Closed Wounds (A Song)

They crash against me like waves
All the things I can’t say
When I look at your face
And then I feel ashamed
Because you’re lovely
But not thinking of me
And all the words they mean nothing
And they all sound the same

I don’t understand
Though I’m another man
Don’t know what to think of it and
It’s crazy to me
And it’s a struggle
Not to tell you I love you
And all the things that I’d love to
Share with you, all my dreams

So if I like you
And I don’t have the right to
I guess I will try to
Hide it from your eyes
Yet if I’m by you
Do I have to lie to
You, just like I do
When I tell myself inside

That I’m happy
Because someone had to have me
Even if they are lacking
Well, at least she’s there
I have to slap me
Get myself back on track, see
Because I see it exactly
Well, at least she cares

So there’s really no open door
So what am I hoping for?
I don’t even know anymore
Don’t even know where to go anymore
I just know not to show anymore
Of what’s behind these eyes
‘Cause if you see it
Sickness like I need treatment
A soul crushed and defeated
With no more left inside
Oh, I believe it
No point in misleading
I have battled this weakness
Until I’m numb all the time
So you won’t see me cry

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