Hype Pathetically (A Rap)

Hype pathetically
Fight like celebrities
For a better life
They’d sacrifice integrity
They don’t read what I write
So I’ll just let ’em be
Fight Night forgotten
Just like a burning kettle be
I’m not famous
So referring to my own work
At best is lame
At worst I’m like a jerk
It doesn’t bother me
That people have forgotten me
Their memories consist
Of me dressed in motley
Like that time in my class
When I was Hamlet
And when I spoke the first time
They didn’t understand it
And so I’m staggering,
Dodging daggers and javelins
Approach it from a new angle
Just like Pythagoras
Got zero to forty more
To fathom this
And try to survive
Amongst all the savages

My pad is integral
To filling up the intervals
My mike’s a reporter
And it’s giving me an interview
I tried to move
Found out I can’t afford it
Thought I’d take a pen to paper
And record it
And life is desolate
From birth to the rest of it
In case you hadn’t guessed it
People are turning desperate
So I’ll write a thousand words
In this picture
Haven’t heard?
Well I still don’t make the six figures
I can only boast
On games and books
The change in my pocket
Won’t gain a second look
And the change Barack is rocking
Ain’t saved us from the crooks
And the price-gouging
Take lives by the thousands
Killers posting murders online
Like they’re proud of it
And people throwing bottles
And burning as they’re shouting it
What matters most
Is the rights they haven’t gotten yet
People want to kill
Over drawings
Cartoons more important
Than the lives they’re destroying
And then more drones
Are deploying
A matter of time
Before we’re eating Green, Soylent
But I guess these days
We’re so unconscious
We’re eating people now
Before they’re even processed
I try to rise
Above all the nonsense
I’m feeling like rising
Is still a foreign concept

Spreads across a nation
It’s like we can’t remember
We were touched by The Haitian
Good fences
Used to make good neighbors
But Facebook and Twitter
Became places of hatred
And how much more
Will we sanction?
As crooked people laugh at us
Straight to the bank, son
And we’ll only have
The mirror to thank once
The situation here
Is being cleared with tank guns
So you plan to
Raise taxes on the poor,
And then say the others
Are waging a class war?
So yeah,
I’m a little confused
You want more from people
Who can barely buy food?
What was even
In your mind, dude?
I try to stop reading
But I really can’t believe it
I’m trying so hard
To be hopeful
But I really don’t see
Anyone that I would vote for
But hey, if that’s your thing
I say, go for it
Who knows?  You might even
Get something to show for it

I’m sick of warfare
And worrying how the poor fare
We got a raw deal
Inherited from our forebears
And gone is kindness
We see where all the lies get
Frankly it’s a miracle
We haven’t all died yet
I’m tired–
Don’t want to sit here and abide it
But I’m just one man
I can’t possibly fight it
And so a fire is catching
It’s time to light it
If I burn alone in the dark
I’m still inspiring
And maybe I’ll fall
Before the tyrants
But just as I’m dying
I’ll raise a fist in triumph
And maybe others will be
Right on my heels
Standing for freedom
Are the people who don’t kneel
Even alone, one man
Can be a leader
Like a single-celled organism
Can start a fever
So it’s for peace
That I’m here to fight
And it’s possible–
On that, I still believe the hype

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