Raps of the Christopherian Realm #21 (A Sci-Fi Rap, Continued…)

In a blur
And faster than could be heard
Christoph and Christopher
Collided like a missile burst
The shockwave
Disrupted the very timeline
Opened up a gate
For a monster to find
And it was then
Scepter opened his eyes
And began the long swim
Through the currents of time
He watched existence
Flicker with a grimace
And then with a grin
As he felt the power within
Just like a hatred
Born from whole nations
Rippling across him
In waves as if from Satan
And across the stream
Of time he floated
Chris and Christoph
To a battle were devoted
Their bodies had passed beyond
The physical
Matter turned to energy
Flesh turned to spiritual
They were expressions
Of dichotomous essences
Their bodies were glowing
With fire drawn from everything
What they could see
Would be strange to you and me
Like a sky bathed in ravens
Floating across a black sea
It was a fight
That could hardly be described
Fire born from fists
And heat burning from eyes
And Chris felt his death
Churn inside
But he couldn’t give in
Just yet because of pride
The next attack
And the stars became black
And the Realm changed forever
Never to turn back

Chris awoke
And he thought he was at home
Till he saw the red strobe of
Lights under the dome
“Oh, thank goodness–
We thought you were dead!”
A beautiful face
Above him then said.
“It took us months
To retrieve you.
Christopher, my Regent,
My people need you.”
Chris said, “Where am I?
Who are you?”
She said, “Queen Christina–
I really thought you knew.
“Of course I did, I knew,”
Christopher then said,
“Guess I must’ve taken
Quite a bump on the head.
Wow, if I’ve been out
For some months
Can you brief me
On what happened while I was gone?”

Just then
The whole building shuddered
They saw pieces of rubble
And knew they were in trouble
“She’s here,
But she hasn’t broken through.
Fort GHOAT was built
To even withstand you.
The Christopher Kingdom
Is no more,
And what’s left has descended
Into a civil war.
One side stands with me,
Queen Christina,
And the rest are true believers
Deceived by Empress Thea.
But so far,
All we can do is run.
Empress Thea herself
Is invulnerable to guns.
She’s become a demented
And labeled us as traitors
Without even due process.
Congress is gone–
Destroyed by a bomb.
I suppose we’ll be joining them
Before too long.
Our loyal brethren
Formed Resistance Regiment
To bring back our freedom
And defeat the malevolent.
Also among the living
Is the President,
But what good’s a President
If no one left elected him?”
At that, Christina
Broke down in tears,
“I tried to warn the King–
Now we’re seeing our worst fears!
But there is hope again,
Now that you’re near.
You’re our only hope
Of ending civil war here.
Can you stand?”
“I believe I can,” Chris said,
“But I may end up
Needing a hand.”
Slowly, Chris struggled
To his feet,
The shock weighing heavily on him
The defeat
And how Thea had risen
By deceit
And was leading by treason
It couldn’t be believed
“Is this what my hands have done?
Nothing left but death
And Christoph has won…
Because of me,
There’s no one here to save me.
If I am to die,
Then I will face it bravely–
And gravely,
As times have been lately
Darkness has spread
Across the land greatly.
I couldn’t blame you, Christina,
If you hate me.
Now I must go out
And become what fate makes me.”

And so he rose
And brushed off his clothes
He tried to look brave,
Struck a heroic pose
And tried hard not
To let it show
That if truth be known
His insides had frozen
He couldn’t find the strength
That he needed
His battle with Christoph
Had left him depleted
And his insides
Had started to bleed
He walked up the stairs
Wiped his mouth with a sleeve
He was finding it
Harder to breathe
And his zeal to believe in
His cause had bereaved him
Now he would face
The one who grieved him
His heart was in pieces
And surely he was dreaming
Tears on his face
He was weeping
But it was time to wake up
The beast that was sleeping
He reached the doors
They parted before him
Now he would face
The love that would destroy him…

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