, I wrote it maybe a year or two ago–just because I wanted to share them. Let’s face it, I’m not going to become a famous songwriter, nor is that even necessarily my dream, but I love so many of the songs I’ve written that I wanted to make sure my eyes weren’t the only ones seeing them. If I could sing and play an instrument, I would have already recorded these and put them on YouTube, just because. But I can’t do either particularly well. But that’s enough out of me. Until next time.

Injustice: Rap’s Among Us (A Rap)

The Joker has an evil plan
To deal with Superman
Lois Lane and Metropolis
Both kick the can
Seeing the death of his true love
And Metropolis
Makes him wonder
Was there a way of stopping this
Joker is captured
And enraptured in his laughter
His sense of humor is sick
And Superman attacks him
And with one hand
Creates a new future
The Joker is killed
And Superman’s the new ruler
Because when power is used
It can consume you
And there’s no way to predict
What killing a man will do to you
It’s up to Batman
And a ragtag team of heroes
To stop Kal-El
From being the next Nero
Make sure you level up
And have enough energy
To take down hundreds of teams
Of three enemies
Injustice Mobile
Steadily going global
I go through the Challenges
To raise my totals
I’m not really a fan
Of pay-to-win
But my fingers can’t resist
The urge to play again

It’s Injustice: Rap’s Among Us
My mike is my stylus
Let’s find out who’s strongest
It’s Injustice: Rap’s Among Us
The fighting is wild
Only brave ones belong with us

How many times have I
Gotten a Booster Pack
And suddenly felt like
Kicking myself in the back?
Spent days trying to get
All the credits
And got two different Harley Quinns
Now instead of it
Well, who doesn’t like
Deranged cheerleaders
But in a fight, it’s often
Too easy to beat her
It’s bad enough
You do half the damage
Then they find some new way
To cause a disadvantage
Radiation or Countdown
Or no Super Move
Great! Now what am I
Supposed to do?
And for some reason I have
Seven Black Adams
Kind of surprised that there’s no
Captain Atom
But then again,
There’s Nightwing, not Robin
And half of the Rogues’ Gallery
Isn’t here from Gotham
Supergirl’s only here
As a support card
This game has likely ruined
A few report cards
“Spam the strong attack”
Said one dude on YouTube
I think I already know that
I’m not a noob, dude!
But who’s paying a hundred bucks
For credits
To get five characters at most?
Forget it!
It often makes me miss most
The old days
You paid for your game all at once
And hoped for snow days
Now it costs so much
You need a co-pay
There should be a
Gaming insurance company someday


Injustice Game’s a metaphor
For raps among us
It’s about who pays the most
And not the strongest
It’s not about who can flow
Or rap the longest
It’s about seeing the trees
Instead of the forest
Without regard at all
For all the harm that
Can be caused when you
Ignore the flaws and all the wrong plans
So do yourself a favor, pal
And Stay Down
Otherwise it’s Death From Above
A flying roundhouse
Ground Sparks straight to your heart
And then you’re crying
A Trident Toss rips you apart
And then you’re dying
Just tag out
As proof I’m Powered By Fear
Heat Vision burns
You can’t block my power here
Cat Claws, Tricky Bat
A Turbine Smash
And your remains are in pain
I throw you in the trash
Hero Slayer
My Special is unblockable
A Man of Steel
When I feel I’m Unstoppable
I’m owning you
Like a new disciple
When I blow you apart
With a Kryptonian Rifle
The fight takes an Eye for an Eye
On Full Auto
Countless Deaths await my foes
And great sorrow
I step back and attack
With a Savage Blast
Amazonian Fury upon you
When you get me mad
You thought you had me
I rise from the grave
With ten times the damage
Attacking you in the face
You’ll meet complete defeat
And Fear Will Rise–
Oh, wait
“Injustice has stopped”
So never mind


A Matter of Time (Steal Your Girl) (A Rap)

