Ode to a Princess (A Song)

You and I,
Floating through the stars
Hand-in-hand and
By my side
Forever in my mind
To the edge of space
And the end of time
In this continuum
We’ll continue on
Now I can navigate
With you as my North Star

When I’m falling and
Near event horizon
I find I rise again
When you pull me in
If I lose all hope
Of seeing my way home
You’re my telescope
When you hold me close
If I feel cold space
Pull you away from me
I’ll be your solid place
I’ll be your gravity

It’s for you I yearn
Like a young sun burns
And as our whole world turns
I hope that I’ll still earn
A chance at orbiting
‘Round you in everything
I’ll leave a life of love
Written for us above
And when it’s all over
And I supernova
When you see these things
I hope you’ll dream of me


This is a song inspired by a story idea I had, kind of a Star Wars/Flash Gordon/The Last Starfighter-inspired story. It had a romantic element and I really liked the music I had in my head for it. I really should learn to play piano or something. I wouldn’t mind making a YouTube video with the music I have in mind for this and my other songs. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it.

I’ve been posting a lot of my old songs–actually this one isn’t that old, I wrote it maybe a year or two ago–just because I wanted to share them. Let’s face it, I’m not going to become a famous songwriter, nor is that even necessarily my dream, but I love so many of the songs I’ve written that I wanted to make sure my eyes weren’t the only ones seeing them. If I could sing and play an instrument, I would have already recorded these and put them on YouTube, just because. But I can’t do either particularly well. But that’s enough out of me. Until next time.

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