Raps of the Christopherian Realm #14 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

There is a place in the Realm
It’s called the Paradox
There you can exist
And at the same time not
A terrible place
Created by the future
Forces out of place
From facing the Tribunal
And this Paradox
Was a prison
A monster was held there
By one joint decision
A monster
In the form of a man
Suspended in air by
Nonexistent hands
He was draped in black
And named Scepter
He dreamed of a world
Where his reign was accepted
He gained his power
From a very dark place
Born from the rage of
Christopher’s burning hatred
With him around
The State wasn’t safe
So they had to find a way
Some method to contain him
But every so often
A hate that was strong
Would undo his chains
So that he could do wrong
And no one in the Realm
Could hurt him
Except Christopher and Christoph
If they’re working
Together, then maybe
They can chain him forever
But the future is changing
To the age of Scepter
Dark emanations
Are changing the future
He senses the change
And it dissolves his chains
With eyes black, crimson,
And insane
He returns to the past
To make it everlasting
His very name–
With terror it is mentioned
This is the beginning
Of Scepter’s Ascension…

Christopher’s arrival
On Planet C was curious
He entered atmosphere
Without fear, and furious
And the King was confused
About the concept
How could he fly like that
Without a starship?
Chris flew to them
The wind whipped his cape
He stood tall and said to them:
“Don’t be afraid.
You don’t know me yet,
But I’m a friend.
I’m here to see this battle
Through to the end.”
Thea approached him
And handed him some data:
“In case something happens
You’ll have it to read later.
It concerns our most
Critical mission.
Only in your hands
Will rest the right decision.”
Though most were unsure
Of his intentions
It went without mention
As he joined them in the trenches
After all, it seemed that
Thea trusted him
And Thea was regarded
As honorable amongst them
They all turned
Their collective attentions
To the massive rumbling
Noises in the distance
Would one person
Really make a difference
Or would the phalanx of tanks
Pound them into insignificance?

The Space Captain
Was first to be attacking
Dr. Steven unwrapped
His soldiers from their packaging
The first one was called W2
Short for Weapon Warrior
With multiple tools
The second had an eyepatch
His name was Cybot
He had a hoverboard to soar
Because, why not?
The crystal in his eye
Made a focused laser
Powerful enough
To create multiple craters
And so they spread out
‘Cause it was time to get out
“We need to start a bombing run–
So get the lead out!”
The Space Captain
Dropped into the action
Strafing tanks and
Blowing them way off the map and
Starlit said,
“We can’t keep up the bombing!
There’s troops down there–
We cannot risk our army!”
Get Tough sighed,
“Always gotta be the hard way!
Forgive me for helping–
I’ll get up out of y’all’s way!”
And so he joined
Steven’s bots in destroying
But onward came the forces
That Garg was employing

“Begin bombardment!
Increase your range of targets!”
Garg said, as he saw
His tanks were hard hit.
“Your fight is stronger, perhaps,
But you have honor.
This is the only chink
Upon your armor.”

Meanwhile, at the other end
Of the battle
Christopher and army
Ducked as earth rattled
He told them
To aim with grenades
And right after such precision
They would change their positions
They were able to destroy
Some front tanks
And many more behind them
Were blown at point blank
‘Cause each grenade
Was equipped with a warhead
Detaching itself
And shooting off with a laser grid
The tanks behind would get it
Like the tanks ahead
“The smoke is thick!
Start the charge!” Christopher said.
And so they rose up
From the trenches
To take on the tanks
And all of Garg’s henchmen
They kicked faces in
Destroyed gun emplacements
Drew swords and took down
Anything that replaced it
And suddenly,
Once the smoke had cleared,
A man in gray appeared–
Christoph was here…

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