How can you tell
When your girl is stolen?
She’s chillin’ with me
Like Elsa in Frozen
And so it’s clear
It’s not you she’s chosen
She’s wearing heels
And pantyhose and
She’s wearing clothes
That you can’t afford so
She can be my date
At my next awards show
She’s riding in cars
That you’ll never own, so
That’s what can happen
When you leave her alone
And treat her like
You got a heart of stone
But she wasn’t your property
To begin with
She’s coming home and
You don’t know who she’s been with
Well now I’m telling you
She’s riding with me
And I happen to be the person
That you’re dying to be
While you’re flying coach
She’s flying with me
I think we’ll drink a toast
When we arrive in Greece
While you’re broken-hearted
As you’re trying to sleep
We’ll be buying it all
Like it’s a dime a piece

Steal your girl
I’m about to steal your girl
Steal your girl
It’s just a matter of time

You tried to buy her
Without enough pesos
And now she’s giving me
Muchos besos
You said she couldn’t leave
Unless you say so
Now she’s got her own chauffeur
Who’s on my payroll
You see, you can’t
Treat a woman like a queen
When you yourself
Aren’t living like a king
You can’t even agree
To pop the ring
While I blindsided her
With the question and the bling
Your Internet is slow
Like a Castro’s
But she’s watching FiOS TV
In the bath, bro
Or maybe just lounging
And getting a back rub
And this is the consequence
When you lack love
She’s not even calling you
Isn’t it clear enough
That all there’s left to do
Is for you to give it up?
She suffered a lot
Now she can live it up
I can tip a hundred percent
At every restaurant
All she could say of you
Is you’re upset a lot
Or that you smoke, drink
And even bet a lot
Well, now I think
She’s got a better lot
In life so your name
Is shamed and she’ll forget a lot


You tell her
She’s not skinny enough
And I say I’m happy
That there’s more to love
And you complained every day
About her cooking
And turned your head
At every girl that’s good-looking
While my eyes
Are focused on her
And we bake in the kitchen
I make her plate and serve her
Did you ever do anything else
But hurt her?
Always after whatever
Was in a skirt but her
Always having a harsh word
And curt with her
While I’m sitting in Paris
Having dessert with her
Ever travelled to a
Desert isle?
Well, it’s nothing compared
To seeing your girl’s smile
Not something you’ve seen
In quite a while
‘Cause your hateful behavior
Left her tasting bile
How hard can it be to see
That you can’t compete
With a man like me?
So it’s not really
A matter of theft
She did the right thing for her
And just left
I know it might be
Tough to accept
But since she left you for me
I owe you a debt
I hope you end up
Feeling some regret
And learn that a woman
Deserves to get respect
The last time I checked
Her beautiful arms
Were wrapped around my neck
And now we’re dancing
In love, romancing
It’s too bad–
You messed up your chances



I know this song is probably a bit more of a popular kind of rap (I actually imagined the musician named Pitbull singing it), but it arose, strangely enough, starting from the chorus. The chorus popped in my head as my kids were watching the cartoon show called Justin Time, and I said, what if? Could I make that into a song? It’s absurd, and quite fictitious since I know nothing of riches or of the sort of jet-setting this song references. But I thought it’d be a fun song to write, and I injected some of my thoughts on how I’d spoil a woman if I had limitless resources. So in my case, the Mrs. is probably more likely to be stolen from me, in this scenario, ha! Anyway, thanks for reading.

A Feast for Flows (A Game of Clones: Rap Two)

What is dead may never die

But rises,

Harder and stronger

Like my flows last longer

Than those other MCs, other entities–

Like Renly, they made too many enemies

I’m like the crow that has triple eyesight

I tell my competition to fly

They’re not flying right

And like a king eating pie

They’re not dying right

Choking on a chain like Shae

And then a lion dies

They come to fight like

The Titan’s Bastard

I let ’em get their cuts in and then

I simply slash ’em

They kinda creep me out

Like they were Craster

And Gilly wants to leave with Sam

Because she asked him

But I feel like the Old Bear

I don’t care

“Corn?  Corn?”

There’s some corn right over there

So what’s your problem, Lord Snow?

You sold flows

But you can’t guard the king

The White Book is closed

Personally, I suggest

You stick to prose

Because otherwise the table is set

A feast for crows

Since I read the books

I could give a preview

Of all the people

That are soon to leave you

But I would say

The worst already happened

Littlefinger’s plan of

Murder and kidnapping

And Stannis left the table

With a map in it

And at the King’s Tower

Jon Snow is napping

And you often discuss

How good your games are

But talent alone ain’t enough–

Just ask Rhaegar

‘Cause you can look good

When you’re fighting

But my mike is the hammer

That’ll smash you on the Trident

And if you think that rhyme is good

Then don’t write it.  Why not?

