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Raps of the Christopherian Realm #23 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

“Not so fast,” Christoph said,
“My friend.
Didn’t you think I would
Be there at the end?
You don’t get to
Exit our game
By stabbing yourself
With the Unholy Blade.
But I’ll admit–for a twit,
You’re clever.
Nevertheless, when we end,
We’ll end together.
After all, what is peace
Without violence?
Noise without silence?
And what is obedience, then,
Without defiance?
And there’s a future
Where we share an alliance.
If one of us is gone,
Then how could we ever find it?
If there is a future
We should never change
It’s the one where you and I
Are brothers. Isn’t it strange?
So killing you would be a
Change of heart.
I’d rather watch your kingdom
Tearing itself apart.
You’ve never faced a threat
Like this before–
Your very own people
Engaged in civil war.
You always thought
That was fought against me,
But the mirror itself
Has become your true enemy.
So crawl home, friend.
Lick your wounds.
I assure you, we will meet again–
And quite soon.”

He turned to Thea and said,
“Excellent work.
And now it is as promised–
The victory was deserved.
Who would have thought
I was right?
I never imagined
He’d fall for you twice.
The future must be
A really bad life.
I’ve seen glimpses of it
And it doesn’t seem right.
And there’s a truth in all this–
I’m not a devil.
I’m only looking for
An opponent who’s on my level.
So now, at last,
Your people are safe.
And for it all, Empress,
They’ll have you to thank.”
Thea said, “Then all the losses
Have been worth it.
I thank you for showing me truth–
Now it is certain.
You can count on the Theans
For their loyalty
So long as you agree
You will never be destroying me.
They won’t accept it
My people will not expect it
But I trust we’ll be secrue
As a Netherworld protectorate.”
“A protectorate? No.
You’re independent.
The Entity is yours–
You alone must defend it.
You could end this war
With less bloodshed.
Reunite the kingdom
And see no more of your brothers dead.
So for now,
I leave you in peace.
I hope that now you
Will give your people relief.”

And so Christoph departed
And Chris kept on crawling
His battered body wheezed
But he hadn’t yet fallen
And there was someone else
He could call in
No one else prepared for this
Except Resistance Regiment
He reached over
And tapped his shoulders
Keyed in a special code
And it was over
Thea said, “And now
There’s nothing left of you.
Nothing at all, I suppose–
Except residue.
So keep crawling, Chris,
As you’re meant to do.
If you ever fight me again,
I’ll put an end to you.”

And then Christopher
Struggled to his feet
His uniform dusty and
His shame at his defeat
Consumed his features
For failure was a teacher
To even the wisest
And most powerful of creatures
And with every slow step
He walked
As he realized again that
This loss was his fault
He felt like he needed
To be slapped
For leading his people into
The same trap
So he would need to disappear
For awhile
He headed to the Barren Lands
To live out his exile
Little did he know
That this was a pilgrimage
Fraught with the dangers
Of foes quite villainous
But beyond the barren
Was survival
And strength that he needed
To confront all his rivals
For his spirit was
In need of revival
And eating humble pie
Would await all the prideful
He walked on
His face wet with tears
He remembered how to cry
After all these years
But he remembered
How to love again
And grimly said,
“I’m never giving up again.
My footsteps have led me here
So it is here I will stand
And battle every fear.
I will never submit
To being conquered.
Today, evil won–
But good will be stronger.
And I have to hold on
A little longer
On the other side of war
There is peace over yonder.”
And so a great journey
Starts anew
There is hope in whatever
Christopher’s about to do…

Love and Death (Part 2)

Here we stand
At the edge of a chasm and
Only love and death
Between us
I’m asking can
We really handle it?
I’m reaching out
But I can’t see us
And in response to the storm warning
What comes over you?
You turn away
And disappear into the dark
I want to throw myself into the waves
And cover you
But you fade away
You’re not there at all

Love is for you
And death is for me
With or without you
I can’t seem to breathe
Love is for you
Until the last breath of me
What I would not do
To give you the best of me

I’m looking for you
But I can’t see my hand in front of me
And then I’m scared to
Because I think I’m going to fall
And then from nothing
I feel your hands, they’re touching me
I feel them there to
Rescue me now from it all
But inside me, there’s a warring
Between love and fear
And then I know you’ve come and gone again
There’s no denying that before it
Back when you were here
I was still scared something was wrong again

Love is for you
And death is for me
With or without you
I can’t seem to breathe
Love is for you
Until the last breath of me
What I would not do
To give you the best of me

