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Raps of the Christopherian Realm #8 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

As the Space Captain
Dodged Scorpion Starfleet
Dr. Steven checked on
His other machines
All the code he had written
And checked on their vitals
And regretted his decision
He was afraid
That he came too late
He could have come
To Planet C a much safer way
The ship was rocked
And gave as good as it got
It looked like a shuttle
Attached to a lot of junk
He tried to send a message
Back home on a tight beam
But every network
Was being jammed by the starfleet
Heard something loud
And he wiped his brow
He suspected it was probably
Time to dive out
Get Tough and Starlit knew
He was aboard
But they couldn’t resist a chance
To fight in the war
And despite
The Space Captain‘s harassment
The Scorpion Starfleet
Had very little reaction
“They could destroy us
In an instant.
Wonder why they’ve
Decided to be indifferent?”

In command of the Death Dagger
Was Garg
A face like a goblin
A body like a bodyguard
Strong and burly
The type to rise early
Cunning despite seeming like
He’s slow and surly
His crimson eyes could hide
A great intelligence
He grew up in the mines–
A lie that he would tell his men
But then they didn’t
Have to believe
Since nearly all his men
Were actually machines
He watched a lone ship
Attack his fleet
“Look here,” he said,
“I believe we have fresh meat.”
Adablaster joined him
On the bridge
Looked at the battle ahead
And then he said:
“Why not just
Destroy them?
We have starfighters.
Why not just deploy them?”
Garg looked at Adam
As if Adam had slapped him
And said, in a calm voice,
“Are you questioning my tactics?
This vessel was sent here
To annoy us.
I will not waste fighters
In an effort to destroy it.
You see that maneuver?
It could only be accomplished
By advanced computers.
I suspect that
Artificial intelligence
Is piloting that ship–
A robot’s at the helm of it.
Something else is at work here.
I will wait until
The real tactic becomes clear.
Fire at them,
But allow them escape.
Proceed to Planet C–
Our conquest awaits.”

Chris and Fordius
Started to do the math
Chris said,
“The Netherworld is coming too fast.
And their starfleet is vast
We’ll need more ships
If we want to outlast them.
But for now, Fordius,
I have a plan.
Take the rest of the fleet
As fast as you can.
Deploy a net to guard
The Planet C.
I’ll take the Christopher Star
And attack their fleet.
You will take command
Of Warhammer.
It’s strong, fast
And it has a lot of stamina.
Oh, and don’t worry
About the pilots.
It’s all automated–
No one has to fly it.
I’ll punch a hole
Directly through their forces
Then turn around
And make a pass to destroy them.
By the time they
Reach the Planet C,
They’ll be trapped between
Your starfleet and me.
Since we’re stuck with
Three dimensions’ attackers
I’ve designed a device
That will limit enemy tactics
We’ll put a field
Around the battle–
While they’re trapped by its energy
We can still attack them
And they won’t be able to win
Without firing on
And destroying their own men.
Each capital ship
Has this skill
So the systems are defended
And we control the battlefield.
We will send them back
The way they came
And expose our true enemy’s
Face to shame.
Oh, and there’s
One more thing–
There’s a shuttle with supplies
That belong to Planet C.
Since you’re headed
For the war,
I’ve asked your President
To take the shuttle for you.
I hope you don’t mind.”
Fordius said,
“What supplies are inside?”
“New armor, high tech weapons,
A squadron or three of
Pod ships, if they’ll accept them.
We’ll need to protect our infantry
From being attacked from above
By the enemy.
We’ve still got fixing to do.
I’ll leave the battle in the field
Up to you.”

The President’s shuttle
Arrived on Planet C
And the people were excited
To see what he was carrying
It was a new
Kind of armor–it was blue
There were new weapons, ships
Even new cybersuits
At the same time
They all knew what it meant–
They were being called upon
To enter battle once again
And the thing that
They were most scared for
Was losing more friends
And people that they cared for
And therefore
It made them hesitate
To stare war
Once again in the face
And not blink
They knew there was no way
They could not think
That even if they won
Even if they survived
They were clearly evolving
Into a warrior tribe
Now they had an army
And a fleet
Warfare changes people
It makes them beasts
While it may work
A favorable outcome
They’d always wonder if
It could be done without guns
And now that the leaders
Have an army
They could easily start
The end of democracy
It only ends
With consent of the people
The first step away from good
Is still evil
But it was too late
To debate the situation
The Netherworld’s fleet
Was the first stage of invasion…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #7 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

“So why didn’t you
Destroy them from orbit?”
Christoph said,
“Your waste of troops is inordinate.
And you had
More than enough ordinance.
Your lack of tactical
Common sense is exorbitant.
I understand Lionia
Is building a fleet.
I already have one
Sufficiently complete.
And since you suffered
This defeat,
Perhaps a different person
Should be chosen to lead.”
“My lord, I can explain,”
Adablaster said.
“No need. I’ve decided
On someone else instead,”
Christoph replied,
“There are many in my service.
Allow me to introduce
My other servants.
This is Serpent,
And this is Drakone.
The other is Garg–
You won’t be ugly alone.
Since you couldn’t grind
A bag of coffee,
You won’t be in command
Of my Scorpion Starfleet.
The command will be
Given to Garg.
But you can watch and learn
If you want to tag along.
This time,
It will be done properly.
Proceed to Planet C
And raze the surface promptly.
Deploy your ground troops.
And if anything remains alive,
Then shoot it.”