Because I’ve seen it in the flames, son

Confess your crime at Baelor,

Be the shamed one

Then I’ll let you take the black

Go with Yoren

And you ain’t coming back

‘Cause your raps are simply boring

Winds are shifting now

And so are the seasons

And the victor, it seems

Can decide what is treason

Don’t use the shield

Of a piece of paper

That’s a quick way to end up killed

And called a traitor

And don’t trust a sellsword

To fight for you

Gold dragons sometimes

Soft enough to bite through

And it’s rare to find men

Who will die for you

Even some of them are like Jorah

And they’ll lie to you

If I was king, I’d have

Irri make me pancakes

I think I’d have my

Future queen be named Missandei

I would make sure Drogo

Had a Band-Aid

And even let Renly and Loras

Have a man date

Or is that mandate?

Well, what makes a man great?

It’s certainly not all about

Who a man dates

Hey, y’all can fake like

You went out praying

But we know what kind of

Games you’ve been playing

I’m just sayin’

So in life

There’s always a Red Viper

Good in a fight

But can’t do what’s required

‘Cause the Mountains in these lands

Have a long reach

They can grab your head with their hands

And smash it like a peach

And then it’s all up to you

And your crossbow

To dine upon these unborn puppies

In a soft bowl

And all men must serve, they say

Valar dohaeris

The god of death

Is not playing

And how come when they

Talk to Sansa

They ask questions that

They know she can’t answer?

In war, you can

Lose to a beginner

Should ten thousand men have to die

Or ten at dinner?

So there’s not a lot of room

For honor

And never enough room for Sam

He’s a scholar

And the Seven Kingdoms

Don’t have a Kindle

Their books are big enough

To fill a dozen temples

“How many?  How many?

How many?  How many?”

That’s what Arya says

As she stabs at an enemy

And if you think

You’ll start a new war

I’ll drag you to the brink

And toss you out the Moon Door

And I could write

A verse or two more

But I think the words

That suit my raps are

Hear me roar!

I’m chillin’ in the house on a couch

Like a Manderly

And you’d resort to killing because

You can’t handle me

You see, my rhymes

Will smash you on the Blackwater

Yours are going up in green flames

They’re back-ordered

Because you sold out

And now you’re scared to go out

What happens when Riverrun falls?

It’s called “no trout”

So I suggest that you lower your sigils

Before you end up as fuel at R’hllor’s vigils

A War Between Gods (A Rap)

Caught up in a war between gods

And I don’t seem to grasp their theology

They deal with humanity’s lives

Like foreign policy

Republican, Democrat, Christian

They all callin’ me

But today I just want them all

To stop botherin’ me

You see the life that I was living

Was just fine until

They showed up, each one

Beggin’ for votes and dimes

And each one tryin’ to

Drag my hope and mind

In a different direction

Each with hope in mind

That one day, I, too

Could be a slave to their thinking

And slavery remains a thing

Well after Lincoln

It’s the aforementioned pain

That drives a man to drinking

Except I don’t go for

The beverages that stink, man

The questions I still have

Have pushed me to the brink, man

There are too many to go over

And honestly, I hope that one day

Every one of them will blow over

Meanwhile I’m hiding my head

Like a combover

And flipping pages till the day

They send the drones over

I don’t want to be seen as racist

If I disagree

And I do want the one percent

To become thirty-three

I think that everyone

Deserves to prosper

Because all of us here

Must have something to offer

I’m not a religious man

Not anymore

But I still don’t believe in

Sending men to war

And maybe that makes me a coward

Without power

But I saw this day

Back when I saw the Twin Towers

So, you killed 3,000 of mine

I kill 250,000 of yours

And start a circle of wars

Men and women on their fifth tours

And facts contorted

Is there any hope for change?

We got shorted

Is peace still an option?

Well, no one voted for it

So if murder is our path to justice

Then how can the same government

Ever be trusted?

