Drop Everything and Rap (On Books and the Awesomeness Thereof)

It’s funny how I have

Encyclopedic knowledge

Of everything I didn’t learn

When I was in college

And the books I read afterwards

Those meant the most to me

And those are the ones

That I always keep close to me

They told me that someone else

With an inkling

Was wise enough to write down

Just what I was thinking

‘Cause there are things

That drive a man to drinking

Things that tear a hole in his soul

And leave him sinking

You could say it’s

An evolution of thought

But I didn’t arrive here with ease

It was hard fought

I had to throw out a lot

Of what I was taught

Except to open up books and read

I had to start

1984 was one book

That startled me

It told a tale of

Big Brother and the Party

Of how it was always at war

With the same thing

History was always reshaped

Like a changeling

Started to think that

It sounded familiar

Thought crime brought the Thought Police

And then they killed you

And your closest loved ones

Had called them

The power of belief can be

Dark and awful

Now people think Big Brother

Is a reality show

They may have thought Orwell

Was trying to tell them a joke

But trust me

Orwell was being serious

We look up at cameras

And Big Brother is here with us

And that’s the end

For our freedom of speech

The end result

Of all the books we failed to read

People talk about

Atlas Shrugged

Like it was something they did back in college

Like it’s a drug

And they believe that

The Wolf of Wall Street

Is somehow marching

To an Objectivism drumbeat

But achievement’s not about

Cutting corners

Success comes with effort,

Hard work and focus

And belief that individuals

Are lifeblood

We feed value into the system

It’s because of us

‘Cause everybody goes to work

For profit

But if they didn’t make enough

They turn around and knock it

Talk about love of money

Like it’s a bad thing

When cash is what you get for the work

That makes you happy

You see, the root of your money

Is your labors

You shouldn’t cut a deal with the Feds

To get a favor

John Galt speaking his speech

Became a savior

Refused to work against himself

Against his labors

And profit means different things

To different people

If profit to you is a charity

Then that will please you

The goal is to never force anyone

To do what they don’t want to do

At the point of a gun

Give the best of my values

For the best of yours

And seek out ways to do trade

Instead of wars

No, it’s not perfect

Because people cheat

So I wouldn’t dare say

The philosophy is complete

But if that’s a phase

I left in college

Then I left behind

Some valuable knowledge

So pick up your Kindle

Hit your local library

Open up a book and read

For your vocabulary

It’s no pressure–

Read at your own pace

The great thing about them?

You can read anyplace

On a train, or

Maybe on a plane

Of course motion sickness

Is sometimes a real pain

I like books with paper

They don’t run out of batteries

But e-books don’t take up space

I buy them happily

I read that Yoda book

On jury duty

Some books are great to read

And some are like, just shoot me…

There’s Game of Thrones

A Song of Ice and Fire

There are The Hunger Games

I’ll nod to Red Rising

You can read about

Mind control

How there are people out there

Who can manipulate your soul

Or if you’re godly

You can read about God’s things

If you’re into science

You can read some Stephen Hawking

You can read about

War and Peace

Still haven’t read that or

A Tale of Two Cities

My point is that

The books have no limit

And you can expand your knowledge

To nearly infinite

Books can be all that you want and need

All you have to do

Is drop everything and read

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