A Feast for Flows (A Game of Clones: Rap Two)

What is dead may never die

But rises,

Harder and stronger

Like my flows last longer

Than those other MCs, other entities–

Like Renly, they made too many enemies

I’m like the crow that has triple eyesight

I tell my competition to fly

They’re not flying right

And like a king eating pie

They’re not dying right

Choking on a chain like Shae

And then a lion dies

They come to fight like

The Titan’s Bastard

I let ’em get their cuts in and then

I simply slash ’em

They kinda creep me out

Like they were Craster

And Gilly wants to leave with Sam

Because she asked him

But I feel like the Old Bear

I don’t care

“Corn?  Corn?”

There’s some corn right over there

So what’s your problem, Lord Snow?

You sold flows

But you can’t guard the king

The White Book is closed

Personally, I suggest

You stick to prose

Because otherwise the table is set

A feast for crows

Since I read the books

I could give a preview

Of all the people

That are soon to leave you

But I would say

The worst already happened

Littlefinger’s plan of

Murder and kidnapping

And Stannis left the table

With a map in it

And at the King’s Tower

Jon Snow is napping

And you often discuss

How good your games are

But talent alone ain’t enough–

Just ask Rhaegar

‘Cause you can look good

When you’re fighting

But my mike is the hammer

That’ll smash you on the Trident

And if you think that rhyme is good

Then don’t write it.  Why not?

Because I’ve seen it in the flames, son

Confess your crime at Baelor,

Be the shamed one

Then I’ll let you take the black

Go with Yoren

And you ain’t coming back

‘Cause your raps are simply boring

Winds are shifting now

And so are the seasons

And the victor, it seems

Can decide what is treason

Don’t use the shield

Of a piece of paper

That’s a quick way to end up killed

And called a traitor

And don’t trust a sellsword

To fight for you

Gold dragons sometimes

Soft enough to bite through

And it’s rare to find men

Who will die for you

Even some of them are like Jorah

And they’ll lie to you

If I was king, I’d have

Irri make me pancakes

I think I’d have my

Future queen be named Missandei

I would make sure Drogo

Had a Band-Aid

And even let Renly and Loras

Have a man date

Or is that mandate?

Well, what makes a man great?

It’s certainly not all about

Who a man dates

Hey, y’all can fake like

You went out praying

But we know what kind of

Games you’ve been playing

I’m just sayin’

So in life

There’s always a Red Viper

Good in a fight

But can’t do what’s required

‘Cause the Mountains in these lands

Have a long reach

They can grab your head with their hands

And smash it like a peach

And then it’s all up to you

And your crossbow

To dine upon these unborn puppies

In a soft bowl

And all men must serve, they say

Valar dohaeris

The god of death

Is not playing

And how come when they

Talk to Sansa

They ask questions that

They know she can’t answer?

In war, you can

Lose to a beginner

Should ten thousand men have to die

Or ten at dinner?

So there’s not a lot of room

For honor

And never enough room for Sam

He’s a scholar

And the Seven Kingdoms

Don’t have a Kindle

Their books are big enough

To fill a dozen temples

“How many?  How many?

How many?  How many?”

That’s what Arya says

As she stabs at an enemy

And if you think

You’ll start a new war

I’ll drag you to the brink

And toss you out the Moon Door

And I could write

A verse or two more

But I think the words

That suit my raps are

Hear me roar!

I’m chillin’ in the house on a couch

Like a Manderly

And you’d resort to killing because

You can’t handle me

You see, my rhymes

Will smash you on the Blackwater

Yours are going up in green flames

They’re back-ordered

Because you sold out

And now you’re scared to go out

What happens when Riverrun falls?

It’s called “no trout”

So I suggest that you lower your sigils

Before you end up as fuel at R’hllor’s vigils

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