Making My Way (A Rap)

Wondering if I
Make a difference
If I have what it takes
Now to go the distance
Like a Redskins team
I’m inconsistent, so,
Will I make them all
Look and listen
Or simply fade away
Into insignificance?
With a sense
Like a precognition
I look into the distance
Rhymes have ignition
And so fresh
It’s like they’re mint condition
And the leftover competition’s
Tenth editions
So whenever they say
End the mission
I take a pen and
Make them see what they’re missing
A rap genie granting
Endless wishes
No less than refreshing
When I bless your senses
I’m taking rap to the
Next dimension
I’ve got you moving up
Like a chess convention

When it’s coherent
Is when nobody hears it
And when no one’s here
I do something worth cheering
It’s like a
Tree falls and nobody notices
Because they’re so appalled
By the latest explosions
I’m losing hope
In a process of erosion
Delusions of holiness
People think they’re chosen
What good’s agility
Or rhyme versatility
When like most abilities
It’s a futility?
You won’t live to see
The fruits of your labors
Stabbed in the back by
The ultimate betrayer
Our own cells
Are destined to fail
This body is a temple
And a prison and a jail
It seems small
All the works of our hands
And I ask if we’re all
Part of some greater plan

I’m trying not to be sad
Under the weight
Of all these phobias–
The fears, facts and hates
Carried away by
White and black debates
Tired of the state
Of the people as of late
I want to take them all
By the hands
And show them there’s a path
To love and understanding
It’s less stressful
Not so demanding
Even though life won’t go
As we’ve planned it
But in a world like this
All we can get
Is leftover futures
Slowly turning rancid
That’s when I understand
What a man said,
“Everything is vanity”
Leave empty-handed
So why bother?
Why become a scholar?
Why even bother reciting
The ‘Our Father’?
There’s nobody
Living up in heaven
That’ll give us the bread of life
Over this leaven
Wild talk or maybe
Just depression
Or maybe the end result
Of asking questions
‘Cause it’s a risk
Asking why we exist
A life fragile as it is,
Slipping out of our fists
And it’s hard handling this journey
Makes a man want to check out early
‘Cause it’s disturbing

I wrote another verse
For what it’s worth
As if all these words
Can calculate the hurts
And if it leads to fame
It’s just dessert
It won’t erase the shame
That dwells under the surface
Is it the lingering
Things from upbringing?
Maybe in part,
But I don’t think completely
It was a moment in time
That defeated me
The very moment
That strangely has completed me
The one I loved
Who I couldn’t let go
And I don’t know
If she loves me anymore
I hope so,
But what good is hope?
It’s a baseless
Self-deceit to help you cope
And I feel like
I’m not a good husband
I feel like my wife
Can never be loved enough and
I feel like
I’m doing a lot of nothing
And wonder if
I’m too much to put up with
All I can do
Is go a day at a time
Write a page if I find
There’s something great on my mind
Maybe I’ll get into all that
But it’s best to save something
For the next rap

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