Raps of the Christopherian Realm #12 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

And so the battle
For Planet C continued
Until the Netherworld’s vessels
Were on the menu
Garg was forced
To abandon his first plans
And he withdrew his troops
To prepare for a last stand
The King wanted
To go on an offensive
But they couldn’t be sure of
This Garg’s intentions
They prepared an
Old war invention
And issued the order
To dig up some trenches
With Garg’s fleet
No longer a threat
They called back the pod ships
To strengthen their defense
And they waited
With bated breath, intense
Wondering at that point
What would happen next

Fordius approached the planet
Was confounded
To see Garg’s entire fleet
Already grounded
But his plan for sabotage
Was still on
His plan was to strand
The enemy and kill some
Garg was foolish
The dude was assuming
That all of Christopher’s units
Were still retooling
The Death Dagger
Was completely unguarded
Fordius saw it
As the most critical target
He set explosives
Throughout the hangar
And made it to the bridge
Without a single danger
He was close to
Priming all his charges
Then he realized
There was something he’d forgotten–
The ship’s computer
It was loaded with data
He made himself a copy
To search through it later
He skimmed schematics
And his eyes were astounded
Then alarms sounded–
He found himself surrounded

Fordius drew down
To blast his way out of it
The intel he had was big
There’s no doubting it
Twin battle stations
Code named as Gauntlet
And key information
That could end the conflict
The location of
The Netherworld’s capital
A planet named Impreg
The intel was factual
A great palace
With a crystal deep beneath it
Destroy the crystal
And the enemy is beaten
Could it be done?
Could the war be won?
Fordius thought
As he fired both his guns
And many robots
Dropped from head shots
He slid into an elevator
Blew the floor and then stopped
He closed the doors
And then did a nose dive
He pressed the red button
The explosives were then primed
He had less than a minute
And realized
He’d passed an emergency exit
To get topside
He went back
And grabbed the door
Regretted it
The door was too heavy
And password protected
He saw his watch
Counting down from five
He knew he had
Four more seconds to be alive…

Christopher was at odds
With Queen Christina
Over the ascension of
The Corporal Thea
And it seemed that
Thea had a mission
To have herself installed
As ruler–a new ambition
“We’ve had enough
People die within our borders,”
She said, “To preserve the peace,
We need order–
One ruler, unchallenged
Can bring us success
So I call for a vote
To decide upon an Empress.”
Christina said, “No Empress
Would give up her power.
We think for ourselves
We won’t be moral cowards.”
Christopher said, “Thea’s right–
We need to focus on our enemies.
Only with one ruler
Can we decide quickly.”
Christina said,
“You’re siding with this woman?
I have to wonder if
Perhaps you’re lying with this woman!”
He replied, “I’m not,
Nor have I been with you.
But it’s Thea I desire–
She’s a goddess and a friend, too.”
Christina said, “You don’t know
Her intentions.
She doesn’t care for you.
She’s deadly–I can sense it.”
“She said she loved me.”
“I don’t believe she meant it.
Your heart is a castle
That has to be defended.
And if it’s broken
It can be hard to mend it
Love will drop you harder
The higher you’ve ascended.”
Christopher said,
“The people have lost hope.
They’ve already asked
That we put it to a vote.”
Christina said to him,
“Have you become dumb?
Where in the world
Did all of this even come from?”
“We’ve given these people
Nothing but war.
We need to offer them
Something else–they deserve more.”
“We’ve already seen
How this will end!
Either remove the ambitious
Or I can’t be your friend!”
“The people deserve
A new leader.
If you have such a problem
With this, then defeat her.”
With that, Christopher turned
And walked away,
Then he said, “One more thing:
Don’t get in our way.”
Christina said, “Oh?
So you’re threatening me?”
He turned to glare at her,
And said, “Most definitely.
We’ll remove you from power,
Queen Christina.
Make way for the rise
Of our new Empress Thea…”

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