Raps of the Christopherian Realm #16 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

Chris wanted to
Create a different outcome
He made a new ruling group–
The High Council
Composed of
The people he knew well:
Christopher, Christina,
Audrey and Lyselle
They weren’t there to
Keep Chris in check
So much as they were there
‘Cause he needed their respect
Now that they knew
That he was here
He expected the people
Would greet him with fear
And what would compound
The people’s dread
Was the only one who
Could vouch for him was dead
They needed to take time
And consult
So they could single-mindedly
Command the assault
But from the start
The Council was divided–
About his authority
They were undecided
“Who are you?”
Queen Christina said.
“You expect us to trust
The word of one who’s dead?
And this Christoph
Seemed to know you.
What if you showed up here
‘Cause you were told to?
A false god
Designed to lead our people
Straight into a trap
And servitude to evil.”
“With respect, Your Highness,”
Audrey said,
“I think we should consider
A different view instead.
Without him as a check
Against Christoph,
Our chances of surviving here
Are quite dismal.
No one else can oppose him–
He’s the only one.
Would you rather suffer
The fate of Lionia?”
Christopher said,
“We all feel the tragedy.
Our hearts are heavy
As we recall that catastrophe.
This war has to come
To an end,
And if this is your agenda,
I welcome you as friend.”
Lyselle said,
“I, too, will stand with Chris.
We can’t spare the time
For fully understanding this.
I’m sure you know
We have a war to win,
And in the midst of that
We have to rescue our friend.”
Despite her misgivings
About Thea,
Even Queen Christina
For rescue was eager:
“But our resources
Are quite meager.
Without a fleet
How can we ever hope to retrieve her?”
Chris said, “We have the power
Of Warhammer
And another ship, Concourse One
Is still standing.
The Christopher Star II is ready.
With new armor and new weaponry,
It’s deadly.
And now to devise a plan.
We’re outgunned–the enemy
Clearly has the upper hand.
But I have a
New class of vessel–
A Shellship I like to call
The Titan’s Bellow.
Its two halves will
Encase the fleet
Then deploy and protect the flanks
Until we reach it–
Once we run past
Oulon I and II
I’ll assault the
Master Code Input ahead of you
If we disable it
Then we can move ahead
And put an end to
Christoph’s madness at Impreg.
If we can shatter his army
He’ll be helpless
And we’ll end this war
And still live to tell of it.
Maybe there is still
A little bit of hope,
So I’m asking for your help
To put it to a vote.”

So they called it
A federal emergency
And asked for the Congress
To vote with some urgency
But the people
Couldn’t really understand
And Congress voted against Chris
For command
“Fine,” Chris said,
“But I have the fleet.
If you want to end the war,
You have to come with me.
Maybe you don’t need
My brand of governing
But there are other fires
That still need a smothering.
I call upon
All volunteers:
If you want to rescue Thea,
Your chance is right here.”
And so the people
Flocked to his command
And his regency was backed
By popular demand
Congress was forced
To change their minds
So they agreed to
Take up the vote another time
And so the stage was set
For what would be
The most fated battle
In the nation’s history
By offering the people liberty,
Chris already felt
He had achieved a victory…

Meanwhile, at the
Master Code Input
Christoph explained that
He was up to no good:
“It will be a most grand finale.
Many today will enter Death’s valley.
And when we finally take a tally,
The Christopherians will die here…
This is the price
Of trying to silence me.
I will bring an end
To all who don’t bow to me…”

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