Raps of the Christopherian Realm #18 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

As Christopher
Disappeared inside
His fleet wondered if
He was out of his mind
They had no idea
What he would find
But for such questions
There was no time
This is Concourse One.
Damage report–
You took heavy fire from guns!
Please respond!
Is all your crew gone?
We’ll come about and cover you!
Please, just hang on!”
“This is Queen Christina
Commanding Warhammer!
We’re hit, but the ship
Can withstand the damage.
Minimal casualties
Off to our port.
Bring us about
Forty-five degrees if possible.
We’re going to fire from our
Starboard side
Then take us in at full speed
Until we’re inside
The right angle
This fire’s enough to strangle us
Watch your flank, Concourse One
This is dangerous!
All commands:
I have made a decision–
Whatever it takes
We will hold this position
Until or unless Chris
Returns from his mission.
No retreat–
Either we’re dying or we’re living.”

Just as Queen Christina finished
Get Tough and Starlit
Were entering the bridge with
Some vital data
That they needed to give her
“Command codes for the
Christopher Star II.
He said to trust no one
With this, except for you,”
Starlit said,
“Now I’m going–
My place is out in space
With the Captain
We’ve got a battle station to face.”
The fire is too thick
You wouldn’t last a minute
Inside a lone starship!
We’ve had to pull back
Ace Squadron!
I won’t let you burn out there–
It’s like a cauldron!”
Starlit said, “Your Highness,
I hear what you’ve said.
But if all of us stay on board
This ship, we’re dead.
Someone has to go up close
And see
If there’s a weakness
In the Gauntlet that’ll lead to its defeat.
It’s the only way
To buy us some time
And maybe even give us
A chance to survive.”
Christina took her hand and said,
“You’ve been a good friend.
I’m saying it now
If I don’t see you again.”
Starlit smiled tersely, said,
“You will.
I’ll do my best not to
Get myself killed.”
Just then, the Warhammer
Was rattled,
Turning Queen Christina’s attention
To the battle

Space Captain, go!
You’re cleared for top speed!”
And so the Space Captain
Eagerly did heed
Dropped down from
A hole in the hangar
Straight into a maelstrom
Of lasers and danger
But to danger,
Their ship was no stranger
Get Tough shouted in anger.
“I think they scratched up
My paint job!
I need to calculate
A great path to face them!”
Starlit said,
“You’re not doing what I think you’re doing?”
Get Tough said, “Actually,
I am, woman–
If we can travel much
Faster than their lasers,
We can carry out our objective
Much safer!”
“You’re talking about
Faster-than-light combat!
Don’t be stupid, please, man–
Just stop that!”
“The Space Captain‘s
The only ship that can do this!
Just strap yourself in–
I’m about to act foolish!”
It was unbelievable
Utterly inconceivable
The ship disappeared
Into streaks of light and streaked through
Starlit could only watch, baffled
As the lasers that
Should’ve destroyed them crawled past them
It was like
They were in ten different places
Her mind started suffering
From temporal displacement
Then it was gone
She started to drop bombs
The whole surface of
Gauntlet-1 dispersed with
A payload of
Explosive disbursements
“We’ve been hit!
The ship is unstable!
But sensors show the Gauntlet’s
Jets are disabled!
She can’t maneuver, Warhammer!
So just shoot her!”
And just as they were telling it
There approached the shellship
The Titan’s Bellow
Its lights were flashing yellow
Then they went red
And then Get Tough said,
“Whoa!  Titan’s Bellow‘s got gifts!
Weapons free, Bellow!
Hit ’em with all your warheads!”
A whole slew of
Clusterbomb warheads
Raced to the surface of
The now-damaged Gauntlet
The blow was near-fatal
And rocked it like a cradle
Starlit saluted it,
“Bye!  See you later!”
And then Christoph’s voice
Came out the box:
“You seem to think that
You can’t be stopped.
Too bad, because
That’s where you’re wrong.
The two of you are nothing
But a problem to be solved.”
And then a light blinked
On their sensor station–
The screen called out:
“Imminent detonation…”

Space Captain!
Come in!  Space Captain!”
Christina shouted, but
She got nothing but static.
“Can we confirm
The Captain‘s status?”
“Ma’am, it’s confirmed–
Catastrophic damage.
Ma’am…they knew the cost.
Sensors here are showing…
All lives lost…”

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