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Raps of the Christopherian Realm #3 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

So the cavalry traveled
Through the Barren Lands
A deep red desert
The ground cracked and barren and
There was no sign
Of a population
The Barren Lands spanned
Well beyond the equator
As they arrived
In the south
The strange fog had reappeared
They kept their wits about them
They encountered
A couple of strange castles
And approached them both
Without a major hassle
It was a shock–
They couldn’t believe it
When they saw people in golden armor
About to leave it
And these people
Didn’t seem to notice
The cavalry until
Out of nowhere, an explosion
A sorting party of
Armored robots
Firing grenades, rockets
And taking more shots
And what was beyond
Their understanding
Was that with every attack
The C-Metal could handle it
They teamed up
With the golden people
And hunted down every attacker
To defeat them
And then the soldiers
Introduced themselves
Their leader was a
Red-haired woman named Lyselle
Lyselle told them
There was no time to waste
As the Heart Kingdom was under attack
They made haste

“Christopher, we have to
Gather our forces,”
Lyselle said, “We know
Where the enemy’s source is.
But we have to counter
Their next move,
Or the Christopher Kingdom–
Your home–will be dead, too.”
“But wait!”  Christopher said.
“How can you know that?
There was no sign of sentient life here–
Sensors showed that.”
“Well, then I suppose that means
We fooled you.
Don’t believe whatever you read
On a computer, dude.”
With that, Lyselle smiled and left
Christopher found himself
Barely catching his breath
As they traveled,
There were so many questions
Worst of all, what if this
Was some sort of deception?
If these people went to lengths
To hide themselves,
What reason was there
To think they meant well?
Well, Christopher thought,
They did save our lives,
So what could they possibly gain
From telling lies?
Lyselle hailed from
A Kingdom of Conscience
They’d had to oppose
Many legions of monsters
But these beasts appeared
As armored men
And you could only tell
By the way they would begin
They would meet you with silence
And with violence
The best way to survive was
To form an alliance
“I simply don’t
Have the right,”
Christopher said, “That belongs
To my people to decide.”
Lyselle said, “I would be glad
To meet your people
And offer you assurances
That we’re not evil.
We believe in the good
In all people,
And like yourselves, believe
That all people are equal.
The metal you’re wearing
Is quite old.
The kind that we found
Has the color of gold.
Perhaps we can
Offer you some.
We will need your help
So that the peace can be won.”

Back at Christopher Castle
The people were scared
The enemy had been sighted
With little time to prepare
They’d barely forged
Enough swords
And projectile weapons
And light armor alloys
They sent the youngest ones
Down to shelter
And provided a cavalry guard
As extra protection
On that day, the Fifth Brigade
Volunteered itself to be
The second wave
Queen Christina would command the charge
But the First Cavalry
Would put themselves apart
A line of ten
Would need to begin
If they could carve open a path
Perhaps they could win
They would have to hope
That their opponents
Didn’t use the tactics
Used against Lionia
If the enemy had
Ships with bombs
It was doubtful their army
Could last for long
And they were pathetically
Easy to surround
As the castle itself
Was built on open ground
The price of believing
They were alone
And could safely create
For themselves a peaceful home
Now the disease of war
Was back upon them
When they left Earth to begin with
So that they could stop it
They were being attacked
For no reason
And Queen Christina
Wanted to tell them to start leaving
Abandon their home
And abandon the dream
Of a people united
By a belief of hope and peace:
“We came here
With a better hope than war.
Now we face the challenge
That man has faced before.
We can run and die
As peaceful men,
Or we can fight,
Because that’s what it means to live.
So whatever you have
Left to give,
History will remember
The brave deeds you did.”
And at that, there arose
A mighty shout
And a ship with an ‘S’ on it
Came screaming down
And it wasn’t
The only one
Christina charged her rifle
And sighted it with her gun
At the same time,
Over a hill to the east
Came charging
A large army of villains
And it was certain
That the Netherworld had them–
The army was under
The command of Adam…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #2 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

