Raps of the Christopherian Realm #5 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

Adablaster hacked his way
Towards their leader
He set his sights solely upon
Queen Christina
And so they approached
Metal staff met sword
Adam intoned, “So much
For putting an end to war!
I could have destroyed you all
From orbit
But I want to saturate the soil
With your organs!
I’m glad you
Decided to attack!
You would have fared better
If your best fighters had held back!”
And with that, his army parted ways
To reveal a phalanx
Of tanks there, in place of them
And the cavalry was still
Battling ships
The army was spread too thin
To handle this
Christina’s expression became sober
As it became clear
That the battle was over
Adam said, “You can still
Save their lives–for a price.
I’ll accept their surrender
If you offer me your life–
And those of your First Cavalry.
I would be most pleased
To study their suits’ anatomy.
So, my Queen,
What does it have to be–
The end of your kingdom,
Or will you come back with me?”
Christina said, “No,
This can’t be happening!
You’d never keep your word
You’re just trying to trap me!
And you’re counting on my compassion
Using it now so you can restrain my actions.
Adam, I don’t know what you’re after
But whatever it is,
I won’t let you have it!”
“Then die, and join your friends in the soil!”
Adam screamed, his rage at a boil.
At that, the tanks opened fire
Without regard even
For their own hundred legions
But before
The cavalry could react
Out of nowhere,
A guy on a bike led an attack
He was a robot
With shoulders like boulders
Encrusted with diamonds
On his gloves and his motor
He rammed his fist into a tank
Picked it up and slammed the others
A loud bang
“Do what you do!” he yelled.
“I got this!
My name is Get Tough
And I’m about to rock this!”

And just then, Christopher
And Lyselle
Arthur and Audrey
And their armies brought some help
They dropped out of the sky
And then they dealt
Some jaw-rocking blows and bombs
Surely felt
Christopher yelled,
“Take out those tanks!”
Lyselle said, “No kidding?
We got it, thanks!”
Arthur and Audrey agreed,
“We’re going to flank them!
We’ll cut off their retreat
And make sure we bang ’em
Very hard till they turn to spare parts
There sure are a lot of them–
Let’s get it started!”
And so Adam’s army was beaten
Until he bulled his way
Back to the rear
And then retreated
And to the heroes’ dismay
They were discussing
The damage Adam left
Without out him in custody
And it only multiplied the hurt
To know that in fact
He was working for someone worse

“What have I done
To my people?
I led them out here
To be slaughtered by this evil,”
Christopher said,
“We were all destined to be equals
Not to be murdered by some
Mad metal people!”
Christina said,
“We did the best that we could.”
Christopher replied,
“It didn’t do us any good!”
“We escaped this fight
With our lives.”
“What’s the point?
Why do we deserve to survive?
And even if
We join together
We can’t hold off
A foe like that forever.
We’ll all be
In our graves, or overrun,
Or made into slaves
At the point of a gun.”
“It’s easy to
Lose sight of the right thing,”
Audrey said,
“When you decide to go fighting.
But we didn’t fight here to kill,
We fought to save the lives
Of the ones we love still.”
Lyselle said, “Christopher,
Many here were killed.
It will take time
For all our wounds to heal.
I feel the deep pain
In what you’ve said,
But for now,
We must take time
To bury our dead.”

So as they gave up
A moment of silence
They eased the pain
With creating an alliance
And they shared meals
In somber peace
As it felt like their victory
Was actually defeat
The lightning bolt was sewn
Across a green flag
To represent the lives that were
Torn away by war’s hand
And the kingdom itself
Was not the same
As the wounds of war
Translated to daily pain
And it seemed that
No one could sleep
Many lovers found each other
Over the next week
As they sat by fires
And held hands
And tried to come up
With a way to understand it
As now their duty
Became grim
It was clear that the war
Was not soon to end…

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