Raps of the Christopherian Realm #17 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

“We stand on the precipice.
We know the score.
The battle just ahead of us
Could end the war.
So I’m asking you all
To stay the course
As we’re going to the Netherworld
In full force.
Those who fear for
What we leave behind
Don’t stress yourself out
Here’s what I have in mind:
A fort that is named
To bring hope
To protect our homes
And I name it Fort GHOAT.
A squad of troops
Will form a regiment
Tasked with the mission
To watch home and protect it.
So all volunteers
Raise your hands.
It will be your job
To maintain the homeland.
The rest of you,
Get to your stations.”
And so the stage is set
For a great confrontation…

They lift off and head
Straight for the wormhole
“This is the battle
That we have all served for,”
Chris said,
“And the one we’ve searched for.
We have to stop Christoph now
Before he hurts more.”
He felt grim
And suddenly scared again
For in that moment
He found he cared again
And he belonged
With the people that he loved
He could still see the dead
All covered in blood
And he looked at
His hands again
Wondering if they’ll be stained
Because of plans of his
So far his efforts
To change the future
Had yielded uncertain results
It could be useless
He tried to change things
Arrived at the same things
That’s a summary
Of exactly what this day means
He looked at the calendar–
The sixteenth of January
A good day.  On this day,
He had a man to bury…

The shellship emerged
From the wormhole surrounded
The twin battle stations
Gave it quite a pounding
Chris said, “All vessels
Sound off.”
Concourse One here.”
“Check, Christopher Star.”
Warhammer, all weapons
Are green.”
“This is Ace Leader,
We’ll fly cover for the fleet.”
But they could do
Nothing but watch
As the Titan’s Bellow passed between
A multitude of shots
And finally the shellship
Was safe
From the battle stations’ weapons
And well out of range
Chris said, “All ships deploy.
Shellship release, we have a foe to destroy.”
The shellship
Separated in half
And the three warships
Started travelling fast
The space left in front of them
Was vast
And there appeared to be
No obstacles in their path
“Full ahead,” Chris said,
“We’re in the clear.
The Master Code Input
Is not far from here.”
But he had barely
Finished up the sentence
When two gargantuan fists
The color of crimson
Emerged suddenly from another dimension
Bearing down towards the fleet
And raising tension
Christopher Star II,
The fleet will try to guard you!
Get to the objective!
We won’t let them harm you!”
“This is Concourse One
What are we going to do?
The scanners show these fists
Are Gauntlet-class warships!
We don’t have anything
That will scratch them!
We’d just be wasting our lives
If we attack them!
I strongly urge that
We all retreat!
This is a trap designed to
Decimate our fleet!”
Chris plunged his ship ahead and said,
“I understand!
Save whatever lives you can.
But to me,
It makes no difference.
I’ll risk myself alone
And still go the distance.”
“Sir, I’d be the first
To wish you godspeed
But I think I’d best
Reserve that for the starfleet.”
Just then, the Gauntlets
Gave an answer
A legion of missiles
About to cause a massive
Ships blowing holes and
People flying out into space
And nearly frozen
But the Christopher Star II
Carried on–
The loss of life
Could be fixed if he still won
He decided to
Leave behind his ship
And fly off himself
To face the enemy quickly
It was time
The Master Code Input
Would be the key
To ending this conflict for good…

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