Raps of the Christopherian Realm #13 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

En route
From the planet of Impreg
Christoph had a plan
To render men dead
“Serpent, my servant,”
Christoph said,
“The Solid Army is yours.
You’ll be at its head.
Lay absolute waste
To Lionia.
Destroy their fleet
And invade with your soldiers.
I grow tired of
Pretending to scuffle.
It is far past time
We began to flex muscles.
Now, I will personally
Take the field
And wage war until
Planet C has to yield.
They’ll learn the full extent
Of my power.
I’ll destroy their kingdoms
And pull down their towers.
And if I see hide or hair
Of that coward,
Christopher himself will be
Pushing up flowers.”

The Space Captain
Sighted the Warhammer
Sitting as if dead in space
With no commander
“Why’s a capital ship
Sitting abandoned?”
Tough asked,
“Sis, I don’t understand it.”
“I’m hacking into their systems,”
Said Starlit.
“I’ll see if perhaps
We can locate the problem.”
The final log then
Scrolled up her screen
She found herself wanting to say
Something obscene
“Fordius Tack
Is now in trouble!
We’ve got to get planetside
Before he’s rubble!”
Tough pushed the ship
To its limits
And as they hit atmosphere
Then his instruments
Lit up like a pinball machine
“Enemy camp
Coming up on my screen.
Engaging in a strafing run
Would get us seen.”
“No time!” Starlit said,
“We’re not able!
Agent Tack is on
A very tight timetable!
He went off on a
Sabotage mission–
Who could watch the government
If Tack went missing?”
“The Death Dagger‘s ahead!
We’re approaching!”
Just then, they heard
The first set of explosions…

Adablaster heard the explosions
Looked to see
He pointed to a cloud of flame
“Our ships, my liege!
Someone out there
Is destroying our fleet!”
Garg said, “We don’t need
The ships.  We won’t be leaving.”
“What do you mean,
We won’t be leaving?”
“We’ll remain here until
The enemy’s defeated.
Scorpion tanks,
Start your advance!
We march now
On Christopher Castle, to attack!”
And so column after column
Of tanks
Rumbled ahead, making mighty sounds
Across the landscape
“This day will make us great,”
Garg said, “For it’s the day
We correct your mistakes.”
At that Adablaster
Inwardly seethed
And drew a small blade
From beneath his sleeve
Garg laughed
Didn’t look in his direction
Seized his hand, twisted
Severed the connections
Adam screamed
As Garg inflected,
“It’s a pity for you
We don’t have medics.
But if you’re bothered
By the pain, then chances
Are good you might need
To go see a mechanic.
You were brought
As a silent observer.
Christoph will be told
You are now a deserter.
We have no use
For your breath.
He will see to it
That you meet your death.”
With that,
Garg turned and left
And Adam realized
He was out of his depth…

Back on the
Planet CBP-1
Christopher watched in horror
At the explosions
It was too late to save him
Fordius Tack had just met the grave and
So who would be there
To save him now?
This wasn’t the way
The story had gone down
Now the Agency
Had no head
And the government would have
No check instead
Worse still, the war
Was now on two fronts
Lionia was under attack
By Serpent’s new guns
He could hear the screams
Of their fleets
As thousands and thousands
Were rendered deceased
And Christopher the First
On his throne
Was approached by Serpent himself
Walking alone
Serpent assailed him
And quickly impaled him
The Netherworld prevailed
And Christopher had failed, then–
A free people
Meant to live as equals
Slaughtered wholesale
By the armies of evil
Christopher sees
It happening on his screens
And sinks to his knees
He still can’t believe it
And then he starts to
Tremble with rage
His body starts glowing
Like he’s some kind of mage
And he looks at the
Screen again
A lone shuttle’s flying
“Christoph, my friend–
So you’ve decided
To come forth to battle.”
He leapt into the air
And the whole building rattled
His body became pure energy
He raced to Planet C
To engage his old enemy…

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