It turns out
The metal that they found
Its source is deep beneath them
Well underground
They used it for swords, armor
And tea kettles
They gave it a name
They called it C-Metal
And now they had things to settle
Their battle suits were formfitting
Strong enough to withstand
An elephant
Plus the concentrated
Lasers they created
They made for quite
An impressive combination
So they raced to confrontation
The only hope of salvation
For their nation
And they raised a green banner–
A deep green flag
With a lightning-shaped handle
And so the cavalry
Went forth
Knowing that they had no hope
To win the war
And that the battle
Would be short
There’d be no one left
To even make a report
And so they drew their swords
And the monstrous creatures
Started charging towards them
C-Metal met claws and teeth
And monsters were shattered–
And to their disbelief
It turned out the beasts
Were not living
They were made from the same
C-Metal the troops were wielding
So if they were all mechanical,
Was there other life out here
Pulling switches and handles?
A mystery they could revisit later
As for now
Destruction was given a metal flavor
Inexplicably came the victory
And hope arose from the struggle
To keep their liberty
Upon inspecting the wreckage
What did they see?
An inscription of just two initials:
The letters ‘AD’
While the heroes try to puzzle it out
Allow me to tell you
Just what it’s about

Adam encountered
A wormhole
And it’s quite possible
That it was unintentional
He discovered
Another star system
Run by machines and
One human was with them
The human’s name
Was Christoph
But there was something odd
About him, something off
He seemed
To know everything
About Adam, Lionia,
And the metal beasts
The thing he seemed to know best
Was those mysterious vessels–
The ones that had the ‘S’ on them
He said they’re called the Solid Army
One million soldiers strong
And bent on harming
Everything around
Including Adam’s colony
Christoph acknowledged that he sent them
“This is a but a measure
Of all I have invented.
I know that you desire power.
You can rule here with me
Inside my tower.”
At that,
A silver banner unfurled
“Welcome, my friends,
To the Netherworld.”
Adam smiled and embraced him
Christoph injected him
With metal shavings
He fell to the floor
And his body, reshaping,
Reformatted DNA
And changed his face and
As the rest of his team
Tried to escape
They each found themselves
Facing the same fate

Christoph said, “Welcome
To my private castle.
I christen you, Adam–
I name you Adablaster.
You shall be the first vanguard
Advancing the cause
That my army has plans on.
Do not be fooled–
There will be opposition,
But this is, after all,
Why gods have religions.
It will be amusing to watch.
I will send forth armies
Whether they can win or not.
It is all done to service my plot.
Unlike you,
My rage doesn’t burn hot.
You see, I manipulate men
I understand them
And the way they seek friends.
Beyond that, I possess a power
Drawn from an entity
Deep beneath my tower.
It and I are indestructible.
I can tell you about it
Because you are combustible.”
With that he raised a hand
And a black emanation of power
Like a cancer
Changed a man
Who once was handsome
Into almost nothing at all
But broken atoms
And then he put him back together
“You see?” he said,
“You belong to me forever.
So what I want is Planet C.
All of its metals
You will hand over to me.”

Meanwhile, back on Planet C
They were facing the results
Of breaking Rule Three
Now that armed force
Had been used
A check had to be
Put in place to stop abuse
Thankfully, Rule Three
Was thorough
And created a clause
For an intelligence bureau
It was called
The establishment of good
Is why it was put in place
Answerable directly to the people
And authorized to counter
A government if it’s evil
Its greatest agent
Would have the people’s back
And so its top dog
Was named–Fordius Tack
While a sentry was put up
To monitor
The rest of the cavalry
Set itself upon a search
The strange fog
Had curiously disappeared
But they traced its source
To the southern hemisphere
And his dozen-strong band
Decided to trek
Across the Barren Lands
So the kingdom would
Need another leader
And in Christopher’s stead
There was a Queen Christina
And with the consent
Of all the people
She began the preparations
To battle against evil
In anticipation of
A protracted war
She authorized more battle groups
Numbering four
The Second Regiment
The Third Brigade
The Fourth Infantry
And the Fifth were made
And since everyone’s lives were affected
Most citizens were required to protect it
But there was a problem–
Not enough armor, not enough weapons
And no one they could barter with
They would have to make their own
To do it they would have to
Find and mine some more
Of the precious metal
That got them here before
But in the face of an unknown enemy
Would they be able
To safely mine anything?
Little known to them
They were being watched
There was far more
On Planet C than they thought…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #1 (A Sci-Fi Rap)