Still crave your touch
And killed by the pain of it
Slave to your love
But changed from its innocence
What good is love
If death is its next of kin?
Why not give up?
Love’s a game no one can win

Love is for you
And death is for me
With or without you
I can’t seem to breathe
Love is for you
Until the last breath of me
What I would not do
To give you the best of me

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #22 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

There she floated
Four meters in the air
Thea fixed Chris with
A heartless stare
He closed the doors
With a rush of air
It stunned him even now
How Thea was so fair
Like something of
Children’s nightmares
A regal gown of purple
Cloaked her right there…
And so the air was still
“Leave my people alone.
Do with me what you will,”
Chris said,
“This corruption ends here!
We were meant to live
In freedom, not in fear!”
Thea was passive,
Then she laughed at him–
With so much contempt
It meant she wasn’t mad at him
And then she stared as if
To see through him
Imagining the horrible things
That she would do to him
Then she spoke to him, one word,
That’s what you held
In your ivory tower.
Stood idly by
Like a coward
While your people were slain
By the tens and the thousands.
And so much have you
Withheld from us
That it’s a miracle you ever
Gained anyone’s trust.
And it was Christoph
Who delivered us
He showed in an instant
That his power was unlimited.
Yet you also partake
In the infinite,
Keeping us so foolishly
Indebted like a usury.
But now I see
Your true interest:
You wanted us to take a knee
Bow to you in slavery.
And what would you have done
If we refused?
Leave to be slaughtered
Like Lionia, our father?
Well, now, your power
Is rendered useless.
I suppose it always was–
That’s what the truth is.
We’re only objects for you
To control
What a great reflection
It reveals of your soul!
And now our people have
A true leader.
I, Empress Thea,
Now rule the Planet C of
This Realm of yours.
All the stories
You would tell before
Now I know the lies
That you boldly must have held before
All those pawns
The fathers and the sons
The women and the girls
In your fort, holding guns.
The only thing, then
Between them and me,
And the full creation of
The new Thean Entity,
Is you,
And there’s nothing you can do.
You are weakened from before
And I’m here to put an end to you.”

And then a sword appeared
Chris was afraid
For the sword he beheld
Was the Unholy Blade
The only weapon
That could ever kill him
And only ever wielded
By Christoph, the villain
“Impossible. Christoph would
Trust no one
With the blade of my bane–
No one, I mean, no one.”
He drew back
And sat in his confusion,
Stood, gained his will,
“Christoph will need a new one!
So if it’s war you seek,
I’ll bring war!
To the death, then!
Your reign is no more!”

And so he took off
And hit her really hard
At the speed of thought
With the power of a god
But she absorbed it
As if it was annoying
Backhanded Chris
With the force of a destroyer
He slammed hard to the ground
Made a crater
Thea was there peeling his skin
Off by layers
Picked him up
With some telekinesis
And Chris was so defeated
And too weak for pleading
She balled up her fists
And gave him a beating
Grabbed him by the throat
And slammed him into Fort GHOAT
He coughed up some blood
She slammed him thirty times more
Now he was whimpering
Like a broken infant
The sorrow in his eyes
Was a plea for her to end it
She let him down
He crumpled to the ground
And aside from the stirring of wind
There was no sound
And now Chris crawled
To his knees
His bloody hand trembled
From his ripped up sleeve
And the Unholy Blade
Reached his hand
Thea saw him call it to himself
Didn’t understand
Until she saw the glint of the blade
As slowly Christopher turned it
In his own way
His hand burned
For death he still yearned
“Everyone dies,” he said,
“Now it’s my turn.
This is it.
My life is forfeit.
It was never my right
To rule–I’m clearly unfit.
And twice I tried
In all my stubborn pride
All I ever managed to do
Is by the wayside.
And with this blade,
History can be fixed
If I perish here
It will end the contest.
The war is over, Christoph–
I’m done.
Wherever you are, old friend,
It seems you’ve won.”
And so the Realm would be
Plunged into darkness
As the last hope alive
Would die, brokenhearted…

Raps of the Christopherian Realm #21 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

In a blur
And faster than could be heard
Christoph and Christopher
Collided like a missile burst
The shockwave
Disrupted the very timeline
Opened up a gate
For a monster to find
And it was then
Scepter opened his eyes
And began the long swim
Through the currents of time
He watched existence
Flicker with a grimace
And then with a grin
As he felt the power within
Just like a hatred
Born from whole nations
Rippling across him
In waves as if from Satan
And across the stream
Of time he floated
Chris and Christoph
To a battle were devoted
Their bodies had passed beyond
The physical
Matter turned to energy
Flesh turned to spiritual
They were expressions
Of dichotomous essences
Their bodies were glowing
With fire drawn from everything
What they could see
Would be strange to you and me
Like a sky bathed in ravens
Floating across a black sea
It was a fight
That could hardly be described
Fire born from fists
And heat burning from eyes
And Chris felt his death
Churn inside
But he couldn’t give in
Just yet because of pride
The next attack
And the stars became black
And the Realm changed forever
Never to turn back

