Once More (A Rap)

I grab the microphone
Once more
‘Cause I’m here
To put a stop to the war
I can’t believe I’ve got to flow
Once more
But I’m here
To put a stop to the war

Another black man is
Shot down on camera
And it’s race war deja vu
Sapping my stamina
So how do we handle it?
Acting like animals?
Or step back and load up
On intellectual ammo?
So I’m back
In my rhetorical camo
Trying to understand again
Another scandal
I can no longer
Trust what I see
‘Cause the media’s
Filtering out facts I need
They’re not there
Because they care to stop racists
They’re there because they know
It’ll increase their ratings
But to be honest
I’m pleading no contest
There’s something out of place
With fixations on nonsense
No man’s life
Is taken lightly
But I hear more reports
Of people killed nightly
And overnight
Now it’s legal to smoke weed
And criminals
Get less scrutiny than the police
To be real
The next words will hurt:
Society’s about to be
Headed in reverse

Question one:
Are all police racist?
Including those who have
The same color faces?
Are they out to put
Blacks in their places?
Do they have Klan meetings at night
Inside their basements?
Before you decide
To go and kill them
Know that racial hate
Is passed on to children
And don’t assume
That you know them
You can’t look inside
And see their moral codes and
What color wife
That they’re going home to
They don’t all believe
That their goal is to own you
Question two:
What is our own role?
Life and death lessons
Start inside our own homes
And if you ever want your kids
To be old folks
Then teach ’em to get off the streets
And get ’em focused
And don’t swarm around a fight
Like some locusts
You never know what the loser
Might be totin’
And it doesn’t matter
Who you vote in
If you don’t ever get
The message left unspoken
No child
Should aspire to die
Or go wild
And never live to see twenty-five
So if you want to
Get them home alive
They need to see knowledge
As the key to survive

I see the battles
Conservatives and liberals
But I don’t think their words
Should be taken as literal
They say what they need
To get elected
And get people dreamy-eyed
So they respect ’em
And not a one yet
Has paid a visit
To my home
To ask me about my decisions
So for me
Their reach exceeds their grasp
The best they’re good for
Is a talk show’s laughs
So you can hold up signs
And keep calling them
They won’t be swooping down
To resolve all the problems
You need to understand
That it’s morals
Our sense of right and wrong
Is the source of our quarrels
You can’t legislate protection
For every person stopped at an intersection
You’re so worried
About gun control
That you don’t see the guns
That are stuck inside our own souls
‘Cause it’s within
That the trigger’s pulled first
Clearly it’s our hearts
That are feeling the hurt worst
We don’t need
Another person in a hearse
I believe peace
Is what can break the curse
And we need
To go find it, for
It’s the least of the things
That we’re fighting for

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