Cruelty (A Rap)

It occurs to me

Man’s capacity for savagery

Seems unlimited

It’s like we’re built for tragedy

History is

A Holocaust Museum

And its operating hours

Are AM to PM

On a large scale

We see murders in the millions

And on a small scale

We see parents that are killing kids

And vice versa

And life is getting worse or

Despite working

To change it, we can’t convert ’em

Is there a

Religion of peace?

Everyone can claim there is

By their beliefs

At the end

When everyone is deceased

Except for those who believe

Whatever you preached

Well, I read your magazines

And your translations

I read about a war between God

And the nations

Whether the verses are literal

Or metaphor

I’m still wondering just

How it makes us better for it

What, we can’t interpret

Life or death, then?

We can’t see it’s wrong

When a person’s life has left them?

What’s the real basis

For intellectual theft?

It’s time for us to face this

Instead of just accept it

As for me

I learned rather quickly

What the true nature is

Of our humanity

I was a kid playing

At my school

And out of nowhere

A rock suddenly flew

Maybe an inch to the left

And I’d be half-blind

And no one ever confessed

To doing that crime

Not a word from those kids

Uttered in sympathy

And to this day my eyelids

Are lacking symmetry

And it seems I didn’t

Learn my lesson

When a classmate called my home

And left a message

Called me a bad name

And cursed at me

Pretty sure my parents

Weren’t very happy

I can’t recall If they decided to start fussing

But I should’ve learned

Humanity cannot be trusted

I heard it said

That a weak man appreciates power

To him,

It’s a strong tower

But to me, power generates a lust

The urge to abuse it

And damage any trust

People put in me

And that’s the way it shouldn’t be

Some days I could be like

Harley Quinn’s puddin’ be

Some days the rage

It burns cold

And I burn up the page

Or rather, the page froze

I could probably see a person

And hate them

But if they had a crush on me

I might date them

And that’s another power

That’s abused

You love a person too much

Become afraid to lose them

And then it poisons your soul

And you’d deal with the devil himself

To make it whole

Some days I think I’m having a fit

But I never found a way

To safely slash my wrists

Sure–I think I tried that once

Never could break the skin

Not if I wanted

So I walk

With my heart on my sleeve

Like a phone

That somebody’s going to snatch and leave

Strip the parts down

Mine the data

And save all the valuable pieces

To sell later

Or maybe they’ll behave

Like a sadist

And scrape my heart

Across a cheese grater

Are you bitter much?

There’s good in people

Why else did we end up

With seven billion sequels?


Seven billion regrets

Why am I here?

It’s because my parents had sex

What other purpose is there

Beyond that?

To watch ourselves

Decay and then drop dead?

That doesn’t make sense, man!

Stop that!

It’s just the depression talking!

So walk back

Take a stroll

On an early summer evening

Let the wind blow through your hair

And just believe again

Well, she left me before

Will she leave again?

And what’s keeping her here?

Is it me or them?

And if she took them away

Would I see them again?

I was alone before

So will I be again?

Sure, I’m surviving

But I feel like it’s a spiral

A pain underneath the surface

A constant rival

Somewhere within I’m hurting

It’s not a trifle

It’s the reason I shouldn’t

Buy a rifle

Because I could

But that wouldn’t be good

‘Cause I know all the crazy talk

Can be misunderstood

“How can someone look so angry

And powerless?”

My brother said to me once

Without cowardice

My hate is liquid nitrogen

It powers this

Ice that flows through veins

An angry countenance

I’ve gone mental

From the existential

Melancholy strangles my day

With its tendrils

People often say

Just stop the self-pity

Well if you can extract me

From it, then come get me

And that’s assuming

That’s what it is

But I worry more about

The future for my kids

I keep thinking

I’m not equipped to teach them

One day they’ll be big and strong

With me beneath them

And I can’t be sure

Of their intentions

I feel like my throne is threatened

By their ascension

And cruel men seem meant for rule

While gentler souls just get used as tools

As do those who obey the rules

And those who believe what they’re taught in school

They voted me

Most Likely To Succeed

Without considering what success

Actually means

And what good are all the books I read

If a cruel man strikes me down and I’m deceased?

And all it takes is one defeat

And everything I worked hard for has ceased

And the hardcore beasts

Make me the feast

And that’s what happens

When first becomes the least

So it seems that

The tables have turned

And I watch the world

I worked to build burn

So it seems what’s beating me

Is that the world doesn’t have room for decency

If you have honor

It’s another word for goner

So I guess I don’t have it

Since I’m still upon Earth

But perhaps it’s a matter of time

Until this cruel world is no longer mine

Sadly, when you seek, you will find

That the weak are always the ones left behind

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