Raps of the Christopherian Realm #3 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

So the cavalry traveled
Through the Barren Lands
A deep red desert
The ground cracked and barren and
There was no sign
Of a population
The Barren Lands spanned
Well beyond the equator
As they arrived
In the south
The strange fog had reappeared
They kept their wits about them
They encountered
A couple of strange castles
And approached them both
Without a major hassle
It was a shock–
They couldn’t believe it
When they saw people in golden armor
About to leave it
And these people
Didn’t seem to notice
The cavalry until
Out of nowhere, an explosion
A sorting party of
Armored robots
Firing grenades, rockets
And taking more shots
And what was beyond
Their understanding
Was that with every attack
The C-Metal could handle it
They teamed up
With the golden people
And hunted down every attacker
To defeat them
And then the soldiers
Introduced themselves
Their leader was a
Red-haired woman named Lyselle
Lyselle told them
There was no time to waste
As the Heart Kingdom was under attack
They made haste

“Christopher, we have to
Gather our forces,”
Lyselle said, “We know
Where the enemy’s source is.
But we have to counter
Their next move,
Or the Christopher Kingdom–
Your home–will be dead, too.”
“But wait!”  Christopher said.
“How can you know that?
There was no sign of sentient life here–
Sensors showed that.”
“Well, then I suppose that means
We fooled you.
Don’t believe whatever you read
On a computer, dude.”
With that, Lyselle smiled and left
Christopher found himself
Barely catching his breath
As they traveled,
There were so many questions
Worst of all, what if this
Was some sort of deception?
If these people went to lengths
To hide themselves,
What reason was there
To think they meant well?
Well, Christopher thought,
They did save our lives,
So what could they possibly gain
From telling lies?
Lyselle hailed from
A Kingdom of Conscience
They’d had to oppose
Many legions of monsters
But these beasts appeared
As armored men
And you could only tell
By the way they would begin
They would meet you with silence
And with violence
The best way to survive was
To form an alliance
“I simply don’t
Have the right,”
Christopher said, “That belongs
To my people to decide.”
Lyselle said, “I would be glad
To meet your people
And offer you assurances
That we’re not evil.
We believe in the good
In all people,
And like yourselves, believe
That all people are equal.
The metal you’re wearing
Is quite old.
The kind that we found
Has the color of gold.
Perhaps we can
Offer you some.
We will need your help
So that the peace can be won.”

Back at Christopher Castle
The people were scared
The enemy had been sighted
With little time to prepare
They’d barely forged
Enough swords
And projectile weapons
And light armor alloys
They sent the youngest ones
Down to shelter
And provided a cavalry guard
As extra protection
On that day, the Fifth Brigade
Volunteered itself to be
The second wave
Queen Christina would command the charge
But the First Cavalry
Would put themselves apart
A line of ten
Would need to begin
If they could carve open a path
Perhaps they could win
They would have to hope
That their opponents
Didn’t use the tactics
Used against Lionia
If the enemy had
Ships with bombs
It was doubtful their army
Could last for long
And they were pathetically
Easy to surround
As the castle itself
Was built on open ground
The price of believing
They were alone
And could safely create
For themselves a peaceful home
Now the disease of war
Was back upon them
When they left Earth to begin with
So that they could stop it
They were being attacked
For no reason
And Queen Christina
Wanted to tell them to start leaving
Abandon their home
And abandon the dream
Of a people united
By a belief of hope and peace:
“We came here
With a better hope than war.
Now we face the challenge
That man has faced before.
We can run and die
As peaceful men,
Or we can fight,
Because that’s what it means to live.
So whatever you have
Left to give,
History will remember
The brave deeds you did.”
And at that, there arose
A mighty shout
And a ship with an ‘S’ on it
Came screaming down
And it wasn’t
The only one
Christina charged her rifle
And sighted it with her gun
At the same time,
Over a hill to the east
Came charging
A large army of villains
And it was certain
That the Netherworld had them–
The army was under
The command of Adam…

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