Offense (A Rap)

Evil is winning

Heroes meet their ending

Hope is dying off

Like our most ancient kindred

It’s past time

To restore some order

Before humankind ends up

Drawn and quartered

It’s fourth down

And it’s goal to go

And you can be sure

Defense is never a no-show

It’s only one shot

No replays needed

We either band together

Or end up defeated

Existence so far

Is an uphill climb

If we don’t charge hard

We have already died

Don’t shrug and say

That you tried

Because failure’s not an option

Your life’s on the line

And so it’s back to the grind

Back to the fight

To keep our hope alive

We’re already

Too short on time

Open up your eyes

And educate the blind

Help the people

Realize their dreams

And see the world

Isn’t as bleak as it seems

I’ve seen the world

And often it depresses me

But every new day

Is a chance for new destinies

Sometimes my feelings get the best of me

Sometimes they bring me to my knees

And then step on me

And once, my ex- had threatened me

Spat curses, lies and fiery dragon breath at me

And I won’t pretend or lie

The way I ended things with her–

It wasn’t right

And honestly, it keeps me up at night

But there’s too much stuff on my plate

To chew it right

And I’ve still got my wife

And she’s worried that I’ve got cold feet

About our life

So it’s a real set of problems

And there aren’t a lot of great ideas

For how to solve them

But if I put ’em down in a rhyme

Maybe there’s a chance

To forgive me for those crimes

And maybe even forgive me

For the lies

The times I didn’t tell the truth

Didn’t have a spine

Because truth requires courage

It’s a rock thrown into a lake

That just disturbs it

Is truth different, perhaps,

For me and you?

Maybe so, but I know

One thing is true

When the bulls in this world

Decide to charge at you

You take ’em by the horns

And show ’em what you can do

I can’t make the claim

That I’m an all-star

One thing that makes us the same

Is that we’re all scarred

By the way, “You want to know how I got ’em?”

There are so many different versions

That I forgot ’em

Some bleed like a fresh wound

I suspect the bandages

Will need to be refreshed soon

I want to slam my problems like a Thresh do

“Just this once, Twelve!” he said, running,

“For Rue!”

But that’s not my reality

My life is like a bad audit

With too many consulting fees

Somewhere there’s a conflict of interest

I choose the wrong people

When I want to be intimate

Ad nauseam and infinite

I get so detached from life

That I’m not into it

Just going through the motions

One drop of water amongst

The many oceans

And chocolate milk is my potion

It restores my health

After the battles and explosions

But I digress

This was supposed to be

About progress

You won’t be getting

That kind of thing from Congress

Remember that bigotry’s

A moral problem

We can’t rely on some new law

That claims to stop it

In the end

We have to change our philosophy

And that involves changing

A lot more than policies

Education is the key

To changing our condition

It’s okay to question things

Without permission

It’s even okay to

Question your religion

Especially those that

Engage in revisions

Of their own history

And claim to know mysteries

And claim the way to freedom is found

Through their miseries

Put aside divisions

And blind mental reliance

Expand your vision

Make a global alliance

No, we don’t always want the same thing

But like it or not, we’re still on the same team

Humanity’s a worldwide song

With the same theme

So the only question left is

Will you sing with me?

Time to stop the nonsense

Time to make progress

Accelerate the process

And go on offense

Time to make ’em conscious

Expanding on the knowledge

Time to end our conflicts

And go on offense

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