Oh yeah, they’ll see to it

That justice is done

Because justice belongs to

The man with bigger guns

So, there it is

This is my frustration

I often feel powerless

To change the situation

I wish there were no borders

Between our nations

If only it wouldn’t make disorder

With people acting crazy

I thought religion was about finding peace

But nowadays it’s about finding people to beat

Whether in arguments

Or whether using armaments

It’s common sense

That humanity’s not making progress

If we’re constantly at each others’ throats

Instead of realizing we’re all in the same boat

Literally, we’re surrounded by water

And we’ll all end up sinking beneath it as we record it

When power rests in the hands of a few

And the powerless are uncertain of what to do

I can only hope for different shoes

That I can walk in to find a path where we don’t lose

I don’t want to give up

But sometimes, it brings tear to my eyes

Every day another innocent dies

For no reason, every day and season

It’s like the world has lung cancer and it’s wheezing

I don’t understand how we’re still breathing

But I hope that the war will end

When we see reason

So to the gods out there

You keep fighting

As for this mortal, I’m right here

I’ll keep writing

And if you ever need someone

To confide in

I’ve got a pair of listening ears

I can provide them

Drop Everything and Rap (On Books and the Awesomeness Thereof)

It’s funny how I have

Encyclopedic knowledge

Of everything I didn’t learn

When I was in college

And the books I read afterwards

Those meant the most to me

And those are the ones

That I always keep close to me

They told me that someone else

With an inkling

Was wise enough to write down

Just what I was thinking

‘Cause there are things

That drive a man to drinking

Things that tear a hole in his soul

And leave him sinking

You could say it’s

An evolution of thought

But I didn’t arrive here with ease

It was hard fought

I had to throw out a lot

Of what I was taught

Except to open up books and read

I had to start

1984 was one book

That startled me

It told a tale of

Big Brother and the Party

Of how it was always at war

With the same thing

History was always reshaped

Like a changeling

Started to think that

It sounded familiar

Thought crime brought the Thought Police

And then they killed you

And your closest loved ones

Had called them

The power of belief can be

Dark and awful

Now people think Big Brother

Is a reality show

They may have thought Orwell

Was trying to tell them a joke

But trust me

Orwell was being serious

We look up at cameras

And Big Brother is here with us

And that’s the end

For our freedom of speech

The end result

Of all the books we failed to read

People talk about

Atlas Shrugged

Like it was something they did back in college

Like it’s a drug

And they believe that

The Wolf of Wall Street

Is somehow marching

To an Objectivism drumbeat

But achievement’s not about

Cutting corners

Success comes with effort,

Hard work and focus

And belief that individuals

Are lifeblood

We feed value into the system

It’s because of us

‘Cause everybody goes to work

For profit

But if they didn’t make enough

They turn around and knock it

Talk about love of money

Like it’s a bad thing

When cash is what you get for the work

That makes you happy

You see, the root of your money

Is your labors

You shouldn’t cut a deal with the Feds

To get a favor

John Galt speaking his speech

Became a savior

Refused to work against himself

Against his labors

And profit means different things

To different people

If profit to you is a charity

Then that will please you

The goal is to never force anyone

To do what they don’t want to do

At the point of a gun

Give the best of my values

For the best of yours

And seek out ways to do trade

Instead of wars

No, it’s not perfect

Because people cheat

So I wouldn’t dare say

The philosophy is complete

But if that’s a phase

I left in college

Then I left behind

Some valuable knowledge

So pick up your Kindle

Hit your local library

Open up a book and read

For your vocabulary

It’s no pressure–

Read at your own pace

The great thing about them?

You can read anyplace

On a train, or

Maybe on a plane

Of course motion sickness

Is sometimes a real pain

I like books with paper

They don’t run out of batteries

But e-books don’t take up space

I buy them happily

I read that Yoda book

On jury duty

Some books are great to read

And some are like, just shoot me…

There’s Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice and Fire

There are The Hunger Games

I’ll nod to Red Rising

You can read about

Mind control

How there are people out there

Who can manipulate your soul

Or if you’re godly

You can read about God’s things

If you’re into science

You can read some Stephen Hawking

You can read about

War and Peace

Still haven’t read that or

A Tale of Two Cities

My point is that

The books have no limit

And you can expand your knowledge

To nearly infinite

Books can be all that you want and need

All you have to do

Is drop everything and read