Raps of the Christopherian Realm #2 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

It turns out
The metal that they found
Its source is deep beneath them
Well underground
They used it for swords, armor
And tea kettles
They gave it a name
They called it C-Metal
And now they had things to settle
Their battle suits were formfitting
Strong enough to withstand
An elephant
Plus the concentrated
Lasers they created
They made for quite
An impressive combination
So they raced to confrontation
The only hope of salvation
For their nation
And they raised a green banner–
A deep green flag
With a lightning-shaped handle
And so the cavalry
Went forth
Knowing that they had no hope
To win the war
And that the battle
Would be short
There’d be no one left
To even make a report
And so they drew their swords
And the monstrous creatures
Started charging towards them
C-Metal met claws and teeth
And monsters were shattered–
And to their disbelief
It turned out the beasts
Were not living
They were made from the same
C-Metal the troops were wielding
So if they were all mechanical,
Was there other life out here
Pulling switches and handles?
A mystery they could revisit later
As for now
Destruction was given a metal flavor
Inexplicably came the victory
And hope arose from the struggle
To keep their liberty
Upon inspecting the wreckage
What did they see?
An inscription of just two initials:
The letters ‘AD’
While the heroes try to puzzle it out
Allow me to tell you
Just what it’s about

Adam encountered
A wormhole
And it’s quite possible
That it was unintentional
He discovered
Another star system
Run by machines and
One human was with them
The human’s name
Was Christoph
But there was something odd
About him, something off
He seemed
To know everything
About Adam, Lionia,
And the metal beasts
The thing he seemed to know best
Was those mysterious vessels–
The ones that had the ‘S’ on them
He said they’re called the Solid Army
One million soldiers strong
And bent on harming
Everything around
Including Adam’s colony
Christoph acknowledged that he sent them
“This is a but a measure
Of all I have invented.
I know that you desire power.
You can rule here with me
Inside my tower.”
At that,
A silver banner unfurled
“Welcome, my friends,
To the Netherworld.”
Adam smiled and embraced him
Christoph injected him
With metal shavings
He fell to the floor
And his body, reshaping,
Reformatted DNA
And changed his face and
As the rest of his team
Tried to escape
They each found themselves
Facing the same fate

Christoph said, “Welcome
To my private castle.
I christen you, Adam–
I name you Adablaster.
You shall be the first vanguard
Advancing the cause
That my army has plans on.
Do not be fooled–
There will be opposition,
But this is, after all,
Why gods have religions.
It will be amusing to watch.
I will send forth armies
Whether they can win or not.
It is all done to service my plot.
Unlike you,
My rage doesn’t burn hot.
You see, I manipulate men
I understand them
And the way they seek friends.
Beyond that, I possess a power
Drawn from an entity
Deep beneath my tower.
It and I are indestructible.
I can tell you about it
Because you are combustible.”
With that he raised a hand
And a black emanation of power
Like a cancer
Changed a man
Who once was handsome
Into almost nothing at all
But broken atoms
And then he put him back together
“You see?” he said,
“You belong to me forever.
So what I want is Planet C.
All of its metals
You will hand over to me.”

Meanwhile, back on Planet C
They were facing the results
Of breaking Rule Three
Now that armed force
Had been used
A check had to be
Put in place to stop abuse
Thankfully, Rule Three
Was thorough
And created a clause
For an intelligence bureau
It was called
The establishment of good
Is why it was put in place
Answerable directly to the people
And authorized to counter
A government if it’s evil
Its greatest agent
Would have the people’s back
And so its top dog
Was named–Fordius Tack
While a sentry was put up
To monitor
The rest of the cavalry
Set itself upon a search
The strange fog
Had curiously disappeared
But they traced its source
To the southern hemisphere
And his dozen-strong band
Decided to trek
Across the Barren Lands
So the kingdom would
Need another leader
And in Christopher’s stead
There was a Queen Christina
And with the consent
Of all the people
She began the preparations
To battle against evil
In anticipation of
A protracted war
She authorized more battle groups
Numbering four
The Second Regiment
The Third Brigade
The Fourth Infantry
And the Fifth were made
And since everyone’s lives were affected
Most citizens were required to protect it
But there was a problem–
Not enough armor, not enough weapons
And no one they could barter with
They would have to make their own
To do it they would have to
Find and mine some more
Of the precious metal
That got them here before
But in the face of an unknown enemy
Would they be able
To safely mine anything?
Little known to them
They were being watched
There was far more
On Planet C than they thought…

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