Quitting Time (A Song)

Today it feels like quitting time
And so I wait
Until I can find a fitting rhyme
Life is like
A class where we try to please the popular guys
And then we fly
Like smoke after the logs have died
And what’s the point?
We’re only here so short a time
And then destroyed
Betrayed by things that once kept us alive

So I wonder, wonder, wonder
And it all happens for nothing
And after each day’s blunder
I stumble upon something
It seems that the great mysteries
Are certain to still outlive me
And what’s the point in history
Knowing it would stay the same
Without me?

As I said
I think I’ll say again
It’s quitting time
What I mean to say
Is that these shoes of mine aren’t fitting right
The insoles
They slide up quite uncomfortably
And my soul
Seems to find nothing that’s comforting
Now I know
There’s no such thing as individual
Like the rain
One person is nothing but residual

And we all step in puddles
Because we don’t notice raindrops
We gather up in huddles
Hoping somehow that the pain will stop
And maybe that’s our trouble
The simple thing that we forgot
We live our lives in bubbles
Hoping desperately they will not pop
And kill our dreams

So I’m done
Yes, you might dare say I’m quitting time
Some days were fun
And other days just barely getting by

If it weren’t for the ones I love
I think I’d be alone
And to them I’m not good enough
I don’t call on the phone
I keep thinking one day soon
I’ll find out that they died
And as my tears fall every moon
I’ll still be asking why
As much as I might try to hide
It seems no place is safe
Eventually I’ll also die
It’s something no one can

As I said
This story is of quitting time
That’s for the dead
You can’t quit time when you’re alive

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