In 1982,
A vessel went forth
Carrying a hundred crew
Ready to explore
Their goal was
To establish a utopia
Find a land of plenty
Create a cornucopia
They traveled in
Experimental craft
The ship was protected by a metal
Fore and aft
They understood this metal was alien
And that it could be used
To create a new fate for them
They went at speeds
That defy known physics
It would take a doctorate
To explain the way they did it
Suffice it to say that their high speed
Was fast enough to earn a name
They dubbed ‘whitespeed’
It’s like an Improbability Drive
Except when you arrive
You’re not holding an apple pie
So they traversed across the universe
And when the journey ended
The man who knew it first
His name was Christopher
A man of legend, he was mythical
He led with the unexpected
Wasn’t typical
And so the Realm was
Named after him
Because at the helm
He bravely led them in

And so this group of
Spacemen turned colonials
Founded the king of the planets
Named Lionia
And they established
A council to rule
But the power was left
To the people-they had to choose
They considered Christopher
As the best of them
Appointed both him and his wife
Her name’s Vanessa
Also appointed a man
His name’s Adam
Because he liked to disagree
And have at ’em
And Adam became paranoid
Afraid that their fragile nation
Could be destroyed
And on some level,
He was right–
There were dark days ahead
And times of brutal fighting
But for decades
The people had peace
A second Christopher was sent
To land on Planet C
In that same year
A war started
And it left many a soul
Destroyed and brokenhearted
Strange ships with the letter S
Emblazoned on their faces
Dropped down and bombed
Several places
And in the mad scramble
Vanessa was killed
The ships were never seen again
But they will be

Adam was enraged
By these events
He blamed the council
For not having a good defense
And even though
He had good intentions
He assembled a squad
It was a task force of vengeance
Christopher eschewed the violence
He felt it would once again
Disturb the silence
Adam left of his own free will
Disappeared–people wondered back then
If he’d been killed
Our story now goes to Planet C
Where Christopher the Second is king
And living happily
More colonists arrived in the meantime
And for eight years after
They were doing fine
Establishing the first
Christopher Congress
The people represented themselves
To make progress
Somehow there was a king
And a president
This system of government
Was nearly without precedent
And rule number one
Was no money
As soon as there’s cash
People start to act funny
Rule number two
Is no division
No such thing as
Race, sex, or religion
Rule number three
Is no standing army
No man is a tool
Of political parties
And everyone is at the same table
Disease is the only thing
That’s ever fatal
Not bad, all things considered
Too bad it didn’t last for long
Man, it figures

One day,
At the end of Year Eight
A mysterious fog appeared
And wouldn’t dissipate
And so Christopher the Second
Did participate
In a mission to penetrate
The fog and investigate
For four years
The missions found nothing
And then a few months
After Year Twelve, they found something
Or rather, you could say it found them
Monsters started marching around
About a thousand
People hid in Christopher Castle
And felt threatened
With no standing army
What was there to protect them?
A band of brave men
Formed a militia
Built armored suits and swords
And even missiles
The people counted on them
To do the battling
And thus was born
What is known as the First Cavalry
But could a couple of dozen
Men of valor
Ever stand a chance
Against a deadly thousand?
Well, if an interest
Is within you
Then come back next time
It’s to be continued…

Bed Bugs (A Rap)

