I Think This Dream Could Be True (Part 1)

I smiled at you from afar
But how could it be
I could not see
That right there
And just where you are
In your pretty heart
You smiled at me

I think this dream could be true
I wanted it so much
And now it’s here
I’ll give my comfort to you
I’ll take away the pain
And ease your fears

So this sweet story begins
A blessing in disguise
It’s from above
We’ll see this through till the end
And I hope that someday
It will be love

I think this dream could be true
This joy is so real
It makes me cry
I hope I’ll be there for you
Yes, every single day
Until I die

I never thought I could know
A special girl like you
But now I see
I’m never letting you go
And I hope that you won’t
Let go of me

I think this dream could be true
Let’s take our precious time
Nice and slow
My heart is open to you
I’m like an open book
Just so you know

They say you’re not good enough
But who cares what they say?
They’re not me
If you need someone to love
Just take hold of my hand
And squeeze gently

I think this dream could be true
Forever and a day
Just trust in me
I hope you feel this way too
Our future is so bright
Just wait and see
Just wait and see


This one is particularly close to my heart, as it is the first song I wrote for the woman who later became my wife.  It brings back good memories of the simpler times at the beginning, eleven years ago.  I wrote quite a few parts as the relationship progressed, then ended, and eventually started again five years later.  I should like to post them in due time.

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