Raps of the Christopherian Realm #15 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

“Bend the knees now,”
Christoph said,
“And you may well
Leave this place with your heads!
I have done enough waiting
Run out of patience
It’s time for you to see
The failure you put your faith in!
Christopher, you’ve made yourself sacred.
If you’re a god to them,
Then I’ll be your Satan.”
“We will never surrender
To your evil!”
Christopher said,
“I will fight beside my people!”
At that, Christoph began laughing
And before anyone could react
To what had happened
He raised a hand
And a power like a black sand
Swept away every single
Woman and man,
Until Chris alone
Was left to stand
Christoph said,
“Now, do you understand?
There is no one else but me!
Now we will meet
And you’ll go down in defeat!”
And so Chris
Took off flying
At a speed best described
As death-defying
Their fists met
With a powerful shockwave
That made the whole planet shake
Like an earthquake
And Chris’ army
Wasn’t understanding
They were thrown back again
From where they were standing
At a distance
Weaker than some kittens
In awe of the sight
Of these titans throwing fists
And Chris grabs Christoph
By the leg
And ends up getting body slammed
By him instead
He fired back
With a kick to the head
Knocked Christoph back
And felt a bit of dread
Christoph wiped black blood
With a sleeve
And said, “You can’t
Hope to change history!
So it has been,
And so it shall be!
This is the way
Of all immortal enemies!
So you are helpless
As can be, old friend.
The battle once fought
Will be happening once again!”

With that,
The evil villain flew away
And Chris did everything he could
To give chase
And then it happened
As he’d feared
He set his sights on Thea
And got near her
“Oh, yes–
The damsel in distress.
Pathetic old tripe
Repeated nonetheless.
And she is but
A pawn on the board
The beginning of the end
Of our private little war.”
He raised a hand
And he and Thea were gone
Leaving Chris with a stunned
Expression right upon
His face as his brain
Processed the information
It was time to regroup
For a final confrontation

Garg retreated with his troops
To the south pole
To the swamps
Where the fog still had a hold
Adablaster, in cuffs, said,
“Where’s your master?
I thought he would judge me
A traitorous disaster.
And now it seems
He could care less.
I guess he saw your tactics
And wasn’t that impressed!”
Garg said, “We will
Make camp here.
Not another word from you
Now, you hear?
Perhaps we can take our failure
And turn it into something
That will help us later…”

Meanwhile at the
Intelligence Bureau
Chris went over all the data
Thea was thorough
Fordius sent a last transmission
Of the data she was given
On his fatal mission
There was data
On twin battle stations
Oulon I and II
In guard formation
There was a wormhole
That led to the Netherworld
They could take the fight there
And then create a better world
Christoph resided
On the planet Impreg
A tower built above a crystal
Was his weakness
Better still, there was
News that was good
The location of a base called
The Master Code Input
Where instuctions
Could be given to the armies
Plant a virus there
And it would shut down their bodies
If they could do it
Then they’d march unopposed
To Christoph’s lair
And put an end to their foes
But at this center
Called the MCI
Chris remembered then
That many people died
In his past, this battle
Was an entrapment
Thea was turned
Into a weapon that attacked them
And even Chris himself
Was gravely wounded
And nothing to this day
Was the same because of losing
He nearly died
But made it out alive
Because of Agent Fordius Tack
By his side
But in this time,
Fordius was dead
So Chris would have to find
A better way instead
“I have no choice
But to order an attack
Even though I know
We’re headed into a trap.
Thea’s beloved
And crucial to our morale
So we have to go save her
We have to go now.
One absolute ruler
Will be needed.
I name myself
High Regent of the Kingdom
And order a new version
Of our fleet–
We depart the very second
The ships are complete…”

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