A Commentary on ‘Raps of the Christopherian Realm’

I thought I might take a moment to discuss what this story is all about.  I just completed #20 of the series and it seems that the story that I’ve kept in my head for so long shows no signs of running out of steam.

Basically it’s a metaphor for my life, converted into a sci-fi/fantasy tale of a distant galaxy I’ve called ‘The Christopherian Realm’.  In its original form it was called ‘Cyberspace’ (in my initial thoughts on it in the mid-to-late 1990s), but obviously the Internet has claimed that title.  Many of my daydreams about it were a mash-up of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mega Man, the film First Knight (Sean Connery, Julia Ormond, Richard Gere), and later, of course, influenced by Star Wars when I first saw that in 1997.

The Christopher Kingdom is founded on principles of honor.  “Truth, right and justice” are its highest ideals.  It is a kingdom where no one wants for anything–no poverty whatsoever.  Democratically elected leaders represent the people, but a benevolent kingship–also democratically elected–oversees elected officials.  A President monitors the legislative and regal branches and issues instructions to the Intelligence Bureau to act as a safeguard against the abuse of governmental authority.

In this version of events, the Christopherians first settle on the planet Lionia, where Christopher the First is elected King and establishes a Ruling Council, consisting of himself, his wife Vanessa, and Adam.  Adam eventually becomes frustrated with the Council and is eventually forced into servitude to the morally gray Christoph, who rules an assemblage of bizarre monsters and machines in the Netherworld.

Years pass, and Christopher the Second travels to Planet C to set up his own kingdom.  All is well for years, until a strange mist envelops the land.  Christina is elected as Queen while Christopher himself investigates the matter.

All the while, unknown to them, the Christopher Kingdom is being used in a proxy war against the Netherworld.  A third Christopher, a being with godlike powers, resides on the Planet CBP-1, watching over these events and hoping to draw out his archenemy and doppelganger Christoph.

The war between them–a war between good and evil, freedom and fear–has already played out over the course of two decades.  This third Christopher–often referred to as Chris–has returned to the past from a dark future where the State of Christopher is ruled with an iron hand by a being known only as Shadows.

Oddly enough, in that future, Christopher and Christoph are friends who have banded together against a greater evil–that of a monstrous being of pure hatred, Scepter, and the dictatorial forces of the High Tribunal.  Chris and Christoph together captured Scepter and imprisoned him in the Paradox–a place of both existence and non-existence.  Scepter abides in that prison, awaiting the time when a force strong enough to awaken his full strength enables him to return to the Realm and resume his reign of terror.

In the meantime, the present that Chris hopes to change becomes ever darker with all he does to fix the future.  The war that he could not prevent before is happening again, with results he can no longer anticipate…

So, with all that said, a bit on the characters themselves:

Christopher the First–benevolent King of Lionia and father to…

Christopher the Second–King of the Christopher Kingdom

Christopher (Chris) of CBP-1–Creator of the Realm and sole resident of the ‘Colonel’s Bureau’, his base of operations

Fordius Tack–Chief Agent of the Christopherian Governmental Establishment of Good Agency, or CGEGA

President–elected official who serves as liaison between the people and the Intelligence Bureau

Christina–Queen of the Christopher Kingdom, elected to serve when Christopher the Second is engaged in military operations, later serving as co-ruler of the Kingdom

Lyselle–Warrior Queen of the Conscience Kingdom in the south of Planet C

Arthur and Audrey McCarthy–Leaders of the Heart Kingdom, neighbors to the Conscience Kingdom

Thea–beloved of the people, an up-and-coming Christopherian corporal who has aspirations to be Empress

Get Tough–captain of the junk ship Space Captain, robotic warrior with diamond-studded shoulders and fists

Starlit–co-pilot of the Space Captain, master programmer and ‘sister’ to Get Tough

Dr. Stephen–expert on robotics hailing from Lionia

Christoph–godlike Ruler of the Netherworld, a sector of space found via a wormhole in the Realm

Adablaster–formerly Adam of the Lionian Council, turned into a monstrosity by Christoph and forced into servitude

Garg–one of Christoph’s top generals, monstrous and cruel

Serpent–one of Christoph’s top generals, Commander of the Solid Army and second-most feared amongst Christoph’s inner circle

There will, of course, be more characters, I hope, and more battles ahead.  I look forward to sharing as many as I can write down.

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