Closed Wounds (Part 2)

Who are you?

And why do I miss you?

Why can’t I forget you?

And when I say your name

It’s like tomorrow

Has yesterday’s sorrows

And the future has borrowed

From the past for its pain

I have closure

And I say that I don’t hurt

But with every exposure

I wonder if I’m wrong

I’m not crying

And I don’t feel like dying

But should I be relying

On my mind or my heart?

That’s the thing about old wounds

They don’t do as they’re told to

So it’s something to go through

Until the echoes subside

Want to hold you

But I don’t really know you

And I wouldn’t know what to

Do, it’s like you’re stuck in my mind

And you’re here again

And I hold you so dear again

And still it’s unclear again

How it takes my breath away

And makes me feel again

I wonder will there be tears again

And love turns to fear again

What more can I say?

So make me smile and then disappear

Were you just what was missing here?

I know time’s unforgiving here

But you still won’t see me cry

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