Raps of the Christopherian Realm #6 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

Back on the Planet
Agent Fordius Tack
Believed he’d seen someone
The energy source he found
Served as a footprint
He started thinking
Being alone wasn’t a good thing
And his priority was
To watch the government
What if the King went bad
Like many others did?
What if this was just
A wild goose chase
A mistake set up
So Queen Christina could erase him?
Well, if it was,
He would deal with that later
His role had to be dual–
Watcher and investigator
And for all he knew
His friends were dead
There might not even be
A Christopher Kingdom left
But he couldn’t feel
Sorry for himself
His job was to play with
The hand he was dealt
If there was someone here
It was clear
It was best not to engage
But to gather information
…Or if perhaps they were dangerous
And there was opportunity
He could assassinate them…
He tried to shake off
The dark thought
Did he come here to kill people?
He thought not
But if there was
A path to peace
It was becoming a very
Unclear path to see
But he knows he’s better than that
He has to be
It’s his role to protect their souls
From catastrophe

About a hundred klicks
From his position
He saw a bright light
Like a Biblical vision
At that point it was
His decision
Walk towards the light
Or find a different mission
Suddenly, the light disappeared
And it came on again
Like it was telling him
To come near
Or maybe that was just
His own fear
But either unravel the mystery
Or why bother to come here?
So he kept moving
With nothing else unusual
Until he saw a building
With some dude in blue on it
It looked like the man
Was watching him
And then he turned his back
As if to say, follow him
And he went back
Inside the building
“Right, so if I walk in,
This guy will kill me,”
Fordius thought,
“Or maybe even
Hold me captive
Gather information to improve
His attack plan.
I think I’ll circle
Around back and
See if he’s got anything
Good for a snack, man.
As it happens,
I’m really getting tired
Of munching nasty rations.
Went from assuming deceit
To thinking about trying
To get something to eat…”

He entered from the rear
And felt a strange connection
An overwhelming sense
That he went the wrong direction
“Maybe this is
Some crazy stunt,
But it looks a lot like
I just entered the front,”
He thought,
And had a moment of confusion
A voice said to him:
“It’s not an optical illusion.
And rest assured,
You’re not in any danger.
But you shouldn’t believe that
When it’s coming from a stranger.
That said, we’d best
Have a meeting,
Because, as they say,
Seeing is believing.
So, please, take the elevator
In front of you.
On the twenty-fifth floor
You’ll see what will become of you.
Oh, gee,
That sounds a bit ominous.
Really, I’m not going to harm you,
I promise.
It’s just that
I think it best
To welcome you here
As a most honored guest.”
“And what have I done
To earn this honor?”
Fordius said,
“I’m not sure why I should bother.”
The voice said,
“You may go your own way.
I only entreat you
To hear what I must say.
It is of greatest concern
To your people.
A war has been raging here
Between good and evil.
I’m sorry to say
You’ve all been drafted.
I never intended
To let this all happen.
I also want
Peace and freedom,
But dark forces work
To destroy our people.”
Fordius said, “Wait,
What do you mean, ‘our’?
I have seen no other
People of yours, thus far.”
The voice said, “That’s because
You are my people.
We share the same dream
Of a world made of equals.
It has been
A great honor to know you.
We’ve been friends for decades.
Please, let me show you.”

And at that, Agent Tack
Couldn’t resist
He had to get facts
About what was behind this
So he got on
The elevator
And made it to the twenty-fifth floor
A minute later
The doors opened on a room
That was expansive,
Dark but for a stage light
And a man standing under it
Then he saw the glare
Of a massive screen
Images of Tack
Were flashing across the TV
And then a scene
That had nothing to do with it
A point of view image
Of a junior high school kid
He was pacing around
On the blacktop
The man seemed to keep the image
As a backdrop
He turned around and said,
My name is Chris
And I have a lot to tell you.
The Realm you named
After me is no coincidence.
I’m actually the person
Who invented it.

“Okay, I know that probably
Sounds insane,
But I hope it will
Make more sense as I explain.
You see, in the year
Of 1994,
You were born in my imagination
As a metaphor.
Everything that’s happening
Right now
Has already happened–
I never bothered to write it down.
You and I have led
In many battles.
A great war approaches:
The light against the shadows.”
Chris’ face became grim
With sadness
As he said,
“There are things ahead you can’t imagine.
It will be hard to say why,
But Fordius, many of our people will die.
I’ve tried to honor
All the sacrifice,
But much of what we will defend
Is actually a lie.
You haven’t met them yet–
You will soon, though–
A powerful clan
Known as the High Tribunal.
But given the gravity of this
It’s futile
To attempt to explain too much
About the future.
I’m the real ruler
Of your people.
Your true enemy is named Christoph
And he’s evil.
At least he was.
He and I are actually
Of the same blood.
More like two sides
Of the same coin,
Parts of a whole
That’s currently disjointed.
And it is
Apparently our destiny
To meet in combat
Until the war is complete.
I’d say it’s a lot like
War and Peace,
But that’s a book I still
Haven’t gotten around to reading.”

Chris approached him,
“You saved my life.
You’ll never know
How much it meant to me that night.
But we have
Many battles before
That day, so our people must be
Ready for war.
The Lionians
Are already arming.
It’s time for you to get
New weapons and a starfleet.
And once we have a better army,
We can show our foes that
We won’t go down softly.”
Fordius said,
“How can you possibly arrange this?”
Chris replied, “It’s
The power of imagination.
This power enables
The creation
Of whatever things
May fit the situation.
Beneath your planet
Is an essence,
And beneath Christoph’s world,
Impreg, is a second.
We are but reflections
Of this essence,
Expressions of its power
We manipulate its metals.
So I can build a fleet
With my mind
I can even travel between
Space and time.
There is no limit
To my powers,
So that’s why I made
This space age tower.
Beneath this skin
Is pure energy
The same is true
Of Christoph, my enemy.”
Fordius said,
“If this is true, show me.”
Chris replied, “Come, and see the fleet–
Warhammer, Christopher Star
Are both complete.
So now we need to
Get to Planet C–
I sense that
Our kingdom again needs rescuing…”

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