A War Between Gods (A Rap)

Caught up in a war between gods

And I don’t seem to grasp their theology

They deal with humanity’s lives

Like foreign policy

Republican, Democrat, Christian

They all callin’ me

But today I just want them all

To stop botherin’ me

You see the life that I was living

Was just fine until

They showed up, each one

Beggin’ for votes and dimes

And each one tryin’ to

Drag my hope and mind

In a different direction

Each with hope in mind

That one day, I, too

Could be a slave to their thinking

And slavery remains a thing

Well after Lincoln

It’s the aforementioned pain

That drives a man to drinking

Except I don’t go for

The beverages that stink, man

The questions I still have

Have pushed me to the brink, man

There are too many to go over

And honestly, I hope that one day

Every one of them will blow over

Meanwhile I’m hiding my head

Like a combover

And flipping pages till the day

They send the drones over

I don’t want to be seen as racist

If I disagree

And I do want the one percent

To become thirty-three

I think that everyone

Deserves to prosper

Because all of us here

Must have something to offer

I’m not a religious man

Not anymore

But I still don’t believe in

Sending men to war

And maybe that makes me a coward

Without power

But I saw this day

Back when I saw the Twin Towers

So, you killed 3,000 of mine

I kill 250,000 of yours

And start a circle of wars

Men and women on their fifth tours

And facts contorted

Is there any hope for change?

We got shorted

Is peace still an option?

Well, no one voted for it

So if murder is our path to justice

Then how can the same government

Ever be trusted?

Oh yeah, they’ll see to it

That justice is done

Because justice belongs to

The man with bigger guns

So, there it is

This is my frustration

I often feel powerless

To change the situation

I wish there were no borders

Between our nations

If only it wouldn’t make disorder

With people acting crazy

I thought religion was about finding peace

But nowadays it’s about finding people to beat

Whether in arguments

Or whether using armaments

It’s common sense

That humanity’s not making progress

If we’re constantly at each others’ throats

Instead of realizing we’re all in the same boat

Literally, we’re surrounded by water

And we’ll all end up sinking beneath it as we record it

When power rests in the hands of a few

And the powerless are uncertain of what to do

I can only hope for different shoes

That I can walk in to find a path where we don’t lose

I don’t want to give up

But sometimes, it brings tear to my eyes

Every day another innocent dies

For no reason, every day and season

It’s like the world has lung cancer and it’s wheezing

I don’t understand how we’re still breathing

But I hope that the war will end

When we see reason

So to the gods out there

You keep fighting

As for this mortal, I’m right here

I’ll keep writing

And if you ever need someone

To confide in

I’ve got a pair of listening ears

I can provide them

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