Chris awoke
And he thought he was at home
Till he saw the red strobe of
Lights under the dome
“Oh, thank goodness–
We thought you were dead!”
A beautiful face
Above him then said.
“It took us months
To retrieve you.
Christopher, my Regent,
My people need you.”
Chris said, “Where am I?
Who are you?”
She said, “Queen Christina–
I really thought you knew.
“Of course I did, I knew,”
Christopher then said,
“Guess I must’ve taken
Quite a bump on the head.
Wow, if I’ve been out
For some months
Can you brief me
On what happened while I was gone?”

Just then
The whole building shuddered
They saw pieces of rubble
And knew they were in trouble
“She’s here,
But she hasn’t broken through.
Fort GHOAT was built
To even withstand you.
The Christopher Kingdom
Is no more,
And what’s left has descended
Into a civil war.
One side stands with me,
Queen Christina,
And the rest are true believers
Deceived by Empress Thea.
But so far,
All we can do is run.
Empress Thea herself
Is invulnerable to guns.
She’s become a demented
And labeled us as traitors
Without even due process.
Congress is gone–
Destroyed by a bomb.
I suppose we’ll be joining them
Before too long.
Our loyal brethren
Formed Resistance Regiment
To bring back our freedom
And defeat the malevolent.
Also among the living
Is the President,
But what good’s a President
If no one left elected him?”
At that, Christina
Broke down in tears,
“I tried to warn the King–
Now we’re seeing our worst fears!
But there is hope again,
Now that you’re near.
You’re our only hope
Of ending civil war here.
Can you stand?”
“I believe I can,” Chris said,
“But I may end up
Needing a hand.”
Slowly, Chris struggled
To his feet,
The shock weighing heavily on him
The defeat
And how Thea had risen
By deceit
And was leading by treason
It couldn’t be believed
“Is this what my hands have done?
Nothing left but death
And Christoph has won…
Because of me,
There’s no one here to save me.
If I am to die,
Then I will face it bravely–
And gravely,
As times have been lately
Darkness has spread
Across the land greatly.
I couldn’t blame you, Christina,
If you hate me.
Now I must go out
And become what fate makes me.”

And so he rose
And brushed off his clothes
He tried to look brave,
Struck a heroic pose
And tried hard not
To let it show
That if truth be known
His insides had frozen
He couldn’t find the strength
That he needed
His battle with Christoph
Had left him depleted
And his insides
Had started to bleed
He walked up the stairs
Wiped his mouth with a sleeve
He was finding it
Harder to breathe
And his zeal to believe in
His cause had bereaved him
Now he would face
The one who grieved him
His heart was in pieces
And surely he was dreaming
Tears on his face
He was weeping
But it was time to wake up
The beast that was sleeping
He reached the doors
They parted before him
Now he would face
The love that would destroy him…

Love and Death (A Song)

We’re in an age of
Love and death
Two edges of
The very same sword
It pierces armor
And your garments
It can save you
Or be painful
It’s lurking just around the corner
I should warn you
There it’s waiting for your guard
To fall
At first the raindrop the harbinger
Of the storm
You think you’re safe and suddenly
You’re gone

Love is for you
And death is for me
With or without you
I can’t seem to breathe
Love is for you
Until the last breath of me
What I would not do to
Give you what’s left of me

Have you tamed me
Or enslaved me?
I don’t know anymore
And I don’t think I care
Your love is like
An ocean breaking
Against the stony shores
Just sweep me up
And take me with you there
But then I look around the corner
I wasn’t going to
You steal my heart away
And then you’re gone
And only pain remains where once
My heart was warm for you
I watch it bleed away
Until it’s cold

Love is for you
And death is for me
With or without you
I can’t seem to breathe
Love is for you
Until the last breath of me
What I would not do to
Give you what’s left of me

Killed by your touch
And saved by your tenderness
Can’t get enough
Yet slain by the end of it
What would you give
If your love could bring for me
A chance to live
To truly be able to breathe?

Love is for you
And death is for me
With or without you
I can’t seem to breathe
Love is for you
Until the last breath of me
What I would not do to
Give you what’s left of me