Sleep tight
And we will get a bite
Whether you let us or not
We’ve come to eat tonight
A nearly mythical
Childhood entity
Now become real
And now your worst enemies
Everytime you believe you’ve beat us
We turn up alive again
So we can eat up
And don’t let the weather heat up
We love it when it’s summer
It’s like it gets our needs up
You can even try to squeeze us
But we can escape death by a millimeter
And if we die upon your sheets
You’re creeped out
And never want to lie upon your sheets
Please–as if you don’t know
It’s eat to survive
And even if we starve for months
We’re still alive
You can try to use your vacuum
We’ll crawl right up out of it
And still attack you
The only demon we fear
Is steaming
But we can hide away
And get you while you’re dreaming
Oh, and since we’re here
We’ll be leaving
A reminder of what we eat–
We left you bleeding

We’re not chiseled and handsome
Like in Twilight
But we’re the vampires
Who arrive upon you by night
But we don’t obey a strict schedule
Your blood is our food group
It’s our meat and vegetables
We can hide in your coats and your books
We can hide inside your Kindles
And inside your Nooks
Are you sure?
Better try a second look
Or I’ll be crawling up your lap to snack
I’ll leave you shook
Because I’ve got moves like a ninja
I crawled up to your ceiling
And dropped down and bit you
And then I disappeared
Out of the picture
I’m so bad I can hide
Inside a pitcher
Of course I wouldn’t survive
If you drink me
But as long as I’m alive
I’ll be constantly thinking
Of some new ways of travelling
Enough of us will have
Your whole life unraveling
I’ll have you battling
I’ll have you waking up at four in morning
Like, “What is happening?!”
And you better not have long hair
Or I’ll be setting up shop
I can ride all day in there
I’ll have you startled and scared though
I’m the kind of foe
That you can’t prepare for
I’m of a habit like fascists
I’m at you
Your hat, your back, and your legs
I’m like a tattoo
I come back like undead
I never rest, ever
Until my folks are fed
And since my folks are always hungry
That means one of us
Will always be coming

So I suppose
You shouldn’t come to visit
We’re running around like roaches
In the kitchen
It’s all about survival
Taking claim of the food chain
And eating rivals
And now we own your couches
We set up home base
Wherever your house is
We’ll be feeding on your mice
And we’ll be eating you
Like some basmati rice
And we’re not particularly nice
You want us around
About as much as some head lice
You can toss out your mattress
Burn your house down
I’ll provide the matches
Because you can’t match this
Persistent in the system
Like a virus from attachments
You don’t understand
I’m hardwired
I do what I have to
It’s not about desire
Your blood’s what I require
I could be in True Blood and The Wire
So it’s okay if you’re tired
Go to sleep
We’ll just curl up right beside you
And we’ll be hiding in your laundry
Your car, your apartment
Even inside your coffee
Eventually we can cause you pain
Have you like Xavier:
“You’re driving me insane!”
So is there a way to beat us?
Well, I could tell you
But then you’d have to be us
‘Cause there’s nobody else that we trust
We want carbon dioxide
We know that’s where your mom hides
And we thrive on the dark side
Of the moon we defy you
Like Sentinel Prime do
So it’s not hard to find you
Whenever you go back to bed
We’ll remind you

For the Kids (A Rap)

Can you get in the car, please?
Scramble through my pockets
I just dropped my car keys
Give ’em cookies and
They’re greedier than Larfleeze
I get so exhausted
I need another Heart Piece
But it must be hard to see:
Living in a world
Where everyone’s a tall tree
And I worry they could stomp me
Or take something from me
I consider as my property
And I try to get your attention
I say your name fifteen times
Until you listen
The refrigerator is my mission
If it had a TV,
I would live in the kitchen
So do you get the message?
I want to watch
The next episode now on Netflix
I promise to remember to say please
So long as it gets me
Another slice of cheese
And I don’t like peas
I consider your favorite cereal
To be yucky
Why do you always tug me?
You get mad at me
And your face gets all ugly
But hey, I still love thee
When it’s time to take a nap,
I’ll say, “Up, please!”

