Raps of the Christopherian Realm #8 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

As the Space Captain
Dodged Scorpion Starfleet
Dr. Steven checked on
His other machines
All the code he had written
And checked on their vitals
And regretted his decision
He was afraid
That he came too late
He could have come
To Planet C a much safer way
The ship was rocked
And gave as good as it got
It looked like a shuttle
Attached to a lot of junk
He tried to send a message
Back home on a tight beam
But every network
Was being jammed by the starfleet
Heard something loud
And he wiped his brow
He suspected it was probably
Time to dive out
Get Tough and Starlit knew
He was aboard
But they couldn’t resist a chance
To fight in the war
And despite
The Space Captain‘s harassment
The Scorpion Starfleet
Had very little reaction
“They could destroy us
In an instant.
Wonder why they’ve
Decided to be indifferent?”

In command of the Death Dagger
Was Garg
A face like a goblin
A body like a bodyguard
Strong and burly
The type to rise early
Cunning despite seeming like
He’s slow and surly
His crimson eyes could hide
A great intelligence
He grew up in the mines–
A lie that he would tell his men
But then they didn’t
Have to believe
Since nearly all his men
Were actually machines
He watched a lone ship
Attack his fleet
“Look here,” he said,
“I believe we have fresh meat.”
Adablaster joined him
On the bridge
Looked at the battle ahead
And then he said:
“Why not just
Destroy them?
We have starfighters.
Why not just deploy them?”
Garg looked at Adam
As if Adam had slapped him
And said, in a calm voice,
“Are you questioning my tactics?
This vessel was sent here
To annoy us.
I will not waste fighters
In an effort to destroy it.
You see that maneuver?
It could only be accomplished
By advanced computers.
I suspect that
Artificial intelligence
Is piloting that ship–
A robot’s at the helm of it.
Something else is at work here.
I will wait until
The real tactic becomes clear.
Fire at them,
But allow them escape.
Proceed to Planet C–
Our conquest awaits.”

Chris and Fordius
Started to do the math
Chris said,
“The Netherworld is coming too fast.
And their starfleet is vast
We’ll need more ships
If we want to outlast them.
But for now, Fordius,
I have a plan.
Take the rest of the fleet
As fast as you can.
Deploy a net to guard
The Planet C.
I’ll take the Christopher Star
And attack their fleet.
You will take command
Of Warhammer.
It’s strong, fast
And it has a lot of stamina.
Oh, and don’t worry
About the pilots.
It’s all automated–
No one has to fly it.
I’ll punch a hole
Directly through their forces
Then turn around
And make a pass to destroy them.
By the time they
Reach the Planet C,
They’ll be trapped between
Your starfleet and me.
Since we’re stuck with
Three dimensions’ attackers
I’ve designed a device
That will limit enemy tactics
We’ll put a field
Around the battle–
While they’re trapped by its energy
We can still attack them
And they won’t be able to win
Without firing on
And destroying their own men.
Each capital ship
Has this skill
So the systems are defended
And we control the battlefield.
We will send them back
The way they came
And expose our true enemy’s
Face to shame.
Oh, and there’s
One more thing–
There’s a shuttle with supplies
That belong to Planet C.
Since you’re headed
For the war,
I’ve asked your President
To take the shuttle for you.
I hope you don’t mind.”
Fordius said,
“What supplies are inside?”
“New armor, high tech weapons,
A squadron or three of
Pod ships, if they’ll accept them.
We’ll need to protect our infantry
From being attacked from above
By the enemy.
We’ve still got fixing to do.
I’ll leave the battle in the field
Up to you.”

The President’s shuttle
Arrived on Planet C
And the people were excited
To see what he was carrying
It was a new
Kind of armor–it was blue
There were new weapons, ships
Even new cybersuits
At the same time
They all knew what it meant–
They were being called upon
To enter battle once again
And the thing that
They were most scared for
Was losing more friends
And people that they cared for
And therefore
It made them hesitate
To stare war
Once again in the face
And not blink
They knew there was no way
They could not think
That even if they won
Even if they survived
They were clearly evolving
Into a warrior tribe
Now they had an army
And a fleet
Warfare changes people
It makes them beasts
While it may work
A favorable outcome
They’d always wonder if
It could be done without guns
And now that the leaders
Have an army
They could easily start
The end of democracy
It only ends
With consent of the people
The first step away from good
Is still evil
But it was too late
To debate the situation
The Netherworld’s fleet
Was the first stage of invasion…

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