A Punch in the Dark (A Rap)

It’s a reflection
Of the global conscience
That if I’m on YouTube
I don’t read the comments
I’ve never met
Anyone who’s more bitter
Than some individuals
I’ve met on Twitter
And I can’t even read
The news articles
Without seeing repeated
Examples of cold-hearted
And rude behavior
It’s something people savor
They’ll share it with each other
Even save it for later
And people telling me
Don’t take it personally
In other words, ignore it
Whenever people are hurting me
Don’t refuse it
Accept the abusive–
I’m just making excuses
Well, all of our words
Are just a toolkit–
A hammer can break bone
If you know how to use it

Some people are quick
To call you dumb
Yet if they possess the smarts,
How come they never share some?
Other people are too quick
To teach and
They make it their mission
To make you feel beneath them
And then they say
You argue without facts
When they themselves provided
Nothing at all as backing
Might as well
Be talking in a vacuum
Or back room
It’s like a toilet in a bathroom
In cyberspace
Nobody hears when they attack you
And they only care
When someone smacks you
So they can record it on their phone
And play it back to
Thousands of people
Who laugh when they see you
Never imagining
What it’s like to be you
So our technology’s
Revealing moral poverty
How is it that our hearts can be
Trampled so improperly?

It’s so disrupting
I find it so disgusting
That people think it’s nothing
To behave so unlovingly
And how many of them
Claim they’re Christian,
As if their behavior even
Makes them different?
I don’t think people ask
What would Jesus do?
It’s more likely now that
They ask what the demons do
And if they did
They must have taken notes
Or maybe they behave
The same way as most
If only people
Spoke their words with hope
Instead of using them to fit
Each others’ necks with ropes
It’s true–
You can’t do violence with words
But that’s not to say
They’re not capable of hurt
Some scars are
Impossible to see
But some of those are slowest to make
A full recovery
So the truth is
When it comes to abuses
I hate that any effort I make
Will be useless and fruitless
I’m toothless, feel like a doofus
And all I can do is
Write and make this music
Wait to become
Someone else’s amusement
Wait to see the future of man
It’s quite ruthless
But I just had to get it
Out of my system
‘Cause I’m counting milliseconds
Until the next victim

Stop and think
‘Fore you break someone’s heart
That can happen
When you throw a punch in the dark
Better thing
Is to not even start
If the only way you know
Is a punch in the dark

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