Don’t worry–
I’ll remember your glasses
Or where your change, earrings
Jewelry or cash is
Aren’t you glad that
I can’t reach the matches?
But I can still climb up
Onto your mattress
Ooh, what game are you playing?
What does this button do?  What?
I’m just saying
Hey, how come the game is off?
Oh, that button did it
But I may be wrong
I think I’ll wait
Until you get really far
And then press it again
Just in case, to make sure
I just want to maybe be
Someone as exciting as that
So you’ll play with me
I may not make all the
Boops and beeps
But I can roar loud
Like a fantastic beast
And really, that’s the least
Of what I can do–
I can even play hide and seek!
So, aren’t you glad you have
A child like me?
No cares at all,
Running wild and free
Oh, until tomorrow?
That’s a while to me
I can run another
Seven miles this week

I don’t believe in bedtime
And potty-training me by three?
I don’t do deadlines
I know you hate it
When I’m whining
But you don’t seem to understand
I’m really trying
And you wonder why I’m crying
Maybe something’s getting to me
Maybe I’m tired
It doesn’t matter
Your attention’s required
Even if you have to
Pull an all-nighter
I’m there right beside you, man
I’m a fighter
I probably think
I’m a bit lighter
Oh?  I nearly started to choke you?
I’ll hug tighter
And there are no
Halfways with me
Either I love it or I hate it
There’s no apathy
And if you’re ever sad
I will always be
The one who can bring your smile
Right back to me
I don’t know if it’s hard
To take care of me
All I know is
That I want you to be there for me
So please, handle me carefully
With unconditional love
I know that you care for me

Fight Night (A Rap)

Sometimes the battles I won
Don’t compare to the battles I lost
I consider the cost often
But I can’t go back
Rethink attacks
Or dispatch a new captain
To use a different tactic
It’s like Skynet headed me off
And my future was grounded
Before I even found it
And I simply cannot get around it
My thinking was too weak
I got myself surrounded
And then I got pounded
They’re carrying me back to the seat
Before the round ends
I’m seeing stars and I’m astounded
Did the ground just move
Or am I staring right down at it?
And I spit out my mouthpiece
It didn’t do me that much good
I think I’m out of teeth
And they awaken me
For Round Three
I’m barely even on my feet
And then I’m floundering
It’s like he’s got ten appendages
Every fist is connecting
From a different direction
And there’s little chance for reflection
My face and the ground
Meet at an intersection
And I’m not sure if
There is a referee
I am pretty sure
My opponent has just stepped on me
And I can feel his breath on me
Strangely cold
Like the pall of death upon me
And I wait for him
To set me free
He bends his knee
He grabs my head
And says to me:
“Ready to sleep?
Soon to be your destiny.
But for now,
This is not yet to be.”

“You see, breaking you
Is not enough.
I have to grind you up
Your mind and body crushed.
I’ll make sure everything you touch
Will end up in such
A way as I just discussed.
You’re far beneath even disgust
And there’s no healing temple
Here for you to limp to.
So why not simply end you?
Why not send you to the fate
All men are sent to?
Believe me, I meant to.
But not until I’m finished
Breaking whatever is in you.
And here’s how I intend to:
I’ll show you the truth
About everything your friends do.
You see, for decades
You were living a lie
Your closest allies want to
Send you out to die
And without even really
Telling you why
And without shedding tears
At whatever you had to sacrifice.
And worse still, now they scorn you
Label you an enemy
And won’t bother to mourn you.
This is what men of war do
It’s already happened
Many times before you.
So for now, I will explore you
See how you react
As your trusted friends ignore you
And the one you love abhors you
You want to stand up and fight
But can’t afford to.”

