Raps of the Christopherian Realm #4 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

While Lyselle and Christopher
Were locked in combat
They got a contact
From the queen under attack
Christopher said,
“I have to get back!”
Lyselle said,
“Not until we’re finished here!”
“By then, it could be too late,”
Christopher feared.
“Listen to me, Christopher!
We need this unit!
If we aid the Heart Army,
Our chances will improve then!”
Then Lyselle pressed the advantage
And the Conscience Army and cavalry
Then managed
To turn the tide
And save the Heart Army
The leader of their troop
Was named Arthur McCarthy
Along with his sister
Whose name was Audrey
They’d been battling a regiment
Of the Solid Army
“This was a delaying tactic,”
Audrey said,
“The Netherworld must have
A separate attack planned.”
“They do,” Christopher said,
“I must ask you,
Will you and your people
Help me save Christopher Castle?”
Arthur said,
“It would be my honor.
We’ll give our all to protect
Your sons and daughters.”
“We’re already on time
That’s borrowed.
Let’s hurry or my people
Will never see tomorrow.”

Hoisting a scepter
With letters ‘AD’
Adablaster approached
The Queen hastily
He was confident
No one would attack him
Because he had a
Hundred legions right in back of him
Adam finally said,
“He left a woman
To lead the charge instead!
I no longer care
For good and evil.
I will cleanse your world
And subjugate your people.
I warned the father of your king,
But he ignored me,
And that will be his final folly.
I set out once
In search of revenge
And I gained power
And a new set of friends instead!
Before me, your army is but bread.
Any final words before you’re all dead?”
Queen Christina bravely said,
Raised her gun, blasted him
Five shots to the head
“A glorious thing,” Adam said,
“This precious metal.
I’m unaffected even by
The best of your efforts.
Lower your banners,
Bend the knees, one and all.
Or I’ll order them to charge
And all of you will fall.
The one behind this
Is devoid of mercy.
If you win today,
He will send even worse things.
Better to stop this now
If you detest war.
For if you refuse,
You will surely be at death’s door.”
“Let them come!
For if they detest life,”
Christina said, “We’ll oppose them
And continue to fight!”
With that she took off
At a full run
Took out her sword
And put away her guns…

“Charge!” she screamed,
And so the Fifth Brigade
On the heels of the First Cavalry
Led the way
And Adablaster’s army
Did the same
The odds in their favor
Would approach the insane
The ships in the air opened fire
And the Fifth Brigade took heavy losses
It was dire
So some of the Cavalry broke off
The rockets on their cybersuits
Evened the odds
It enabled their few to fly, too
They drew their swords
And stabbed them right through
The ships were now facing
Heavy metal destruction
And the Fifth Brigade charged on
Like it was nothing
Threw themselves into enemy lines
And thrust swords and point blank shots
Right through their eyes
And right away,
They found something was strange
As they entered the heat of battle
Something had changed
It was as though they could move
Like lightning
Their swords started glowing with light
And it was frightening
And at the same time
It was exciting
Was there still a chance of victory?
Well, there might be

The intelligence bureau
Was safely elsewhere
On a mission to sure up
Exactly where
The other populations
Happened to be
South of Planet C’s equator
They found that
The best way to manage
To protect the Agency
Was to keep it off-planet
So a small contingent
With the President
Set up a headquarters
Also a residence
It was a place
That they could call home
But they didn’t make the mistake
Of thinking they were alone
They detected
A massive source of energy
And a trail of it
Could reach back to Planet C
So could this be
The planet’s means
Some sort of conduit
Designed for their enemies?
Whatever the case,
It was a safe bet
That an energy like that
Warrants investigation
And thus on Planet CBP-1,
Agent Fordius Tack in fact
Had seen someone…

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