Raps of the Christopherian Realm #9 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued)

And so they meet
It’s a clash of fleets
Heavy blows traded
People knocked out of seats
Chris commands the
Christopher Star
Flagship of the kingdom
The heart of it all
And it unloads beams
From its batteries
Every one reaches a target
Opens cavities
The Scorpion ships
Are losing limbs
And it looks like the
Netherworld could lose again
But the battle
Isn’t quite done–
A surprise commander’s
Aboard Scorpion One
“Pull the fleet back.
Regroup with me,”
Christoph said,
“Group Three
Will jump to whitespeed.
Set course for
The Christopher Star.
Now, my nemesis,
We’ll find out what you are.”
Chris could see
Their fleet pulling back
And sense that it was odd–
They’d all stopped attacking
He couldn’t imagine why
That would happen
Unless they had concealed
A way to stop his shield
He reversed course,
But before he could dodge
A bright light slammed his ship
And he was gone…

Fordius Tack saw
The Star disappear
And his insides churned
With a new feeling of fear
It was almost certain
That he was doomed
And odds were
There was nothing left to do
But go forward
And stick to his orders
The Scorpion fleet approached
Planet C’s borders
And there would be no
Last minute saves
He and his people
Were headed to their graves
He opened fire
Unleashed all batteries
They sped right past him
Didn’t bother battling
Because his shield
Couldn’t hold them there
They would just ram his ships
‘Cause they don’t fight fair
And so Fordius started
To feel helpless
Until an idea occurred to him
He felt it
If you can’t
Beat a foe head-on
Subterfuge can help you
To even the odds
And his expertise
Was espionage
So he decided he
Would go and sabotage
If he could destroy
Their command ship
It might change the battle
So his people could handle it
And after that
He could find out if Chris
Was actually done for
Or maybe still existed
So he climbed into
A fast shuttle
To see if he could find
A way to cause trouble

Garg lost a third
Of his fleet up in space
But determined the remaining
Ships would lay waste
So he sent them out
On a bombing campaign
In the hopes of leaving
No structure in place
But in spite of
The way he planned it
Christopher Castle was
Somehow left standing
And pod ships came racing
From many places
The Scorpion fleet was slow
When not in space
Its weight was a strain
Because of gravity
The pod ships were light
And fast, attacking savagely
The Christopherians were
Ready here to bury them
Ace Squadron came
With a payload they carried in
And they inflicted
Some catastrophic damage
Garg issued orders to land
And barely managed it
He said, “Disembark.
Troops, prepare your guns.
Wait,” he checked his screen,
“Where is Scorpion One?”

Chris found himself
Awakening at home
On the cold floor
He sensed that he wasn’t alone
And the sky outside
Became darkened
As if out of nowhere
A storm had been called in
And as he heard
The first rumbles of thunder
He couldn’t escape it,
And couldn’t help but wonder
There was only one
Possible explanation:
Christoph had changed
The battle situation
Garg had nowhere near
The smarts
To give an order bold enough
To break the Star
“You’re right,”
Christoph said, walking in.
“You really should have led
With Warhammer instead.
But it’s a
Good thing for you
That you chose to run those ships
Without a crew.
Otherwise, they probably
Would have died,
Fighting for your cause
With no idea why.
There was no doubt
You would survive,
As you possess the same
Godlike powers as I.
So here we are,
Me, a guest at your home.
And what I have to say
Is for you and I alone…”

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