I shove him off
And get to one knee
It feels like the weight
Of a fleet is still crushing me
And nobody’s even touching me
It’s like I’ve been a tragic
Victim of some magic
But I’ve just about had it
With thoughts that manage
To take me to madness
And knock me down to sadness
We’ve had enough standoffs,
Skirmishes and matches
Unfortunately, the fact is
I have a bad habit of
Not acting on factors
And disregarding facts
About who I’m attracted to
And I’ve lost my whole world
I gave up my soul
And still lost my own girl
And the pain is vicious
Relentless like
A chronic, persistent sickness
And there’s no way to fix it
I throw a left hook
And I quickly missed it
Inside it’s like
Something is missing
I take another knee to the stomach
And then he’s kicking
A snap kick to the ribs
Leaves me breathless
He’s staring at me callously
Like unfinished breakfast
And heedless of all danger
I lunge right into the air
Bringing my anger
We erupt into a tumble
Fists and headbutts and
It then becomes a rumble

In sweat and tears I’m swinging
He clobbers me hard
And my ears are ringing
And then I try to throw an elbow
He shrugs it off
Like I just hit him with Jello
And licks his lips like it was sweet
I’m unloading blows with
Both fists and feet
I’m thinking that I’m beat
There’s no more to give
The tank is on E
And then he’s on me
Raining down bazooka-powered blows
Upon me
And now I think he’s got me
He’s going to keep going
Till he stops my heartbeat
And then I start to remember
It’s not his intention
To become the winner
And he strikes me again
I’m still breathing hard
And barely got enough wind
He smiles–a disturbing grin
Wipes his hands, says:
“We should do this again.”
His smile is gone, and he says:
“And we will.
We’ll do it again
Each day until you’re killed.
And even with all your skill
You can’t hope to conquer
A product of your own will.”
“But you’re wrong,” I say.
“I’m under pressure
But pressure and time
Are what create treasures.
And you may be depression,
But knocking me out
Is still out of the question.”
So I never learned my lesson
But I’m still finding ways
To maintain a connection
I cling to life like a sailor
Attached to his ship
In the middle of a maelstrom
And I may not prevail,
But I hope I learn something
Everytime I fail

May Flowers (A Song)

April showers rain on me
But no May flowers ever come to be
I feel so powerless, lonely
‘Cause no May flower’s ever growing
Here for me

Feel the wind blow through the grass
And all the blossoms on the trees
Feeling memories gone past
And wanting someone here with me
It could be my one great love
Or it could be a love brand new
What has got me thinking of
So many things I’ll never do?

April showers rain on me
But no May flowers ever come to be
I feel so powerless, lonely
‘Cause no May flower’s ever growing
Here for me

Look out my window, see the rain
And hear the thunder scaring me
Look inside me, see the pain
From feeling totally empty
They say that every storm will pass
So how come I don’t feel at peace?
So many lovely hopes we had
Are scattered now like autumn leaves

April showers rain on me
But no May flowers ever come to be
I feel so powerless, lonely
‘Cause no May flower’s ever growing
Here for me

It’s so silly to expect
‘Cause love is like a flower
That you can’t protect
What could it be that I get
From these April showers
We could all predict?
But all I’d need is two green thumbs
To help me cultivate love
If I find someone
Her caretaker I’d become
I’d shine my love upon her
Like the rays of the sun
Tell me will there be a time
When there’s a pretty flower
Like her by my side?
I don’t want to believe a lie
But how could I convince her
That I might be worth her time?

April showers rain on me
But no May flowers ever come to be
I feel so powerless, lonely
‘Cause no May flower’s ever growing
Here for me

In My Humble Opinion (A Song)

I can be your partner
Your best friend
I can feel your heart
Breaking within
Let me close my wings
Around you tight
Open up your dreams
Let me inside

I know that I
Want you here next to me
It’s alright, you know
It’s destiny
Let our life
Have a new day begun
It’s our time
In my humble opinion

Side by side we fly
Like symphony
And if you have to cry
Rely on me
I always hoped we would
End up this close
Odd how love can work
And make it so

I know that I
Want you here next to me
It’s alright, you know
It’s destiny
Let our life
Have a new day begun
It’s our time
In my humble opinion

So let’s slow dance our joy
This new ballet
Our romance, oh boy
Is here to stay
You will never have to
Rescue me
I’m your better half
I’ll give you the best of me

I know that I
Want you here next to me
It’s alright, you know
It’s destiny
Let our life
Have a new day begun
It’s our time
In my humble opinion


This song is inspired by a heroine I called “Pinion”, who was to work alongside the hero in my envisioned-but-never-finished superhero story called “The Tack” (go ahead, laugh, but I rather liked it).  The idea was for her to be sort of in love with him, and him with her, but he never pursues her for various reasons.  They’re both vigilantes of a sort, and she saves him at some point, but he doesn’t learn her identity until later.  I wanted her to have a smooth jazz kind of theme musically, and this song is intended to have that kind of vibe.

