Injustice: Rap’s Among Us (A Rap)

The Joker has an evil plan
To deal with Superman
Lois Lane and Metropolis
Both kick the can
Seeing the death of his true love
And Metropolis
Makes him wonder
Was there a way of stopping this
Joker is captured
And enraptured in his laughter
His sense of humor is sick
And Superman attacks him
And with one hand
Creates a new future
The Joker is killed
And Superman’s the new ruler
Because when power is used
It can consume you
And there’s no way to predict
What killing a man will do to you
It’s up to Batman
And a ragtag team of heroes
To stop Kal-El
From being the next Nero
Make sure you level up
And have enough energy
To take down hundreds of teams
Of three enemies
Injustice Mobile
Steadily going global
I go through the Challenges
To raise my totals
I’m not really a fan
Of pay-to-win
But my fingers can’t resist
The urge to play again

It’s Injustice: Rap’s Among Us
My mike is my stylus
Let’s find out who’s strongest
It’s Injustice: Rap’s Among Us
The fighting is wild
Only brave ones belong with us

How many times have I
Gotten a Booster Pack
And suddenly felt like
Kicking myself in the back?
Spent days trying to get
All the credits
And got two different Harley Quinns
Now instead of it
Well, who doesn’t like
Deranged cheerleaders
But in a fight, it’s often
Too easy to beat her
It’s bad enough
You do half the damage
Then they find some new way
To cause a disadvantage
Radiation or Countdown
Or no Super Move
Great! Now what am I
Supposed to do?
And for some reason I have
Seven Black Adams
Kind of surprised that there’s no
Captain Atom
But then again,
There’s Nightwing, not Robin
And half of the Rogues’ Gallery
Isn’t here from Gotham
Supergirl’s only here
As a support card
This game has likely ruined
A few report cards
“Spam the strong attack”
Said one dude on YouTube
I think I already know that
I’m not a noob, dude!
But who’s paying a hundred bucks
For credits
To get five characters at most?
Forget it!
It often makes me miss most
The old days
You paid for your game all at once
And hoped for snow days
Now it costs so much
You need a co-pay
There should be a
Gaming insurance company someday


Injustice Game’s a metaphor
For raps among us
It’s about who pays the most
And not the strongest
It’s not about who can flow
Or rap the longest
It’s about seeing the trees
Instead of the forest
Without regard at all
For all the harm that
Can be caused when you
Ignore the flaws and all the wrong plans
So do yourself a favor, pal
And Stay Down
Otherwise it’s Death From Above
A flying roundhouse
Ground Sparks straight to your heart
And then you’re crying
A Trident Toss rips you apart
And then you’re dying
Just tag out
As proof I’m Powered By Fear
Heat Vision burns
You can’t block my power here
Cat Claws, Tricky Bat
A Turbine Smash
And your remains are in pain
I throw you in the trash
Hero Slayer
My Special is unblockable
A Man of Steel
When I feel I’m Unstoppable
I’m owning you
Like a new disciple
When I blow you apart
With a Kryptonian Rifle
The fight takes an Eye for an Eye
On Full Auto
Countless Deaths await my foes
And great sorrow
I step back and attack
With a Savage Blast
Amazonian Fury upon you
When you get me mad
You thought you had me
I rise from the grave
With ten times the damage
Attacking you in the face
You’ll meet complete defeat
And Fear Will Rise–
Oh, wait
“Injustice has stopped”
So never mind


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