Raps of the Christopherian Realm #19 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

This is Concourse One!
We’re engaging Gauntlet-2–
We could use your help on this one!”
“Copy that,”
Christina said, shaking,
“We’ll be sending Christopher Star II
For safety.”
Then Christina
Entered the command codes
For the Star II
And assumed control
The ship began to come about
And unleashed a barrage
Of fire from its mouth
The firepower greatly slowed
The Gauntlet
But then she looked and saw
The other one wasn’t stopped yet
Was recharging its guns
“Your Highness–look!
The Gauntlet’s not done!”
“I don’t know–
We can’t handle both!
Withdraw and provide cover fire
For the other folks!
We’ve no choice
But to relaunch the fighters.
Ace Squadron, space is yours
You are required.”

Concourse One
Was taking quite a pounding
The crew’s eyes were gaping
Gauntlet-2 was astounding
They traded blows
And ships were getting close
A fire broke out on the bridge
Chris grabbed a hose
And then the ship started to shudder
“Maneuvering jets are done
We need cover!”
And just then,
The Christopher Star II
Emerged right in front of them
And blocked them from all view
It took hits
But gave them back quickly
It looked like a stalemate
But then something sickly
Emerged from a port on Gauntlet-2
And Concourse One
Wondered what it was about to do
It was a chain
Linked to a strange
Beam of energy
That was causing great pain
The Star II
Was about to be rammed
The Gauntlet got closer
It was Star‘s last stand
Then Ace Squadron
Swung up from below
And fired all its weapons
And made the chain explode
“Ace Leader,
Scratch one chain!
I think in that tactic
A weakness might remain!”
King Christopher said,
“I see your point!
The chain came out
From a critical joint!
If we can make them
Do that again,
Then maybe Gauntlet-2’s
Days are coming to an end!”
“We’ll make a run
To take out its guns
Ace Squadron, form up
It’s time for them to get some!”

And just as Ace Squadron
Made it to the right half
Sun-shaped ships emerged from nowhere:
I count a massive legion!
There’s too many of them
For us to defeat them!”
Concourse One!
This is Warhammer!
Fzzzt!  More fight–zz”
“Our signal’s jamming!
Ace Squadron, check your port side!
I count thirty-five more
IDAFs to arrive!”
And then the screams
Would echo through the bridge
“No!  No!
They were just kids!”
“Sir, what do you want for us to do?
There’s no more chance
Of stopping them, we’re through!”
Just then the bridge
Started turning sideways
Everyone grabbed onto something
And held it tightly
“Sir?  Gauntlet-2’s getting closer.
I think they want to ram us
Here, we’re too exposed, sir.”
“Fall back!
We have to retreat!
There’s nothing more to do here!
It ends in defeat!”

And King Christopher
Held his head in shame
But the cut on his head meant
It may have been in pain
And all those lives lost
In vain
All so they could save
One person–it was strange
But then the ship
Was starting to shatter
And he waited for the end
Maybe none of it would matter
He was knocked from his
Place on the bridge
There was ringing in his ears
And more pain in his head
He couldn’t quite hear what was said
“Sir!  The Gauntlet-2!
It’s dead!”
He stumbled once, then got
To his feet
And shook his head slowly–
It had to be a deceit
Because what he saw
Didn’t seem right
A woman in a dress
Who had just won the fight
And then a strange aura
Surrounded her
She looked right at him
And then turned around again
She flew right into Gauntlet-1
And shattered it as if
It was made from glass or something
Everyone stopped
What they were doing
And stared out in disbelief–
She wasn’t human
“Sir!  Look–you’re not
Going to believe it.
A closer look shows that
This is Corporal Thea!”
“What?  Is communication up?
I need confirmation
Of this information.”
Concourse One,
This is Warhammer.
I’m seeing something here
And I’m not understanding it.”
“Believe me,
I’m seeing the same thing.”
“Hello,” Thea said.
“I’ve rescued you, my King.”
She got closer
And phased through the window
They couldn’t understand
How Thea had entered in, though
“I’ve rescued all of you
That I could, friends.
With the power I have now,
All of this can end.
We’re heading home.
Christopher is alone–
I believe he has offered himself
To let us go.
I fear that we may never know.
But he granted me the strength
To give us salvation.
All of you should
Return to your stations.
I promise I’ll explain
All that happened to me later…”

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