Manchild (A Song)

Caught between
Two extremes
Every scene
A nightmarish dream
You win again
My wicked enemy
I can’t pretend
That you don’t get to me

Not quite a man
Not quite a child
Lived in the past
But dying now
Not quite a plan
Cry for awhile
Do what I can
No matter how
Much it hurts

Within the tears
You have to see
The hates and fears
And insanity
A lonely war
Me against my opposite
I’m wanting more
But these shoes simply don’t fit

Not quite a man
Not quite a child
Lived in the past
But dying now
Not quite a plan
Cry for awhile
Do what I can
No matter how
Much it hurts

Echoes of hurting
Rage gives me power
I know I’m learning
From pain every hour
Vengeance, teach me
How can I use you?
Repentance, reach me
How can I choose you?

Not quite a man
Not quite a child
Lived in the past
But dying now
Not quite a plan
Cry for awhile
Do what I can
No matter how
Much it hurts


This song is inspired by a character in a story idea I worked on years ago.  It was a villain named Amanda Childress (aka ‘Manchild’), whose hatred of men led her to create the Women’s Liberation Army with the goal of eradicating the male race.  It’s a long story–I only got as far as ‘abusive father obliterated her teddy bear with a shotgun while she watched, and she eventually ran away from home’.  Still not sure how the hero was going to stop her, actually.  Ah, well.  Never did finish writing it anyway.  But I wanted to not just write the story, but really think of it as a movie and have a song inspired by the character. The idea was that the song would fit with a musical theme that would be in the film score.  Of course, it also works on other levels that I think it’s easy to relate to.  So there it is.  Until next time.

A Lady on the Train (A Song)

Could it be about
The way you smell?
Is it really real
The way I felt?
By coincidence
This is our car
Tell me, what’s your name?
Will you go far?
Just a passing thought
Of me and you
But there is nothing
I am going to do

A lady on the train
Captured my heart
It was just a glance
I let it go
Not a source of pain
She was a thought
A meeting that was chance
Or so I’m told

If maybe you don’t mind
I’ll try to breathe
Something about women
I just need
Of all the creations
They’re the prize
You only understand
When you feel this high
The high that comes from
Getting just one glance
They’ll make the hardest heart
Plan his romance

A lady on the train
Captured my heart
It was just a glance
I let it go
Not a source of pain
She was a thought
A meeting that was chance
Or so I’m told

The doors will open up
And she will leave
But that was just enough
To make me believe
Women have a gift
That’s all their own
I think I’ll end up with one
I am sold

A lady on the train
Captured my heart
It was just a glance
I let it go
Not a source of pain
She was a thought
A meeting that was chance
Or so I’m told


This is an old song (years before I got married), based on a real event.  This was one day when I was riding home on the subway.  I can recall this amazing perfume and this breathtaking woman sitting right in front of me, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.  Of course I did take my eyes off her (1) so I could write the song, and (2) so I didn’t creep her out by staring too hard.  There are just some people who have that effect on you, and you can’t help but feel it.  Hormones.  Truly, they are the Bane to my Batman.  I think I’ll post some more old stuff.  I’m just in a mood for it.  I’ve written some new raps, though–not sure if I’ll post all of them.  One’s about my kids, one’s about bed bugs (who writes a rap about bed bugs?), and another is about an imaginary ideal woman.  The third, I’m not so sure I’ll post, but hey, like two people are actually reading this, and I’m making them bored as it is if they’re reading this commentary, so what does it matter?  Alright, enough chatter.  Until next time.