Raps of the Christopherian Realm #20 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

The Master Code Input Center
A place only offering death
To those who entered
And Chris could feel it
In his soul
It was like he was entering
A spiritual black hole
An iris opened
Like someone was controlling it
Strange thing about it was
That no one was patrolling it
No ships, no robots–
Not a soul in it
Or was there?
Chris thought he saw something up there
But it was near dark enough
To make him run scared
A familiar voice then said,
And laughed like a man
You could expect your death from
Then the lights came on
As if by fire
Christoph now shouted,
The monstrosity of metal
Chris beheld
Could only be described
As mechanical hell
Like a place robots go
For torment
Gears and blades and switches
Built for war and
Nothing but chaos
Chips, wires and servers
A fiber optic network
Like none he’d ever heard of
And in front of him
A long, wide catwalk
A throne bathed a silvery color
Like many others
It was the kind of throne
That could hover
And there he was,
Draped across it like a lover

Christoph stood and said,
“At long last.
Christopher and Christoph–
Future and the past.
So, Christopher,
You remember this day?
January 16th,
It was a day
Most marked by our fate
And your failure to save
Your people from the grave.
But you see, you were made
To be slaves.
Your kingdom–
It isn’t a place for the brave.
And here are sown
The seeds of revolution.
You tried to control me
And here’s my retribution:
I will crush you
With what you love most.
Behold! The destroyer
Of all your last hopes!”

And then a cloud appeared
Of dark energy
It dissipated now
And the face of his new enemy
Soon appeared
Chris drew back in fear
Christoph said,
“You should never have come here.”
And there she stood
He knew it was not good
She floated down to meet him
Like something out of theater
She smiled at him and said,
“I am Empress Thea.
You will bow down to me
As your new leader.
And if you won’t, then
Your people will.
They’ll cry out for your blood
To be shed, poured, and spilled.
So I advise you to
Accept the deal.
We know it’s what you want
If love for me you feel.”
And suddenly Chris
Wasn’t thinking clearly
He felt a power so great
It crushed his deepest feelings
Thea said,
“Your soul is so revealing.
I know what you desire–
Obey your heart and feelings.”
Her very energy
Spread through him like poison
He fell to his knees
The darkness right before him
Christoph approached
And said to Empress Thea,
“Go forth
And take your place
As their new leader.”
At that Thea floated away
As she said, “A great people will
Long recall this day.
I have the power to break
And to enslave
I will make fools and cowards
Of even the greatest brains.
Make them betray
Even their deepest faith,
And from this day forward
None of them are safe!”

“NO!” Chris shouted,
But she was gone
He turned to face Christoph
And said, “What have you done?!”
Christoph replied,
“Simply preserved the past.
None of the changes you’ve made
Could ever last.
But our time is an ocean
It’s quite vast
And one drop of change
Is like a storm blast.
And now its waves
Will send you to your grave
Or a living death–
The future where we’re both slaves.
Unlike you, I will
Admit the truth–
No one should ever do
What you’ve allowed her to.
There used to be a people
Proud of you
You were a legend–
Now reduced to bowing, fool.
So bow and scrape
As your betrayers take
And you remain blind
To everything that’s at stake!
You were a god,
For God’s sake!
Now you’re a shell,
A broken man to hate!”
And so his rage
Became an open gate
And Chris stood at last
Now to retaliate
Chris said, “And now I know
At last.
I should have killed you
When I had the chance.
And it was on this day
The chance came.
I held back before
But no more mistakes.
I’m going to kill you–
That will fix the future!
If we are both dead
There’s nothing they can do to us!”
And so exploded
The air as he flew forward
The Realm was at stake
And they met to fight for it…

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