Heavyweight Flow (A Rap)

I’ll rap a mile a minute
Faster than intended
You check in with me
I’m a rap superintendent
You don’t get it so you quit it
Like it’s quidditch
I’m the rap seeker
Fast enough to defeat you
So undo the straps
The belt is mine
It’s a championship round
Going down with these rhymes
And all the judges
Might be begrudging
But I’m back by popular demand
Like big government
You hear the flows
And forget what the others did
You’ll be left with nothing
Is what my mother said
Instead I’ve got myself a wife
And a couple kids
If nothing’s what this is, then
I’m lovin’ it
It’s going down like
An all-day breakfast
I’m reckless while
You other rappers are just feckless
I’ll protest, protect it–
Forget it
While I’m trend-setting
You rap about your necklace
I’m still young
And silver-tongued
And giving some
Fruits of knowledge
Of good and bad
That’s killing ’em
Whoa now–
Who told you you were naked?
With language like that
You defile what is sacred

It’s kind of funny
How these folks think they can run with me
But never really have
Good motives ’bout their company
So I find myself
Often riding solo
But even Han needed
A Chewbacca for the road though
He’s mighty
Unlike me in fighting
But with this pen and paper
I shine brighter than lightning
So hear me roar
That’s what I’m writing for
I’m not nearly bored
Come on–look at the score
Though many rappers are up
And I’m at zero
I’m an aerial ace
With this microphone like Spearow
And I can change the timeline
Like Nero
‘Cause what I’ve read matters
The competition is shattered
Like a sheep without a shepherd
They scattered
Must have been residual–
Leftovers of Biblical
The odd verse
Can drop lots of proverbs
I’ll have your brain
Chowing down like it was bratwurst
I thought first
That my life had gotten cursed
Was not even worth
The price of food at Shoppers
I got a thirst
And got hurt
And lost her
Then I taught myself to fly
Like helicopters
Because the air looks better
From up there
And the clouds are like
Cotton candy at the fair
Though I may not make ’em
Stop and stare
I can still try to crash the market
Like a bear

I’m heavyweight
And left a cult
Like Heaven’s Gate
Changed my fate
Still making up a better way
And life hits me hard
Until the leather breaks
My heart carries scars
But I’ve never been in better shape
It’s uplifting
How life is shifting
The power of forgiveness
Empowers me to live this
It’s like I skipped it
Talented and gifted
I look at my troubles
And see?  They’re insignificant
I face it all with a smile
Like Barry Allen did
I can look back in awhile
And say I’m proud of it
All the bumps in the road
Have really changed me
But strangely
I cut off challenges
Like gangrene
And mainly
Don’t let the pain constrain me
I’ll blame me
But I won’t let the blaming break me
So when people ask me
What I’m doing
My answer to them is this:
I’m still going

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