Manifesto (A Rap)

When you write a manifesto
People think you’re Karl Marx–
Or you’re going to
Shoot up the office
Either way
It’s uncomfortable topics
Like whether or not science
Can disprove the prophets
Or if alliances
Made inside politics
Are only in existence
For personal profits
So then, leave it alone
Just drop it
Why get yourself lumped in
With the stalkers?
Here’s your unfollow,
You tin-foiled hat
Let’s send him an insult
Or laugh behind his back
Because when you promote
Balance and reason
It’s like white after Labor Day–
It’s out of season
They’ll nearly
Accuse you of treason
Just for believing
They’ll label you as heathen
And even suggest
You stop breathing
They’re verbally beatin’ you
Without even meetin’ you
That’s how people
Out here are treatin’ you
Pass you on the sidewalk
And won’t even speak to you
At least look at me
Once and nod
Or can you see that I don’t
Believe in your god?

Here’s the problem:
A world full of people,
Both good and evil,
Separate and unequal
Some don’t want
The government to feed you
So they want the freedom,
But hope they won’t be you
Politicians say
To help your fellowman
But make sure their paychecks
Are not going to face that
While they can get a ride
To where they stay
You can barely manage
The bus fare for both ways
For every thousand you make
They take a third
Or a fourth–
Either pay up or end up in court
And that’s on top
Of child support
So if your girl’s crazy
You better end up staying
So you can quit your job
And be lazy
But you better not be playing
Take care of your babies
You park your car wrong
And get another ticket
Guess the taxes weren’t enough
Cash to get it
And by ‘it’ I mean
A trip to Bahamas
You might even end up
Golfing with Obama
You’ve got to do
Whatever they say, so
It’s not what you know
Apparently, it’s who you know

Here’s what I want
For the rest of the world:
Complete education
For every boy and girl
But it doesn’t have to be
The same tradition
Schools are often so dogmatic
They’re like religions
People have to wear
The same clothes
And read
The same prose
Do tests
They don’t know
You can’t go
To the bathroom alone
Get tossed out of class
For a nap or your phone
And they don’t care
What happened at home
Just gladly intone
This happiest poem
At worst
You’re a number
At best
A last name
And in between
Pawns of a master’s game
Remember back
When your people were slaves?
Nah, no way
We’re not back to those days
Would you believe
It was illegal to read?
So you really can’t see
What your knowledge could be?
Instead they color code you
Like crayons
But everyone wants to be you–
Hence, the spray-ons
But this isn’t just
For one group
There’s far more involved
I’ve got some more thought food

Next on my list
Is to end the disgrace
That groups all the people
According to race
We’re responsible
For this division
But we still have the power
To change that decision
Your keyboard is black
But you can’t be
And what’s really red
Is flowers and ant species
Yellow dandelions
And the sun
White is for snowflakes
When wintertime comes
Brown’s a color
For the birds of the earth
And coffee and chocolate
Not measures of worth
And when a rainbow appears
You see several
In nature the colors unite
Above the heavens, so
Why not come together
Down below them?
“Our colors are our beauty”
Should be our global slogan

I left my faith
To understand:
Did man make God
Or did God make man?
I had my last talk
With him years ago
He didn’t say much
If he did, I didn’t hear him, so
I would gladly
Believe in one
But I became a father
And I looked at my son
If I knew the love
Of children
I would spend every day
Beside them, I’d be listening
I wouldn’t leave
A two thousand page letter
And ask them to consult it
If they want to know what’s better
And I would never
Want to kill my kids
But according to those books
That’s what he did
But then he tells me
That killing’s not right
So how can I know
When it’s proper to fight?
I see him authorize
Multiple genocides
Over a strip of land
And I’m hurt inside
So am I to understand
Life is sacred?
If you think so much of it,
Then why do you hate it?
You’d rather play a game
With your Satan
Than to offer your children
A chance at salvation?
You stand back
And pit them against each other?
You tell them to abandon
Even their own brothers?
Yet you say
We should love one another
That was the number one rule
That we discovered
Instead Abraham’s children
Are at war
And things are at best
Far worse than before
If you flooded a world
Because of violence,
Then nuclear bombs
Should have made you bat an eyelid!
So I said goodbye
That’s what I did
You can offer up the rest of your lies
To some of my kids
And maybe one of them
Will believe it
But as for me, sir,
Consider me as leaving
Claim you gave a ransom
Well, I reject it
Because it’s obvious to me
That your kids are much neglected
And what kind of a thing
Is that to do?
I will never, ever
Let my child die for you
And what were you
Trying to prove?
If you wanted to forgive
That was all you had to do
Is forgiving a person
That hard
That you have to kill someone
Just to please God?
And that’s the nicest version
Others blow themselves up
To lie with virgins
Some kind of servants
Personally that type of thing
Would make me nervous
It was hard
To even rap about God
And maybe there’s a place
Somewhere inside my heart
Where he’s still alive
But for me, he just died
Because when I needed him most
He said goodbye
Oh, wait
That was only in my mind
I never heard a word
I guess I was left behind

What I want most
In our world is peace
And not on the other side
Of war, death and defeat
I want for us
To lay down our arms
To heal the wounds
And get back to the start again
I don’t want anyone
To be starving
I don’t want a single meal
Thrown in the garbage
I want leaders
Who can do more than speak
I want teachers
Who can teach children to think
I want believers
To ask more questions
To treat us with respect
Or find a better profession
I want people
To reach for perfection
To look at the past
And learn the correct lessons
To not be so
Desperate for blessings
But to be obsessed with
Improving our ethics
So that about wraps up
My checklist
And the rest of my manifesto
Any questions?

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