Raps of the Christopherian Realm #10 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

“So we meet again,”
Christoph said,
“The collective yin and yang
Inside of your head.
Because we’re friends
In the future, it was fine
In your mind to come back
And change the timeline?
Your kingdom was never
A true democracy.
Instead it was a
Socialist cult of aristocracy.
You had cameras
Installed in every room
And you segregated
Women and men, even at school.
There were no queens
In your vision–
No more than there are
In your former religion.
This is what’s called
Historical revision.
You’ve made your drones sentient,
But reason?  You prevented it.
You see, I was always
Your better half.
Your strong suit in life
Has never been math.
You have remained
Powerless in wrath
And wandered along
Got lost upon your path.
So allow me to
Remind you of the truth, sir.
Allow me to take you ahead
To the future…

“A bleak world
Filled with toxic waste–
The result of your trying
To create a Free State.
The High Tribunal
And their agent, named Shadows,
Subjugated you
Through a series of battles.
Your idea of freedom
Is enabling
Whoever you choose
To put you into slavery.
And the monster that
You know as Scepter
Imprisoned in the Paradox–
Is that really better?
He had a dream
Of a world free from women
A world where we’re free
To make our own decisions.
And while his methods
Are quite radical,
I still don’t believe
He needed a sabbatical.
He was only
The product of your anger,
The end result
Of your trusting every stranger,
And being completely
Blind to danger.
If your people
Knew your true angle,
They would most certainly
Make sure they hanged you.
You betrayed them.
You betrayed them all.
All that you installed
Is destined to fall.

“You want to go back
And fix the past?
Then why’d you come alone?
Did you even ask
If I could join you
So that we could
Save our nation?
Or did you prefer
To omit that information?
This is quite egregious
You’ve gone too far.
Am I now in chains
The same way that you are?
Does it matter?
Not to me
I still believe the mind
Is rightfully my property.
Think of what we
Could’ve created
Instead of a decade
Of war and debating!
With your conscience
And my ingenuity
There was no telling
What a bright future it could be.
Instead you thought I was not your friend,
Tried to turn me from matter to energy, and back again.
Well, my brother,
That’s not happening.
As usual, there is a lot
You haven’t factored in.
You must beware
Find a way to forget her.
Otherwise, you are to blame–
The birth of Scepter.
And…if we are truly
Meant to become friends
Then at least this war
Is the beginning of the end…”

And so he left him
Paralyzed and breathless
Chris knew–it’s reckless
The future is destined
The war ahead
Would drag on through winter
And the pivotal
Battle of the MCI Center
Was not too far
In the distance
He wondered if his presence
Could ever make a difference
But the war itself
Wasn’t yet done
The fight was ahead
There were battles to be won
He would even
Have to raise his son
The heir to it all
Would one day make ascension
So it was back to the trenches
The war ahead was long
And still at the beginning
And like a man
Frozen in place
He would be forced to face
The future he erased
But he found it better
To embrace
The present–
There was bread still here
In spite of leaven
And he might not
Be going to heaven
But there was great hope
Still to be found right next to him
The green banner
On the floor right before him
The symbol of his people
Did a lot to restore him
So he gathered up
His feet beneath him
And set off,
Back to Planet C to beat evil
Because when people need you
There’s nothing else to do
But keep fighting for freedom…

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