With the passing of time
The Lionians
Became an isolated world
And more draconian
After hearing news
Of attacks on Planet C,
Christopher the First
Declared himself King
He wasted no time
Upon his seat
And ordered the immediate
Construction of a war fleet
He made a blockade
Against his own people
And told them
It was to protect them from evil
The reason the people
Were acquiescent
Was because Christopher the First
Was quite benevolent
None of his citizens
Ever lived in squalor
And nobody could worship
The almighty dollar
And the King
Was content and at peace
Till he saw on the sensors
A launch–Scorpion Starfleet
He knew that
His own were protected
And if he provoked them
War would come next to him
And the Netherworld had
Left them all alone
As if they knew something
Lionia didn’t know
But at the least
He should dispatch some friends
Someone with a ship fast enough
To get ahead of them
But strong enough
To delay them for a time
But in three-dimensional space
A lone ship could not survive
Then he had an idea
For an action–
He’d call upon the fastest ship–
The Space Captain
And equip it with even faster speed
And enhance it with the cutting edge
Of space weaponry
Its mission would consist of these:
Warn Planet C and harass
Scorpion Starfleet
Do whatever damage you can
And if you’re captured
Pretend you were running contraband
“Make no mistake–
This could be rough.
Been there and done that–
My name is Get Tough.”

And so the Space Captain
Went after multiple targets
The crew was Get Tough
And his friend Lady Starlit
They were as fast
As stars’ exhalations
Because of Get Tough’s
Robotic calculations
He was the creation of a
Dr. Steven
Who used to make
Prosthetic limbs for Marines and
Believed they could use
A better team
So he built a hardcore
Warrior machine
He was meant to be used
In urban warfare
But Dr. Steven scrapped his plans
Upon his voyage here
And as the stories of heroes
Came from Planet C
Dr. Steven thought
“It’s the place for me to be.”
So he decided to
Stow aboard the ship
So that he could help
The Christopherians get equipped

Meanwhile, and far
Across the stars
Chris and Agent Tack
Prepared for the battlefront
It was a squad
Of three capital ships
With three fighter squadrons
The Warhammer commanded it
Tack was skeptical,
But Chris convinced him
The task force was
More than sufficient for the mission
So they raced
To the Planet C
Secretly wondering
How bad it would be
And all these ships
That they provided–
What good would they be
Without people to fly them?
Were there any
Qualified fighter pilots
Who would volunteer
To fight for their survival?
“Well,” Fordius said,
“They’re trained in combat.
I’m sure they can fly
At least as well as wombats…”
Can they?
We will see
As yet another battle
Is waged for Planet C…

Hype Pathetically (A Rap)

Hype pathetically
Fight like celebrities
For a better life
They’d sacrifice integrity
They don’t read what I write
So I’ll just let ’em be
Fight Night forgotten
Just like a burning kettle be
I’m not famous
So referring to my own work
At best is lame
At worst I’m like a jerk
It doesn’t bother me
That people have forgotten me
Their memories consist
Of me dressed in motley
Like that time in my class
When I was Hamlet
And when I spoke the first time
They didn’t understand it
And so I’m staggering,
Dodging daggers and javelins
Approach it from a new angle
Just like Pythagoras
Got zero to forty more
To fathom this
And try to survive
Amongst all the savages

My pad is integral
To filling up the intervals
My mike’s a reporter
And it’s giving me an interview
I tried to move
Found out I can’t afford it
Thought I’d take a pen to paper
And record it
And life is desolate
From birth to the rest of it
In case you hadn’t guessed it
People are turning desperate
So I’ll write a thousand words
In this picture
Haven’t heard?
Well I still don’t make the six figures
I can only boast
On games and books
The change in my pocket
Won’t gain a second look
And the change Barack is rocking
Ain’t saved us from the crooks
And the price-gouging
Take lives by the thousands
Killers posting murders online
Like they’re proud of it
And people throwing bottles
And burning as they’re shouting it
What matters most
Is the rights they haven’t gotten yet
People want to kill
Over drawings
Cartoons more important
Than the lives they’re destroying
And then more drones
Are deploying
A matter of time
Before we’re eating Green, Soylent
But I guess these days
We’re so unconscious
We’re eating people now
Before they’re even processed
I try to rise
Above all the nonsense
I’m feeling like rising
Is still a foreign concept

Spreads across a nation
It’s like we can’t remember
We were touched by The Haitian
Good fences
Used to make good neighbors
But Facebook and Twitter
Became places of hatred
And how much more
Will we sanction?
As crooked people laugh at us
Straight to the bank, son
And we’ll only have
The mirror to thank once
The situation here
Is being cleared with tank guns
So you plan to
Raise taxes on the poor,
And then say the others
Are waging a class war?
So yeah,
I’m a little confused
You want more from people
Who can barely buy food?
What was even
In your mind, dude?
I try to stop reading
But I really can’t believe it
I’m trying so hard
To be hopeful
But I really don’t see
Anyone that I would vote for
But hey, if that’s your thing
I say, go for it
Who knows?  You might even
Get something to show for it

I’m sick of warfare
And worrying how the poor fare
We got a raw deal
Inherited from our forebears
And gone is kindness
We see where all the lies get
Frankly it’s a miracle
We haven’t all died yet
I’m tired–
Don’t want to sit here and abide it
But I’m just one man
I can’t possibly fight it
And so a fire is catching
It’s time to light it
If I burn alone in the dark
I’m still inspiring
And maybe I’ll fall
Before the tyrants
But just as I’m dying
I’ll raise a fist in triumph
And maybe others will be
Right on my heels
Standing for freedom
Are the people who don’t kneel
Even alone, one man
Can be a leader
Like a single-celled organism
Can start a fever
So it’s for peace
That I’m here to fight
And it’s possible–
On that, I still believe the hype